Rebecca as president?

Meet Rebecca, She's abloutly loved by teenagers, and hated by adults, mostly because she's a troublemaker...but what if she gets to be the president for a day?! Will she prove everybody wrong, Will she show everybody that she is more than a troublemaker?or will she do a really big mistake, and make everybody hate her?.....i guess you'll have to read the story to find out.
(this is a competition entry, so please write down your opinion, and maybe like and favourite?....if you do thank you, lots of love Lia xoxo


2. 2

I just love the morning light, but what i love more is this huge and comfy bed, maybe two times bigger than my bed. I yawn and get out of my bed, i tweet "costume party at 7:00 p.m. You will be judged by your costume, and the golden rule is to hide your face, if your costume isn't appropriate you can't go in...hope to see you guys soon xoxo",  i decide to go and check out the office, i open the door and find someone else sitting in my place, he looks up and reveals the most beautiful eyes i have ever seen, and he says, "oh, hi Rebecca", "hi, seems like you know me, i'd be happy if you introduce yourself" i say, he gets up and introduces himself "i'm Niall" he says "Niall Horan", "hi Niall, will you please get out" i say pointing at the door, "sure" he says and heads out, "one more thing" i yell from behind him, he turns around "nice eyes" i yell, he replies "i get that a lot", and walks away, who is he anyway? I call out Norman, and he comes, "doing well Norman?" i ask and he replies "yes, yes indeed", i continue "so, here is what i need, 1-appropriate decoration for my costume party, 2-a stunning dress, 3-a mask!, can i count on you?", he nods his head and replies "yes, yes indeed", i get up and my stomach growls, i'm really hungry, i walk the same hallway probably 5 times searching for the kitchen, and a guy was sitting on a chair in the middle of the hallway watching me as i walk past him every time, and at what seemed like the 7th time he literally laughed at me, i stop right there and ask him "what's so funny?", he simply replies "watching you", "oh, i think you realized that i'm searching for something, why not help?" i say, he gets up with his cup of tea and comes closer, "i'm Louis, tell me what you need" he says, "i'm Rebecca and i'm searching for the kitchen" i reply, he speaks again "i have no idea where the kitchen is, i don't work here", "that wasn't helpful at all" i say, then i grab the tea from his hands and say "but this is", and start walking away, "very funny" he yells from behind, i ignore him and start my search for the kitchen, and i finally find it, i yell at the first guy i see, "hey you!" he turns around and asks "me?", i reply "yeah you...make me a sandwich, i'm starving", he smirks and starts coming closer, "i'm not a chef" he says, damn he's attractive, "but, you can make a sandwich, can't you?" i ask, he half smiles and says "i can make a sandwich, but so can you, you have to help me", "fine deal" i say after hearing my stomach growl one more time, he goes to the refrigerator and start searching for some stuff, "bring some toast" he says whilst raiding the refrigerator, "i don't know where it is" i say, "no worries, i'll get that" he says, he places the pile of food on the table, he says "now make yourself a sandwich", i get a toast and start filling it with ingredients, i take a look at his sandwich and see a masterpiece, i look back at mine and find the exact opposite, i take a breath and decide to add mustard i squeeze the bottle and nothing comes out, i start wrestling with the mustard bottle, i get mad and start shaking it but still nothing comes out, finally i give it a really hard tap and suddenly i have a mustard sandwich, i hear some giggling sounds, i ask looking at my ruined sandwich "what are you laughing at?", "your sandwich....are you going to eat that?" he asks, i turn to him and say "that seems like my only option", he turns to me and says "don't move you have mustard on your face" he comes closer wipes the little mustard stains with his finger and licks it "all good" he says, then my stomach growls on more time, and i think he hears it too, cuz he offered me his sandwich, we sit on the table a d start munching on our food, "yum!" he says taking the first bite of my sandwich, "oh come on, we both know that it tastes like shit" i say, he replies "you should never judge a book by it's cover, and speaking of that your not as bad as they told me you were", " trust me i am...but not with you" i say, and after that i realize how good i was with him, "i'm glad to hear that" he says, after a few moments i find myself staring at him, he turns around and notices that he leaves his sandwich n the plate and comes closer, i feel his breath on my skin and just when i closed my eyes to enjoy the moment, i hear someone saying "shoot" i blush and turn around to see another guy, he gets confused and says "i'm sorry, i'll leave you two alone, Harry we have to talk" and with that he leaves, so his name is Harry, k turn around to finish my sandwich and so does Harry, and after a few silent seconds i get called to the president's office i go in and see Norman with 5 different dresses, i stare at them for a while and then choose one, with a matching mask, i have to get ready for my party.
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