My Song Book

As well as everything else I do.

I write songs.

I'd like to record them here for you pleasure, if you a a budding singer, attempt to sing them, I'd like to see how people sing them, because I have my own way, and you have yours. So, read them, sing them and post them in a comment. :D

(BTW. Speaking of music, I LERRRRRVE JESSIE J. Shes my life.)


2. I'm Gonna Solo A Song!

I forgot my song book, so I'm gonna write one freestyle. About.. Uhmm.. Errr.. DREAMS. Okay, dreams of what you want to be when you're older.


Follow your dreams,

Whatever it is,

A star in the eyes of millions,

A role model for all the people,

Don't shy away from what you believe in,

Think On, Work On, Dream On.


Whatever you wanna be,

You can be it,

Whatever you wanna see,

You can see it,

Work hard,

Don't give up,

Try hard, try harder,


Sing, dance, write,

Act, Explore, Conserve,

Be whatcha wanna be,

Don't let anyone stop you,

Now you've got so far.


You can do anything,

Nothing can't be done,

Impossible is two letters too long,

Think On.

Work On.

Dream On.

Don't let,

Your dreams goo-ohh-ooooh.


So: Freestyling Mofo Me Is.



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