Glass Bottles (A One Direction Fanfiction)

After a surprise, a meeting, an accident, a lie, and a parent, Bennett Ericson doesn't feel the need to be 'Ben' anymore
She needs to be free.

Nicole and Matty have their own secrets, some more secret than others. And keeping them from Ben and the rest of the world isn't easy. One wrong step, and their whole lives go down the drain.

One Direction, on the other hand, gets tied up in the world that they live in.

And that is how it all began.


3. Cinci Bridges falling down




 I saw her staring at Louis and Nicole goofing around with a longing look in her eye.

I sighed, I would never be like Louis. He made it look so easy to be likable.

So I let go of Ben's hand and went behind her.

She stopped and tried to turn, but I didn't let her. I grasped her hands and folded them around her.

She smiled. "What's with you?"

I waddled behind her.

She blissfully closed her eyes and let me guide her.

I then noticed that Nicole and Louis were watching us.

"You guys are too awkward." Louis set Nicole on the ground and then pulled me off of her. "Bond with her you carrot."



Louis wrapped his arm around my shoulders and squeezed me.

"So how are you love?"

"Fine, thank you. And you?"

"Well, my lips are frozen."

I looked at him and then at the half full cup of yogurt.

"Are you seriously going to finish that?" I asked. "It's like the middle of November."

He held it away from himself and looked at it.

"Yeah, I will."

I giggled.

He took his arm off of me and pointed at my bracelet.

"That's beautiful. Where did you get it?"

I took it off an held it in my palm. "My grandm-"

I was interrupted by Louis' yogurt cup flying on to my stomach.

I held my hair away from my face and dropped the bracelet. Then I pulled the cup off of my shirt in a sticky mess.

"Louis is ours!"

I just stared at the cup with my mouth open.

A group of Directioners had Found us. They were pulling on Louis and had Harry surrounded. Nicole looked freaked at the violent girls.



I gave hugs and signed autographs for the girls while trying to stay with Nicole.

Then I noticed Ben was having a dilemma with them, with yogurt smeared on her shirt.

A girl shoved her. "So stay away!"

She stumbled back. "But that was completely uncalled for!"

I started signing faster so that I could stop them from going crazy, when the girl shoved Her again. But this time, she flipped over the railing.

I ran towards the railing and looked down at the water below in disbelief.  A big white splash marked where Ben had fallen.

"BEN!!!" Nicole screamed. She dropped Ben's Vera Bradley bag and tried to jump the rail. I picked her up and held her back.

"No!! I'm not letting you jump too!" I told her.

She was Hysterical. She was screaming Ben's name, even her full name, and trying to jump in after her.

After a minute passed, she just started bawling. She hugged me and cried into my shirt.

"That's it!" Louis pulled himself away from the girls and grabbed Nicole's hand. "Come on, I'm getting you home." he said firmly.

She wiped her eyes, picked up her bag, and started walking toward the Cincinnati side with Louis, again.

I leaned down and picked up Ben's charm bracelet. It had her name carved into a feather on one of the charms.

Bennett Elise Ericson

I looked side to side and tried to think of what I had to do. Then, the girls started to crowd me, so I raced toward the Ohio side and tore past Louis and Nicole. I had to get to her.



I woke up to a warm blanket around me.

I was in an emergency rescue boat on the shore of Cincinnati.

"Hey, you ok? That was a bit of a fall."

I shook my head and pushed the blanket off. "Yea, I'm fine."

I tried to stand up, it was a bit wobbly.

"Whoa, be careful!"

The man helped me off.

"Do you need a ride?"

I shook my head and started off. My wet clothes clung to my body as I walked down the sidewalk. Then to my luck, It started to pour.

I knew that Matty hadn't taken Jared anywhere, and I couldn't text him because my phone was somewhere now at the bottom of the Ohio River.

As I crossed the Moerlein Yager House park-thing, I slipped and fell flat into a huge mud puddle.

"Just great..." I mumbled to myself.

I crossed my arms and continued on my way home. I was walking by the Orange Leaf and over the park puddles when a figure slammed into me.

I sprawled out on the pavement.

"I'm so sorry!" the man said quickly. He reached out his hand to help me up. I graciously took it.


He noticed me through the mud. I nodded.

Harry pulled me into a giant hug. "I'm-"

"Save it."

I quickly walked around him and on my way home.

"Wait! Ben!"He ran to catch up to me.

"No!"I started to run.

"But Ben-" he sprinted and caught me. He grabbed my hand. "I-"

"Just, Please, Please, Leave me alone!" I was crying now. Tears washed away the mud on my face in streams.

I turned to walk away but Harry slipped something on my arm before I left.

I felt his touch leave my arm and I walked off in the direction of my house.



Nicole was shivering against me. She had a sweatshirt on, but I was guessing it was from the events of the day. Her face was blotchy, red and wet and she kept whispering Ben's name.

"T-Thanks Louis." she mumbled after a while.

I stopped and gave her a big hug in the middle of the sidewalk. "No, thanks for coming. This was our fault."

"No, it was the girls." she said into my jacket.


I felt cameras taking pictures and I knew this would be all over magazines the next morning.

She pulled away and wiped her eyes. "Is this your everyday?" she asked quietly, looking at all the paparazzi.

I nodded and grabbed her hand. Then I started to run down the bridge.

"Where do you live?!" I yelled over the  sound of the wind.

"West Freedom way!!"

People were swarming in confusion and some even chased after us.

I almost shoved her into a taxi as we tried to escape the mad paparazzi.

"Where t-"

"WEST FREEDOM WAY!!!" we screamed as the people started to push and shove to take pictures through the dark glass. He sped off.

Nicole and I texted Harry and Ben both, but neither responded.

Nicole put her head in her hands. "What is Matty gonna say?" she muttered.

"Who's Matty?" I asked.

"Our brother, who is way too overprotective of Ben." Nicole sighed.

Tears streamed down her cheeks. "He never treated me like he did Ben. He has this wall that I can just barely see over. I don't know why. And Dad doesn't give...... Give...give a Shit."

I saw her breaking down and I hugged her close to me. "It's ok."

"No, it's not. Mom's dead. Dad is a abusive .....Bastard," she paused. "I'm sorry for the cussing, it's just-"

"I know."

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