My Song Book

As well as everything else I do.

I write songs.

I'd like to record them here for you pleasure, if you a a budding singer, attempt to sing them, I'd like to see how people sing them, because I have my own way, and you have yours. So, read them, sing them and post them in a comment. :D

(BTW. Speaking of music, I LERRRRRVE JESSIE J. Shes my life.)


7. A Better Place

Oh, my love,

You're in a better place now,

Without the pain,

Without the hardships,

Without living everyday wishing for the end to come,

You're in a better place,

A Better Place, you are in.


I promised you I would not weep,

That I'd  keep strong for you,

My darling,

I said I'd keep myself together,

And shelter you're family, oh darling,

I will not let you down,

When you are in a better place.


I tell myself that,

When I cry myself to sleep,

When all I can do is fake a smile,

I've been missing you a while,

Oh Darling,

You are in a better place.


Rehearsing those poems you wrote,

Feeding those birds you spoke, to for so long,

Reading the books you never finished,

Giving others strength when you have none yourself,

In a better place.


I hope you are looking over me up there,

Above the clouds you never reached,

Making sure I'm safe,

Making sure we're okay,

Making sure those poems are firm in memory,

Those birds are fed,

Them books a read,

And those you love have strength,

You, my love, are in a better place,

At peace, my darling,

You, my love, are at peace,

In a better place, my darling.


This song means alot. I love and miss you nan, rest in Paradise! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx



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