Eternal love (a 1D fan fic)

So Caity is a 18 year old girl who has just finished high school and is moving to London with her 4 friends, Jorden, Phoebe, Caitlyn and Jade. they each have their own little love story that add together but who will fall for who in this story of love, and what twist of fate lay around the corner.


28. Why?


" So, um are we gonna go swimming or not?" Zayn asked quickly changing the subject. We had been interrogating both Caitlyn and his self.  

"Yeah, Lets go," Said Caitlyn whipping her shorts off and running into the water. Us girls followed and the boys went charging in after us. For some unknown reason jorden stayed on the sand and just layed there in her bikinis. Harry whispered something in Louis' ear and they both went running towards her. The next thing we all knew, they were carrying Jorden into the water by her arms and legs. " One, two... Three," They yelled and swung Jorden into the cold, salty water. We all cracked up laughing and Jorden jumped out of the water, her face full of utter shock. After Jorden stopped sulking and started having fun, we all were laughing and splashing about as the tide came in and the sun set. After about half an hour Zayn went back to the house and grabbed some beers. The boys started drinking, Harry and Louis just about sculling them. By time the girls and I were ready to leave and go back inside, Louis and harry stumbled to Jorden and I And tried to kiss us. We leant back and the kissed them on the cheek. I told Louis to just go home but he just kept trying to kiss me. I called Liam over to bring him home and Louis reacted surprisingly. He took at swing at Liam. Louis was slow from all the alcohol. Liam was also sober enough to react quickly. Louis turned back to me and tried to push me to the ground, he slurred out something along the lines of," Don't tell me to go home, your not the boss of me you," And I didn't hear what was after that. Niall came over and practically dragged Louis home. Liam helped me up and apologised about his friends out-of-character behavior.

" Good luck with putting up with drunk Louis for how ever long you guys are together," Liam said giving me a friendly hug goodbye and  Kissing Phoebe, who had just arrived at the door to see if I was hurt after Louis had pushed me,  very passionately. We walked inside and went upstairs to our bedrooms, which had en suites, showered and changed into some fresh clothes. Jade had served up dinner and put our bathers in the dryer. We ate in silence as we thought about the beach, or so I assumed that that's what they were thinking about.

" Are you sure that you'll be able to put up with drunk Louis next time, and why did he act out on you ?" Caitlyn asked me, obviously concerned." I..I don't know, honestly," I replied sighing at the end of my sentence. We returned to silence for 5 minutes more. 

" Are you guys gonna be able to deal with all the media and publicity. And hate?" I say, suddenly feeling very protective of my friends.

" You no me, I'm strong, Hate won't phase me," Caitlyn said very confidently.

" I don't know but'll I try my best to ignore it," Jorden replied.

" Yeah what Jorden said," Jade said, taking another big bight of her dinner.

" What Caitlyn said," Phoebe said, mouth full." What about you."

" I-I've never gone well with bullying, but I've copped so much of it that I'm used to it by now,' I replied bleakly.

" But you lost all that wait over the end of year holidays at the end of year of 7?" Jorden asked. " You got a massive confidence boost."

" Yeah but before that i was bullied year after year about my weight and any  other imperfection I have, so I'm just used to that."

" Oh." bzzt. My phone went off with a text message. I opened m,y phone and saw that our good friend Aliesha had sent me a text saying that news just reached Australia that five new mystery girls had entered the love seen with 1D. I laughed and replied saying that the UK had known about it for days and that we had no clue who it was either. I told the girls about Liesh's text and we cracked up laughing. When Jade finally finished I helped her clean up and then we all watched a movie then made our way to bed. 

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