Rebecca as president?

Meet Rebecca, She's abloutly loved by teenagers, and hated by adults, mostly because she's a troublemaker...but what if she gets to be the president for a day?! Will she prove everybody wrong, Will she show everybody that she is more than a troublemaker?or will she do a really big mistake, and make everybody hate her?.....i guess you'll have to read the story to find out.
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1. Chapter 1

I hear the crowd cheering outside, i'm more nervous than i have ever been, i feel like i'm going to explode from happiness and enthusiasm. But i never show my nervousness i'm always cool and calm from the outside. I hear the announcer saying "And now is the moment that you all were waiting for...", ok this is it Rebecca i say to myself looking at the mirror, I start checking if i'm ready to go out and reveal myself, hair perfect, heels shiny, teeth whiter than ever, nervousness not showing, i president Rebecca Ferguson am ready. But before i go out let me explain what happened, four days ago there was "the big announcement" that said one lucky citizen will be the president for a day, and that they will put all the names in a spinning wheel thingy, you know the ones that they pull names out of, and lucky me they pulled out my name! But they kept it a secret and i was the only one they told the news to. I know exactly the kind of reaction i will get from the crowd, the fun-loving kids and teenagers will be happy cheering me, the parents and older citizens will be sad or maybe even leave the country, and the other part of the crowd who thinks that they are way better than me and that they should've been the one day president will be jealous of course. "president Rebecca, president Rebecca" i say proudly while walking down the long hallway that leads to the stage, "president suits me right, i mean don't you like the sound of that Norman?" i ask to the servant/bodyguard who was leading me to the door, "Yes, yes indeed" he replies, well that's what he mostly says, i stand behind the door waiting for my name to be read, and the announcer says "now this envelope has the name of the  very lucky citizen, and the name is.... Rebecca Ferguson!?" the doors open and i step in and get the exact face expressions that i told you i would get, and yes i was well known in this city, the funtastic girl by the teenagers, and the troublemaker by the adults, i step on the stage and as i grab the microphone to speak, the announcer cuts me off  "there must be a mistake here, i mean she can't be president"she says pointing at me, i smile, and she continues "she is Rebecca Ferguson people, she may burn the whole city, and call it and accident", i roll me eyes and take the microphone, "don't worry mrs.?", "Baker" she replies and i continue, "don't worry mrs. Baker, i'll make sure not to burn the city, and now ladies and gentlemen there is no mistake, i Rebecca Ferguson am the president for two days" and that's when i get cut by mrs. Bakers again, "now people, before you have a heart attack, i want to let you know that Rebecca is ruling for only one day" i look at the crowd and the adults seem to start breathing again, am i that bad?, i tale the mic. Again a d start talking "it's two days mrs. Baker i have talked to certain people and they have agreed that a day isn't enough, so i am ruling for two days" i get interrupted one more time but this time from a fellow under 18 crowd member, "you rock Rebecca" he shouts,and i continue my speech, "thank you, Norman give this young man a gift" i say, Norman gets confused and mouths "what gift?" to me, i start talking "i don't know, a watch or something," he does what he has been told to do, "and now" i continue "dear adults, i know that you know me as the troublemaker, but don't be afraid i'm actually going to be responsible the following days, and you won't even feel that i'm the president" after my last few lines i burst out laughing, because i can't resist myself any longer, "oh, that was funny, you wouldn't even feel that i'm ruling?! Everybody knows that is no way near possible, ok you may feel that i'm ruling, but i will still be responsible...and now my fellow teenagers get ready for the time of your lives, because starting from tomorrow, i have really big surprises, we will have a lot of fun" and by that i end my so-called speech, the teens were even happier than  they saw me step in the room, and the adults were as red as tomatoes and were ready to punch me as soon as they got the chance....just wait till tomorrow.

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