Eternal love (a 1D fan fic)

So Caity is a 18 year old girl who has just finished high school and is moving to London with her 4 friends, Jorden, Phoebe, Caitlyn and Jade. they each have their own little love story that add together but who will fall for who in this story of love, and what twist of fate lay around the corner.


5. the airport

                                                (at the airport)

                                                               * Caity's P.O.V. *

Louis kissed my cheek before we got off the plane and i promised to call him. we went to the bathroom before we caught a bus to our house and we each talked about the guys we met. we worked out that they were all mates. that's when it clicked. " jorden. Who's your favorite in One direction?," i asked her knowing the answer. " Harry Styles of course," she answered. " so was the guy i met. you know what they have in common? everything except family." i hoped she knew where i was going with this. " and Phoebe, you love Liam right?" i asked. " yup the guy  i met. his name is Liam as well," she replied. " does any one know where i'm going with this. or does every one think meeting someone who is like the identical twin with the same name as your favorite from biggest boy band on earth is normal," i asked. the realization on the face and the look on mine said it all. we had met one direction. " OMG,  i got a kiss from Zayn. ZAYN!!!!!!!!!" she screamed. i put my hand over her mouth. " shut up Caitlyn people will think were murdering you!" i whisper/ shouted at her.we left and went to catch a bus to our new home. this weekend we were going down to the beach house and spend a week there." at least one of us, is gonna have to get a job," said Jade.  ' i'll get a job as a house maid 'cos i love cleaning," she said. "i'll find a job with animals. anyone else wanna join me?" i asked. " me,"said Phoebe. " that's three, I'm the manager of our singing group so i don't need a job," said Jorden. " are you gonna get a job or you gonna stay home with jorden and look after the pets Caitlyn," i asked her. " I'll stay home, " she decided. " here's the bus, " i said as it came around the corner. " let's go!" so we grabbed our stuff and hopped on the bus. " this is my first time being in a double deck bus, " we all said at the same time and laughed. just as the bus pulled away from the curve, out the  corner of my eye i spotted Louis. his big blue eyes smiled at me with his mouth. i smiled back. i thought i was in love.


                                               * Phoebe's P.O.V.*

when we finished up in the bathroom we all walked slowly to the bus stop, saying nothing. we must've  been a sight. we kept getting elbowed. " the next girl that elbows me is gonna cop it ," said Caitlyn annoyed. we started cracking up laughing. i tapped one of the girls on the shoulder and turned around all excited. her face went really droopy and sad when she saw me. " sorry to disappoint you but what's going on?" i asked her laughing. " oh sorry it's just that One direction is meant to be flying in today and i really want to meet them," she replied. " okay, thank you." we walked off and i explained to them what all the hub was about. we stopped at the door and Jorden said," this is it girls, once we step out this door, we're on our on. no one to rely on, no one to go crying to when we don't get our way, we're independent women. together forever." we liked arms and the rest of us chanted " together forever." the door opened and we took our first step as independent women. i was scared as all hell, but the thought and quick glimce, of Liam as the bus left gave me strength.


                                                  *Jorden's P.O.V.*

i was absoulotely shocked i wanted to call harry straight away, but the purpose of the speech i gave would be defeated. He was probably be busy any way. No one except Caity knew what the house looked like. i was so nervous about being  in London with only my 5  best, best, best, best friends ever. there were heaps of other friends we left behind but we had a date set for each of them individually to visit.  the only hint we has was it had four exterior walls and a roof. typical caity. i was in my own little world not worrying about reality when Jade started humming the beginning of 'Rock Me'.  that was caity's favorite song on 'Take Me Home'. Caity and Phoebe started singing and gradually we all sang.

   ' do you remember summer '09 '                                                                                                                                  

   ' wanna go back there every night

   ' just can't lie was the best time of my life'

   ' lying on the beach as the sun blew out'

   'playing this guitar by the fire to loud '

   'oh my my they could never shut us down'

then caity stopped. " what's wrong caity," i asked. " nothing, it's just... the next part is Louis' " she replied. i thought about what caity was saying then  realized. as if caity  was a minding my mind she said," it's just weird  that the 5 guys we idolize the most gave us their numbers. it's just like, wow.


                                                     * jade's P.O.V.*

wow, Niall Horan actually liked me enough to give me his phone number. wow. i was just completely, overwhelmed. i don't know what to say. i just can't think.  on the ride to our new home, i started humming rock me from their second album, take me home. the other girls started singing along then i joined in. " hey girls," i said.

" yeah," they replied.

" want to know a secret?"

"yeah 'course."

" well, you know how i told you there was no more money left after i put 2 grand in my bank. i lied. i did put 2 grand in m bank but i still had 150 grand left. so i bought us a car each. we each have fords or Holden's in our favorite colors. caity, a purple ford. Caitlyn a baby blue ford. phoebe, a bright green Holden. jorden, a pink Holden and jade a purple Holden. your welcome" i told them.  they just stared at me with their eyes wide and their mouths open. " well so we can come back to reality for a moment, we're home," caity said with pride. we were equally proud of our selves for our big surprises for the 5 of us. when we arrived at our new house my mouth hit the floor.


                                                           *Caitlyn's P.O.V.*

at the end of Rock me, i found myself thinking about Zayn again. the way his eyes pierced  me, but still is gentle when he looks at me. the way he looks at things from a different perspective to others. he also loves himself heaps, so he's heaps like me. to me, he was every kin of beautiful and more. " are you alright Caitlyn " jorden asked me." yeah fine, i'm just thinking of .... Zayn" i told her. then jade dropped a bombshell on us. she bought us a car each. we sat in silence for a bit. i almost called him but decided not to. after about 5 minutes, caity piped up. " well so we can come back to reality for a moment, we're home." the house was massive and beautiful. and caity was right. it had four outside walls and a roof.

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