My Song Book

As well as everything else I do.

I write songs.

I'd like to record them here for you pleasure, if you a a budding singer, attempt to sing them, I'd like to see how people sing them, because I have my own way, and you have yours. So, read them, sing them and post them in a comment. :D

(BTW. Speaking of music, I LERRRRRVE JESSIE J. Shes my life.)


4. Idolistic



However much I ain't gonna get you,

I'm gonna try,

As hard as I can,

To make you mine.


Idolistic Love, Love, Love,

What I'd do for you to love me back?

Or notice I'm here,

I simply adore you,

However much I may bore you,

Talk to me,

I'll help you with your problems,

I'll laugh at your jokes,

I'll hug away the tears.


Everytime, everytime,

I see your smile,

Just for a fragment of a second,

I see perfect, from one curve of your body,

I-I-Idolistic, Baby!


Be mine,

'Cause I try,



About my crush </3 That'll never love me back :(

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