Glass Bottles (A One Direction Fanfiction)

After a surprise, a meeting, an accident, a lie, and a parent, Bennett Ericson doesn't feel the need to be 'Ben' anymore
She needs to be free.

Nicole and Matty have their own secrets, some more secret than others. And keeping them from Ben and the rest of the world isn't easy. One wrong step, and their whole lives go down the drain.

One Direction, on the other hand, gets tied up in the world that they live in.

And that is how it all began.


2. Orange Leaf



I woke up to Nicole screaming "HARRY TEXTED ME BACK!!!!!! OMFG!!!!!"

"Don't say that, Nicole!"

I sat up and rubbed my head.

I looked at the clock.

"GUYS!!!! IT'S 10:30 AND YOU DIDN'T WAKE ME UP?!?!?"

"You need to sleep," Matty called.

I opened my dresser drawers and pulled out an outfit.


I ran down the stairs and grabbed my purse and a bagel.

"Nicole! Are you ready?!?" I said with my mouth full.


She came down decked out in One Direction merchandise.

"You're gonna scare them off." I said.

"Not as much as you!"


I looked down.

"Never mind." she huffed.

"Text me when you're on your way home." Matty gave me a hug and shut the door after us.

We ran down the hall and out the apartment building door.

We speed-walked down the street to the main street, where the Scripp's Center was and the Great American building.

"Calm the freak down!" Nicole laughed as I ran to cross the street.

"No! We're meeting with part of a boyband and we have like ten minutes to get there!!!"

"True!!!!" Nicole squealed. "I. Can't. Believe. I. Get. To. Meet. One Direction. Oh. My. God."

I rolled my eyes and kept walking.

After crossing the fountains, we reached the Orange Leaf.

A man held the door open while his friend waited behind him.

"Thank You!" I said.

They followed us in.

"And with five minutes to spare! See?" Nicole jeered.

We sat down at a high table and Nicole pulled out her phone to play a game. I watched the door to see when Harry and Louis walked in.

Nicole looked up from the screen and nudged me.

I looked at her and she pointed under the table to the men who had let us in. They were sitting across the table from us and staring at us through their sunglasses.

"Can I help you?" I asked slowly.

The one that was sitting next to me pulled his sunglasses onto his nose.

"It's us!" Louis whispered.

Nicole almost screamed. Instead, she covered her mouth with both her hands and silently screamed.

Louis pulled his jacket off.

"Should we?" Louis leaned over and whispered to Harry.

He sighed. "Do you want to?"

"I can barely see."

Harry sighed again and took off his jacket and sunglasses. As did Louis.

"Mind being in a couple photos?" Louis asked.

"No! Not at all! Right, Ben?"

I kept a straight face.

"Oh, so you're Ben! Liam said that Harry thought you were Pretty, and he was right on!"

I felt my face get hot an I knew I was blushing, Hard. I put my hand up so my eyes were hidden a bit. I felt my charm bracelet I always wear clink.

"I'm sorry," Louis said. "Didn't mean to embarrass ya."

I smiled. "It's ok."

"So how does this work?" Harry asked, and I realized he was blushing too.

"Well, you get as much as you want and put your own toppings on it and you pay by weight." Nicole explained.

"Ladies first," Harry let us through to get our cups first.

"Thank you, Harry!" Louis said, using a fangirl voice as he slid in between Nicole and I.

Harry rolled his eyes and stepped behind me.

"Wait, how come Louis' cup is bigger than ours?!" Harry complained.

"He got the bigger cup. Do you want a smaller one?" I asked Louis. I felt retarded and stupid for asking that.

He shrugged and started pouring out frozen yogurt.

I went directly to Green Tea and put just enough in to cover the bottom.

I didn't realize Harry had followed me until I turned around.

"Is Green Tea good?"

I nodded. "At least, I like it." I added.

He pulled the lever and filled half the cup.

Nicole joined us at the toppings bar. I put blueberries on mine and slid to the cash register. Harry glanced over at mine and copied me, but added marshmallow topping and sprinkles.

Nicole covered hers in fruit balls.

"Are you even done getting some?" Harry called over to Louis.

"Yeaaaa...." he turned around to reveal a tower of frozen yogurt.

We stared in awe as he added chocolate sauce and sprinkles to it.

The man punched in the numbers as I pulled out my wallet.

"no." Louis pushed my wallet down. "I'm paying."

I shoved my wallet back into my pocket and blushed.

"48. 50" the man said.

He handed the man five tens and gave Louis change, which he shoved the down his pants pocket.

"Damn, Louis!" Harry bumped into him as they walked back to the table.

Nicole looked up at them.

"I mean 'Dang, Louis!'"

"I've heard it before. Don't worry."

He smiled and whispered in her ear, "I just don't want Ben to think I'm a bad influence."

I smiled and nudged him. Then I remembered that we weren't exactly friends yet.

We walked back to the white table and sat down to eat our frozen yogurt.

"Oh, just so I don't forget," he pulled the folded up tickets out of his back pocket. "Here." he handed them to me.

"OMG!!!!!" Nicole started squealing.

"shhhhh!!!" I whacked her.

They found our display a bit funny and were stifling laughs.

"Thanks so much, this means a ton." I said as I put them in my purse.

"Now I wanna hold it." Nicole grabbed it from off of my chair and put it on her lap.

Harry pointed at Louis' cup with his spoon. "You better eat that fast, it's gonna melt."

"Oh shhhhhhh," Louis looked up at me and changed his wording."-oot. I said shoot."

He gave himself a brainfreeze in two minutes.

"AHHHHHH!" he squeezed his temples and fell to the floor.

"Press your thumb on the roof of your mouth!!" Nicole said while she looked behind my back and watched him.

He stood up with his thumb in his mouth. "Thanksh."

We all ate our yogurt quickly, except for Louis.

"Um, hey! Why don't we go for a walk and see everything?" Harry suggested.

Louis nodded with a mouthful of fudge brownie yogurt.

"Yeah! Let's go walk on the Purple People Bridge! Please Ben?" Nicole pleaded.

I hesitated. I hated walking on that bridge. I mean I loved the sights and all, but I was afraid I'd lose something.


"YAY!!!!" Louis took Nicole's hand and his Yogurt cup and they both skipped out of the place while scream-singing something.

Harry took my hand and stroked it with his thumb.

"I'll be there the whole time."

I smiled and blushed.

"You do that a lot, don't you?"

I nodded. "I'm a little shy, if you haven't noticed. Plus," I stopped. I wasn't going to tell Harry about my dream! That would be suicide!



He pressed his face down against the table so he could see my eyes. "Whaaaaaat?" he asked again.

"Come on!" Louis was peeking his head into the store through the door.

He opened the door and walked over. "Harry, what the hell are you doing?"

Harry took his face off of the table. A big face mark was left on the shiny white surface.

"Come on! Nicole's waiting!"

Harry rolled his eyes and smiled at me.

I got up out of my chair and headed toward the door. Harry ran ahead of me and opened the door.

"After you,"

I giggled and Went through. I jogged up to Nicole, who was waving us over.

"God, were you doing your makeup or something?"

I rolled my eyes. "No."

She gasped. "You...didn't....?"


She combusted into laughter.

I laughed at her.

"Hey, what's the joke?" Louis leaned on my shoulder.

Nicole couldn't stop laughing so she pointed at Harry.

He frowned and tried not to laugh.

"OK!!! Ok! I'm fine. I'm.....fine." she tried not to laugh, but did a really bad job at it.

"I hope it wasn't really about me," Harry joked.

Nicole started laughing again.

"Oh, will you pull yourself together!" I playfully punched her shoulder.

"Will you pull EACHOTHER TOGETHER?!?!?" she burst out laughing again.

"Ohhhhh, I get it." Louis half laughed then started laughing like Nicole.

"That was a horrible joke." I accused. "The worst joke I've ever heard."

After Louis and Nicole calmed down, which took at least five minutes, we started to walk down the bridge toward the Kentucky side of it.

"Wow, you can see for miles!" Louis exclaimed as he squinted to see down the river. I bit my lip.

Harry must have seen it because he grabbed my hand and squeezed it.

I blushed and ran my fingers through my hair with my free hand. I stopped biting my lip, but I tasted blood.

"So, how long have you lived here?" he asked.

"In Cinci? My whole life. We moved into our apartment after Dad..."

I rubbed my neck and looked away. It was cloudy, and light grey was the color of the sky at the moment.

"How long have YOU been in Cincinnati?" I asked, changing the subject.

"About a day or two."

"Cool.." my voice trailed off. It was awkward so I looked over at Louis and Nicole.

I could've seen them and thought they were brother and sister.

Louis was giving her a piggyback ride and trying to finish his yogurt at the same time. She was blabbering about her life at school and he was giving her some sassy advice. They were laughing and dancing and acting weird. It was almost like they were both drunk, on frozen yogurt that is.

Louis would definitely remember her. Unlike Harry an I.

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