A choice to make 2 One Direction.

"Dear Diary. my life is almost perfekt, except for me and Nialls realtionship/Friendship. It's still crap, me and him keep on fighting and calling each other horrible things. It's hard,especially now, because im with Liam.
Me and Liam have been together for about a year now. The twins are getting bigger and bigger, Me and Liam are getting married and my birthday wishes came true. I love my life, but that Niall "thing" kills me. I know he's sad, and that it's my fault, but i dont know what to do, I feel like a whore...Again."
So i made the Continuation of "A choice to make", So i hope you like like it guys. Alot happened between Liam and Natalie and Natalie and Niall, but i hope you can keep up! :)


1. Friends or not?

"Liam, Light up the fireplace, It's freezing in here"

I said as i tugged in my blanket and drank the cocoa Liam just made me.


he said teasing and laughed shy to me. I looked at him and smiled.

"Liam Please, It's really cold!"

I said and pushed abit to him.
He laughed and looked at me with a suspicious look. 

"Com'on Liam!"

I pushed him again, and started to tickle him.

"Oh no you diddent!"

he said and moved closer to me and made a face i've never seen before. It was kinda creepy, it was like a pedo saying "i got candy in the big white van" it scared me, and i send him a suspicious look.

"Dont you remember what happened the last time you pushed me, Babe?"

He said and smiled.
What happened last time? I dont remember?

"Uhm, I dont know?"

I said and pushed him again, This time just to be annoying.
i bited my lip and smiled, when Niall suddently ruined the sweet moment between me and Liam,by saying:

"Just light the damn fire, Eh."

Niall said mad and stood up.
He gave me the killerlook as he aggresivly throwed the wood in the fireplace and lighted it up.

"There, That was easy, Werent it?"

he sad and throwed himself in the couch.
He turned on the TV and turned the volume up.
Me and Liam could barrely talk, He did this on purpase.


Liam Looked sad and layed his hand on Nialls shoulder.
Niall looked mad at Liams hand and pushed it hard away, and turned the volume up higher.
He's being so irritated, he just have to make Liam sad, and it's killing me to see the way Niall makes Liam cry almost every night.
But im still having a suspicion that Liam is fake crying, so i can make him "Happy" by giving him a little surprise in the bedroom.
He's sneaky, but doesent know that i know.
Liam looked down in the ground and tried so hard not to cry. 
I couldd see the pain, and the tears starting to show.

"Liam, Dont cr.."
I tried to cheer him up, but he finsished my sentence, and said:

"It's okay, babe, it's my own fault."

He wiped away his tears, and dryed his hands in his black cowboy pants. 
There were getting more and more wet stains on his pants, they keept on dripping from his cheeks down on his thighs, that were getting thinner and thinner.
He's not doing well. And it's my fault. Shit..
I looked at Liam, and saw that he wiped away his tears again and again, but he keept on trying to push him self, but he just couldent stop crying.
I moved closer  to him, i putted my arms around him and wishpered "It's okay, Liam. Dont cry, i love you so much." as i kissed his cheeks, that were soft, even though he had little bit of stubble from his beard.
He keept sobbing but finnaly pulled himself together and stood up.

"Im going to Emart, Nia..Natalie."

He corrected himself and said Natalie instead of Niall.
I looked at Liam as he walked against the door.
Before he left the livingroom he looked at Niall, that diddent even wanted to talk to Liam,even look at him. Liam took a deep breath and looked down the ground, he continued and slammed the door.
I looked at Niall, And he looked at me, then at the TV again.

"Why are you doing this, Niall?"

I  looked at him with a look i knew could kill.
He diddent even look at me.

"Niall, i know you can hear me, dont play stupid."

i talked louder and cleare.
He looked at me mad and then back at the TV, he turned up the volume and made himself comfortable.

"Oh my fucking god, Niall. Why are being like that? You fucking prick! We have kids togther, and you wont even talk to me? Are you freaking blind?"

I yelled and stood up infront of the tv, so Niall couldent see.
He looked at me, but this time he had tears in his eyes.

"You just cant see, can you? Im not the one that's blind."

He said and wiped away his tears.

"Im not blind, i see what you're doing! See what exactly?"

I asked and wiped away my tears, i started to cry, but i dont want Niall to see that im hurted by what he's doing.

"That i fucking love you, Jaysis, It's so obvious, Natalie! I love you so much, and it kills me to see that you love him more than me. We have kids together, We had a life together!"

He said and bursted out crying. i couldent help but break out crying to.
"Niall, I loved you so much, And it was so hard for me to see like that, with broken arms, and legs. But i had a broken heart that had to be fixed to. And i still love you, Mate"

I said and sat next to him.
He looked at me with his seablue eyes and squiesed me in his arms.
I could feel his warm chest agains mine, and the warmth from his muscular body were warming me more and more.
I could feel his beating heart, and feel the beats getting louder and louder, faster and faster.
I just hugged Niall, And i could feel that i missed his Horan hugs.
I really did.

"Natalie, Please..Be mine again, I cant stand seeing you with Liam, It kills me."

He looked at me and with tears running down his cheeks, like every tear tried to make space on his cheeks.
I dont know what to do, i love Niall, so much, but i had to move on, to take care of my kids, but hardest of it all was to let Niall go.
And if i get back together with Niall, and he dumps me again i cant handle that pain, and what about Liam, I love his so much, I really do. 
I couldent let Niall go, and when i finally did, This happens.

"Niall, I.."

I diddent know what to do, what the hell is wrong with me?
I love Liam so much, and i kinda have a huge secret to tell Liam, i know he'll be happy about,and that's not just something you can have with a guy you're not being with together forever, unless youre a whore.

"What Natalie? Just say it?"

He looked at me with a wondering face.
I loved the look Niall gave me when he doubted, but i only saw it when he couldent find the leftovers of yesterdays Nandoes food.
Or if he couldent find the irish beer, that always were in the back of the fridge, so it could get cold. 
Thinking about that made me happy and i started to giggle.
I know it's wierd, but thinking of Niall made me happy.
Niall looked even more wierd at me now.

"Are you laughing?"

He gave the world biggest and most bright smile. He started to come closer to me, still with a huge smile, i really missed it.
I miss Niall.

"i love you so much Niall, B-"

"Ut nothing, You love me, and that's the most important thing, so kiss me, dont say a word. Just kiss me."

He whispered pasionate as he aprotched me, and got closer and closer.
His medium sized pink lips, were wet and soft. They looked so alone, my lips did t-
-No they diddent they had Liam!
But i couldent stop Niall, Well i could, but i wouldent. What?
Yes i will, og shit..What am i doing?
It was to late, Niall's lips were already attatched to mine, The kisses were soft and still rough, it was wonderful. The kisses got wetter and wetter, and finally his tongue brainded with mine, and we made out. He stopped to breathe and continiued. He rolled me under him and placed his hand in my hair.


i moaned and stopped kissing him, but before i knew it his tongue were in my throat again.
He looked at me with his seablue eyes and smiled cheecky to me.
I rolled around placing Niall under me. i could feel the boner getting harder in his blue jeans.
His red polo were all wet of sweat, but i diddent mind, it was hot. 
It sat tight on his muscles. 


I Broke out laughing, i kinda do that when im nervous or imberassed.
Niall laughed and placed his sweaty hand in my neck, pulling my lips against his. 
He know me so well. I love him, dont i?

What am i doing?
Im expecting Liams baby, and here i am about to have sex with Niall.

"Can i make love to you?"

Niall said as he allready were opening my zipper. 


I wishpered insecure and silent as i bited my lip, i was so nervous. And why am i doing this? Why?

He started to go lower and lower, when he started to pull of my pants. 
I was turned on, and it scared me so much.

And the shit begins again.

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