Glass Bottles (A One Direction Fanfiction)

After a surprise, a meeting, an accident, a lie, and a parent, Bennett Ericson doesn't feel the need to be 'Ben' anymore
She needs to be free.

Nicole and Matty have their own secrets, some more secret than others. And keeping them from Ben and the rest of the world isn't easy. One wrong step, and their whole lives go down the drain.

One Direction, on the other hand, gets tied up in the world that they live in.

And that is how it all began.


4. Weed and Direction



I quietly closed the door and sneaked up the stairs. I heard Pumped Up Kicks by Foster the People, I think, coming from Matty's room. He was occupied.  

I threw my muddy clothes in the hamper and grabbed a towel. Then I took a hot shower. 

I let the water run down my skin and wash away the dirt and grime, mascara and makeup I had put on. Then I reached out and turned on the radio and listened to B-105. 

"Thought you'd change the weather, Start a little storm, make a little rain.."

I sang along to Tornado, One of my favorite songs. I reached out and grabbed my phone off the counter. 

'37 new texts from 3 contacts. Read now?'

I pressed decline and sighed. 

"Yeah, I'm gonna lift this house, spin it all around, toss in the air and put it in the ground,"

Then, I realized. I had caught Harry's gaze while I was getting shoved. Louis couldn't do anything and Nicole was surrounded by obsessed teenage girls. Harry could've helped. 

I realized that I was probably just being crazy but I couldn't shake the feeling that he didn't care. I finished my shower, turned off the radio and changed into my clothes with my brain working and asking questions. 


'Why didn't he just come and get me? Does he care? Why do I care?'

My thoughts were interrupted by the beeping of the microwave with my hot chocolate that I had put in earlier. 

As I got up to get it, Matty walked in the door. 

"Sup Bitttttccchhhhhhezzzzzz."

"Hi." I replied. Then I remembered the music coming from his room. "but-"

He placed other objects on the counter with his keys. "You cool?"

I gave him and awkward look and nodded. "I-I guess."

I looked at the things he had put ont he table as he sprawled out on the couch. 




Tissue (Yuck!),


I picked it up and looked closely at it. Black gunk was dotting the top. 

"MATTY, I THOUGHT YOU QUIT!!!!" I cried. I threw it at him and fell on the floor with my head in my hands. 

He came up to me. "It's cool, I only did it once-"


I ripped out my phone and dialed a number. "IM CALLING DAD!"

"You wouldn't." he challenged. 

I shoved the phone in his face. The contact 'Dad' was written on the screen. 


"Dad, can you come over for dinner, tonight?"

"Had enough 'Growing up'? I knew you couldn't live without me. A bitch like you couldn't do anything without my help. Probably could only get a job as a stripper."

"Bennett Eliese, put that phone down right now!" Matty yelled as he jumped over the counter to grab it. 

I ran upstairs. "No, I just want you to visit and maybe straighten Matty out. He didn't quit."

"I care why?"

"Because you're our father." I panted flatly. 

I locked the door to my bedroom and leaned up against the door. "Please?"

"I'll be there at 6. Cook a nice dinner, I don't like shit to eat."

I hung up and stayed in my room with Matty banging on the door. 


When I did, I glimpsed at his face. It was bright red and his fists were balked at his sides. He smacked me across the face. Hard. 

I slammed the door on him and collapsed on my bed with my box of recipes. Every time I picked up a card with a recipe on it, I slid it back in with a damp tear stain on it. 



I didn't know where I was going. It was getting colder and wetter and Louis and Nicole had each texted me at least 26 times each. 

I listened to the sound of the rain against the grass. It was peaceful. Beautiful even. 

I didn't know where Ben lived, just the general direction. I could have secretly followed her, but I didn't. Something about her made me walk away. Just like something made me give them the tickets. It was impulsive, too impulsive. 

I liked her. I liked Nicole too, but Ben was different. Nicole was energetic, talkative, dynamic, that party person that was somewhere fun every Friday. Ben was Photogenic, shy, sensitive, sentimental, and the person that danced in the rain when nobody was looking. 

I didn't give them the tickets because Nicole was a big fan and they couldn't afford them, I gave the tickets to them so I could see Ben again. 

Her panda hat with the knitted flaps that cover her ears and came down in little braids, Rolling Stones UK tour shirt, her straight blonde hair that fell down her shoulders perfectly, and her eyes. They were full of curiosity and innocence. They were a grey-green with brown flecs that dotted the outside of her iris. 

Then, my phone interrupted my daydreaming. 


"Harry! Oh god, why didn't you pick up earlier?! You scared us to death!!" Louis cried. 

"I was mad." 

"Well, Nicole and I are almost to the apartment. Are you gonna come?"


"Suit yourself. Where are you?"

I looked around for a street sign, but I was no where close to anything. 

"I don't know."

"Well you better find out. We're meeting Liam and Zayn back at the hotel room in a hour."

"I know."

"Harry, what the hell is the matter?"

"The matter is the matter."

"Wowwwwwwwwww, Harry. Call me later. Okay?"

"Okay Louis. Bye."


I instantly regretted not accepting the invitation to the apartment. I needed to see her again. 

I turned around an ran back to where I saw Ben go. I was going to find her, even if I had to tear down all the buildings in Ohio.

  Authors Note:_____________________________________ Sorry about this, I know I hate authors notes too but I had to say some stuff. First, This is the first Fan fiction I started working on sooo... yea. Second, I also have been told that the story is a little confusing. Just please please stick with me, I'll explain everything in another chapter. Third, I was supposed to be doing health homework while I was writing these so they're a bit druggy. haha I'm sorry for my weirdness :P. I'll try to update as much as I can, i have a lot of homework and swimming to do soooooo.... please keep reading and comment if you want to!! Thanks for all ya'lls!!
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