Eternal love (a 1D fan fic)

So Caity is a 18 year old girl who has just finished high school and is moving to London with her 4 friends, Jorden, Phoebe, Caitlyn and Jade. they each have their own little love story that add together but who will fall for who in this story of love, and what twist of fate lay around the corner.


11. Oopsies



                                                                                 * Liam's P.O.V *

 I  talked to Phoebe on the way back to the house.  I was amazed  by how good her and her friends voices were. I was also amazed at the fact that some one I met on a plane was best friends with the girls the others had  met.  And they lived next door. Wow I'm lucky!  When we got inside we went to the lounge room and sat down. We decided to find out more about each other. Unfortunately Harry went first. He  changed from looking cool to looking nerdy. and then his stupid secret was his dimples. that sent everyone but  Phoebe into a laughing frenzy. I had pains in my stomach  from laughing that hard. Eventually Caitlyn came up to Phoebe when Phoebe's eyes were closed, who knows why, and tickled her. Phoebe lost the plot. She fell next to me having a laughing attack.  Eventually Caity gave up and fell onto her back, near Zayn, and  started crying from laughing. I saw Phoebe get up and creep towards Caitlyn. She gave the silence sign to Zayn and I saw her lunge at Caitlyn. I had an uneasy feeling in my stomach. I didn't see it ending well.

                                                                                       * Caitlyn's P.O.V.*

 After Harry's remark we were all in tears, except  Phoebe. I could tell she was trying not to laugh judging by the effort on her face. I thought that maybe to get her laughing , I could tickle her. so while she had her eyes shut  I crept up to where she was sitting and lunged at her. She screamed and fell to the floor laughing and landed almost on top of Liam.I continued to tickle her until she screamed with laughter. Then i fell on my back next to Zayn and started crying with laughter. I must have been laughing for about 5 minutes before I decided to clear my eyes of tears.  While I cleared the tears away I thought of how nice Zayn was. He had complemented me earlier on my voice. And on my appearance. He had said my long light brown locks bounced like it was full of energy and life. He'd  said that  my few freckles brought out my brown eyes. He'd also said that Phoebe,  Caity  and I look alike and asked if  we were sisters. I said no. All the sudden I was brought back to reality by some one tickling me. I  punched out with both fists and hit Phoebe. I gave her a black eye and a blood nose. OMG!

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