My Song Book

As well as everything else I do.

I write songs.

I'd like to record them here for you pleasure, if you a a budding singer, attempt to sing them, I'd like to see how people sing them, because I have my own way, and you have yours. So, read them, sing them and post them in a comment. :D

(BTW. Speaking of music, I LERRRRRVE JESSIE J. Shes my life.)


1. Catching Fire

A spark!
Flies through our connection,
The Fuel!
Through our anticipation,
We’re catching fire!

Dont let it burn out,
Lets make it groooow.

Dancing through the embers,
Flickering through the flames,
Seducing like tongues of fire,
Let us reach higher!

We are catching fire,
Let our love burn brighter, We are catching fire,
Let us reach higher,
We are catching fire.

First, it reaches our bodies,
Then it reaches our soul,
Now it reaches our hearts,
We are catching fire!



That is Catching Fire, I found the inspiration for the title looking through my books and I got to the Hunger Games and based this song around the Title.

It has no personal meaning to me, just thought it was cool.

Do You Think So?


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