A Wishing Well

A wishing well to make a wish and see if it will come true. It is fun. To watch as the money goes down.


1. A Wishing Well

A wishing well

I stood by today

I dropped my penny in

I made my wish


I closed my eyes

My thoughts was clear

I thought of what I wanted

I made it clear


It never had any doubts

I knew my wish

Would come true

I made my wish  at the wishing well


I started to think

Of my wish

My tears were falling

I could not forget


I saw the smile

The single tear

As I saw you standing there

All alone


I started to run

So did you

We met and hugged

A kiss or two


We stood there and looked

We made our wish again

At the wishing well

We knew our wishes would come true


We kissed again

Said goodbye

Tried not to cry

As we walked away


Our time went by

So slow it seemed

All we could do was dream

At the wishing well


Then came the day

We both arrived

At the wishing well

We both smiled


Both of us knew

Now we could love

We had our dream

Together we would be forever

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