My Opinion on Being the President

I made this journal entry to make sure everyone knows my opinion over being a president for a day!


1. Entry.


  As of talking about what I would do if I could be the president for a day, I had so many ideas, some of them are sensible, some of them are extremely weird and the rest were kind of rants!

The first thing that popped up to my mind was help all those countries that are having wars, or the countries where the population get persecuted for being from a specific place, or for believing in a specific religion.


  For example we see in Burma all the slaughters that are held for killing the Muslims, is it really bad for them to believe in a religion. Or in Palestine -which became an occupied territory-that most people now call it Israel, why can’t the population live peacefully in a piece of land for them, they can have all the peace that they’d wish, but all they need is a piece of land where they can have houses, schools, buildings business and life!


  I’m not being biased, but these are really important things for the world to think about, I am not writing this to a normal competition hoping to win or have a prize, I don’t really want to win this much.

But if writing in the competition will get others to read my opinion and understand.

Then I think I would rather keep writing until my last breath!

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