Eternal love (a 1D fan fic)

So Caity is a 18 year old girl who has just finished high school and is moving to London with her 4 friends, Jorden, Phoebe, Caitlyn and Jade. they each have their own little love story that add together but who will fall for who in this story of love, and what twist of fate lay around the corner.


4. the familiar strangers

                                                    (on the plane)

                                                         *Jade's P.O.V*

we were unfortunately placed with me and phoebe having a boy in between us and a boy on my other side. when we sat down in our seats, the boy between me and phoebe seemed slightly familiar. if he didn't haven't a hood on i'd probably recognize him. same with the blonde haired boy who sat next to me. phoebe hit it off with the guy next to her. they got along so well that they swapped numbers. i found out his name is Liam. the boy next to me was kind. i enjoyed his company. we got along well. at the first stop we exchanged numbers.his name is Niall. i was looking forward to our next meeting. it should have clicked then. 

                                                                   *Phoebe's P.O.V.*

i cant believe how well him and i got along. his name is Liam. i think i may have a crush. or something more. i think i'm in love. Liam bought me a drink (non-alcoholic) and we talked. we swapped numbers too. jade seemed to be getting along well with Liam's friend Niall. the boys both seemed really nice. and they were. jade seemed a bit love struck. then again, she's better at hiding her emotions then i am. chances are we are both love struck puppies. i was enjoying time with Liam. his company was great. i didn't  want the flight to end. you know just in case i didn't see him again. ' hopefully,' i thought. ' that doesn't happen. i should've  known then why Liam was being so secretive.


                                                                  *Jorden's P.O.V.*

i was at the very back of the plane with a window seat. next to me was a boy about my age, he had a hood on. there was no one sitting across the isle from us. jade and phoebe sat in front of us and caity and Caitlyn sat across from them, then there was a big gap of two rows of seats, then heaps of people. there was no one sitting next to us. i found it pretty awkward sitting next to a complete stranger, 'cause I'm extremely shy and get bad stage fright, so when we first started off  as a band i couldn't sing. i was to scared. but now it's not so bad. i'm still bad at meeting new people. any way at the first stop the boy said to me "hi my names harry." the name sounded familiar then it clicked. "like Harry Styles from one direction, he's probably my favorite," i told him. " i guess so, i get that a lot,"he replied. " i felt my cheeks go red like they all ways do when. i'm embarrassed. sometimes i go so red you could compare to a tomato. " are you alright. you look really red," harry said. i went even more red at the sound of his gorgeous British voice. " i think you need a drink, come with me," said harry with a look of concern. he took my hand and i think my face was blood red by now. we went to a small fast food restaurant and harry bought me a drink. he also bought a sundae for us to share. we only had a 15 minute stop so we had to be quick. after i felt a bit more  comfortable around harry i said, " thank you harry, you know you didn't have to do that." he smiled at me from under the hood of his, i could just see his emerald green eyes and brown curly hair. he looked familiar      but i was too busy concentrating on him to work out who he looked like. "that's alright i wanted to," he replied. " you know, it's not gonna rain on the plane, you can take your hood off," i said with a laugh.  we eventually swapped numbers. i should have known why he wouldn't take his hood off.


                                                               *Caity's P.O.V.*

i was placed next the isle. next to me was a boy about 3 years older than me. he looked pretty attractive apart from his super high quarter shorts. he had glasses (i thought they were fake) that were big and nerdy. but i'm not one to judge by looks, so naturally i got to know him first. then i made my decision. i really liked him. his name is Louis. sitting next him was Caitlyn.she seemed to be getting along well with Louis's friend Zayn. Louis and i got something to eat at the first stop and talked for a bit. "so, what brings you to London, Caity?" Louis asked. " me and my friends are moving there," i replied. we talked a bit more then swapped numbers. when we got back on the plane Louis grabbed his bag and said," i'm just going to the toilet, i'll be back in a minute." right , and you told me this because?" i said and then laughed. Louis laughed and then walked off. when he came back, he  was looking really good. he was wearing long red jeans and the same top. he had a red hoody over the top of his top. " you know you don't have to wear a hood in here," i told him. i really should have recognized him.


                                                                       *Caitlyn's P.O.V.* 

i was sitting a spot away from both caity and the window. next to Caity (between me and her) was a boy. he was a bit older than caity so i was naturally worried at first. then i saw that they had swapped numbers and they got along well with each other. that's when i settled and managed to talk to the boy next to me and the window. his name is Zayn. he looked like a younger, more modern, version of Elvis Presley. he looked pretty attractive though. " Hi my name's Caitlyn, that's Caitlyn with a 'y'  not an 'i' and with a'c' not a 'k'. sorry if i seem weird it's just that ...." i was cut off by caity. " cause of two things plus two extra, first: she is weird and second: she probably likes you. now for the extra two things. first : i'm Caitlin or Caity with an 'i' not a 'y' and 'c' not a 'k' ,who are you? and finally i'm her third cousin in law so be nice to her or i'll find you and hunt you down, JOKES" she said laughing hard at the last part. " Caitlin, shut the hell up," i said a bit annoyed. her face was priceless. she looked all sulky and i tried so hard not to laugh.  she knew that when i called her Caitlin i was mad " it's fine Caitlyn and no i don't think your weird. as for you Caity, my name's Zayn," he said while laughing . after the second stop we exchanged numbers. Caity was right, i had a crush. and it was big. i thought i was in love. at the end of the flight he leaned in kissed my cheek. my heart stopped mid beat. 

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