Eternal love (a 1D fan fic)

So Caity is a 18 year old girl who has just finished high school and is moving to London with her 4 friends, Jorden, Phoebe, Caitlyn and Jade. they each have their own little love story that add together but who will fall for who in this story of love, and what twist of fate lay around the corner.


30. Unforgettable


" Which dress, Summery  and short or blue with polka dots, also short," I asked Jorden nervously.

" How short?" She replied.

" Just above the knee."

" What color is the summery dress?" Caitlyn piped up.

" Yellow."

" " accessories?" Jade asked.

" I don't know yet, I have to get my main outfit together first. I was think though, a red belt and white flats for the blue and polka dot dress. Or red sun glasses and red flats with the yellow dress."

" Yellow," Phoebe added.

" Blue," Jorden said, obviously feeling strongly about it.

" Yellow."

" Blue." They continued like that until I interrupted.

"Enough! I'll find another dress, if that'll shut you's up," I yelled at them. I walked into my big wardrobe and looked through my rack of dresses. I was still in my pajama shorts and top. I looked when one certain dress grabbed my attention. I pulled it off the rack and showed it to the girls.

" Yes, wear that, for sure, deffinately," Was their reaction. The dress was a hi-lo dress, that was strapless. It was aqua and it faded into white at the bottom. I chucked the dress onto my bed and went into ,y tiny jewelry box( Due to the fact we were travelling) and pulled out a long, silver necklace, blue Pandora bracelet and a silver ring with a turquoise gem in the middle. I shooed the girls out of the room after asking what hair style and they agreed on messy bun. I got in my dress, put my jewelry on and made my way to my bathroom to do my hair. After I finished my hair I grabbed a pair of teal flats from my cupboard and went down the stairs. I got down there and the girls came running. 

" You look gorgeous," Caitlyn said to me.

" Thanks," I replied blushing a bit.

" Take a seat Caitlin," Phoebe said looking very serious.

" What's wrong?" Immediately I became nervous, purely because she had used my full name and not my nickname. Jade and Jorden sat on either side of me.

"Make-up," she said and busted out her make-up kit. She got the the foundation and tried to put it on my face, I slapped her hand away and she put it back down. She got the powder out and lightly brushed my face with it. They put natural colored eye shadow on me and then mascara. I was done with 5 minutes to spare. I went and grabbed my purse and my phone from my bedroom and came back down stairs. Just before I reached the bottom floor, somebody knocked on the front door. Phoebe opened it and let him in. At least I didn't feel to over dressed with him around. He was wearing his famous striped top, with shorts and sneakers. That wasn't the dressy part of it though. He had obviously gone over bored with grooming himself. And over done the cologne. I walked over to him and he stuck out his hand. I took and called out goodbye to the girls and left.

" You look beautiful," Louis said to me, leading us to the little cafe. We walked down the beach, hand in hand. When we reached the cafe we got  a table out on the pier.  We talked, we ate, we laughed. we had a great time in general. "Excuse me?" a little girl asked Louis. She was clearly a big fan. I could tell she was about to start fangirling any minute now, I could tell, I used to be just like that. She turned to me and said," Who are you, are you Louis' new girlfriend." I looked at Louis and he just smiled. I gave him a help me out look, he nodded and went back to writing on all the stuff the little girl had asked him to sign. " Yes I am sweetie."

"Wow, You're so lucky. I wish I was."

" Yeah I guess I am very lucky. hey I recognize that accent, are you Australian?"

"Yeah. Are you?"

" Yes I am sweetie."

" You're very pretty."

" Aw thank you sweetie. So are you."

" Here you go love, all signed," Louis said handing her her memorabilia. 

" Thank you so much," She said, giving Louis and I both hugs." Oh, um could I please have a picture with you?"

" Sure darling," Louis answered.

" Did you want me to take the picture?" I asked. 

" No I want you in the picture," she replied, pulling me back. I smiled so big it hurt, but I didn't care. Two of the greatest things happened today. One: a fan wanted me in the picture as well, when she had only just met me and only new me as the girlfriend. Two: Louis and I are now officially boyfriend and girlfriend. That day was unforgettable.

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