Glass Bottles (A One Direction Fanfiction)

After a surprise, a meeting, an accident, a lie, and a parent, Bennett Ericson doesn't feel the need to be 'Ben' anymore
She needs to be free.

Nicole and Matty have their own secrets, some more secret than others. And keeping them from Ben and the rest of the world isn't easy. One wrong step, and their whole lives go down the drain.

One Direction, on the other hand, gets tied up in the world that they live in.

And that is how it all began.


5. The tears never end



I was the first time Matty has hit me. Plus he was high. And dad was coming over. And I was going to be on several thousand magazines the next morning with two-fifths of One Direction. And I fell off a bridge today. And surprisingly, it wasn't the worst day of my life.

I found a recipe for Sesame chicken that I had always enjoyed when mom made it. I felt sad that Nicole never got to try it.

I put the recipe aside and decided to look in my journal.


Today mommy birfed Nicole. Matty and me are hapy to see her. She is really tiny like the fairies in Sleeping Beuty. Daddy isnt here for mommy and mommy says that he can never hurt me. He have me a braklt with my name on it. I like it. The mans in the wite cots telling Matty and me cant see mommy anymore. She stopped taking and she isn't moving. Misses Stewert is driving us home and keeping us at her house. Pepl keep teling Matty and me that they are sorry but they were good. I want to see Nicole and mommy again.'

I started to cry all over again. The misspellings and bad grammar made a faint smile play on my lips. I had been to innocent to notice.

I grabbed a mirror shard from when we still lived with dad and did what I used to.

Some people cut. I scrape. I just scrape the skin away, leaving a big raw patch.

I ran to the kitchen and got the salt. I poured it on top of the raw skin and bit my lip, cutting into the cut I had made earlier on my lips. I was dying from the pain. I clawed the counter and finally let out a scream that turned into sobs.

Matty instantly ran to my side, but I shoved him off.

"I hate you."

He just looked at me. His eyes just looked foreign now. All he had ever wanted for me was me to be happy and safe. He loved me and I could tell, but why would he lie to me?

I ran up the stairs to my room, letting my sweats rub against my patch. Then I slammed the door as hard as I could. My phone was vibrating so much that it fell off my bedside table. I crawled over to it and picked it up, wiping tears that dropped from my face off the screen.

'From NICKY >~<

On our way home. Louis is cming:harry iznt. Plz rspnd.'

I sighed and placed my phone on my bed. I leaned against the dark wood leg of the bed and put my head in my hands. This was fucked up.

I grabbed a notepad from on of the drawers of the bed stand and scribbled down what I had to pick up from the grocery store for dinner.

•Chinese five-spice powder

•Black Sesame seeds

•Yellow onion

•Green peppers

•Chicken Breasts

I stopped there and grabbed the journal again. This was my last entry.

'Yesterday, Nicole tinychatted with Harry styles from One Direction and we met at Orange Leaf today.' my rounded script trailed off on the paper as a tear slipped down my cheek. I looked up at the messy room. This morning it had been spotless.

"BEN?!? BEN?!?" the front door slammed as Nicole screamed my name up the spiral staircase. She pounded up and almost broke the door in my room when she burst in.

"BENNETT ERICSON, YOU SCARED THE SHIT OUT OF ME." her face was serious, but the immature child in her was giggling because she cussed. Causing her to smile a bit.

Her eyes trailed down to the revealing patch on my leg.

"Ben, you did not."

I looked at the floor, still saying nothing.

"What did Matty say?!?!"

"Ask his lying face." I retorted softly.

Confused, she went downstairs, and I could hear her and Louis talking to Matty. Then I heard Nicole.

"Beeennnn?" she sounded unsure. "Can you come down here for a second?"



I sent Louis a text.

'To Louis: Address?'

I felt like I had just been wandering for hours, wet jacket clinging to my body and weird stares from couples under umbrellas.

I walked another block until Louis called me.

"Hey Lou,"

"What the hell is the matter with you?! Where are you?! HARRY?!"

I laughed, even though my thoughts were clouded. "I'm here, and onnnn..." I looked to the side for a street sign. "West Pete Rose Way. Long name. Haha."

"THIS-URGGGGG..Harry, I'm gonna kill you." I heard him tell Nicole and Another that he was going to get me. Then he returned to the phone. "Stay. There." then he hung up. I sat in the rain for what seemed the longest time, until I was greeted by an annoyed Louis.

 "Come on. They have something to do, and I want both of us to apologize to Ben."




HAI HAI... ok. i havent been posting due to somethings happening and stuff. i promise ill try to post more more. haha well, yep! 

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