We Have It All

We have it all everything we could ever want or need.


1. We Have It All

Today is here

Where are you?

Tomorrow may never come

I nned to see you now


In my heart you are

I'm thinking of you

I have not heard from you

Tell me what is wrong?


I know your busy

But take the time

Just to say hello

It would mean so much


I know you love

I know you care

Yet you do not share

Tell me what you feel?


I don't know what to think

Or how to feel

Because you will not come

To talk to me


I know I miss you

I want to see you

I want to talk to you

How do you feel?


I'm not going to cry

I'm not going away

I'm here when you need me

Come what may


I miss your smile

I miss our talks

The things we shared

I miss you


You said you cared for me

Loved me

Yet look how long it has been

Since I heard from you


Then guys wonder why I won't say

How I feel about them

Or show them what I feel

I don't know what to do


I know you don't want to get hurt

But neither do I

It goes both ways

We both can get hurt.

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