My Song Book

As well as everything else I do.

I write songs.

I'd like to record them here for you pleasure, if you a a budding singer, attempt to sing them, I'd like to see how people sing them, because I have my own way, and you have yours. So, read them, sing them and post them in a comment. :D

(BTW. Speaking of music, I LERRRRRVE JESSIE J. Shes my life.)


6. Battle Of Love

I will fight for you, baby,
I will take on the world,
My hope for you,
My sheild,
Protecting me from the depression,
My passion for you,
My sword,
Shining bright, still sharp and atrong,
Oh babe,
This is a battle of love.

Along the way ill get wounded,
By those who stop me from winning you,
My strikes, they will be parried,
By others firm compassion,
Im in a one man army,
But by the time I finish,
This cityll be in ruins,
Nothing but a,carcass of what it used to be,
This is a battle of love.

When i win this battle,
When i win your heart,
We will build a new empire,
As a fresh new start,
But for now, that can wait,
Armour on,
Im ready for you,

You know your gonna lose,
Defeat will be the last thing,
The last thing youll know,
Im taking your fine monarch,
Because im gonna conquer,
This is a battle of love.

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