Eternal love (a 1D fan fic)

So Caity is a 18 year old girl who has just finished high school and is moving to London with her 4 friends, Jorden, Phoebe, Caitlyn and Jade. they each have their own little love story that add together but who will fall for who in this story of love, and what twist of fate lay around the corner.


40. Love song


" Why did we agree to this, we went London to work on our careers, not to leap straight into a world tour," Jade said, panic evident on her face. I reached over to her and put my hand on her arm. 

" Jade, if this wasn't good for our careers, then I wouldn't have agreed. And on the plus side, you get to spend hours with Niall," I told her, winking. She blushed and nodded. I removed my hand and sat normally. We were in the car on our way to the studio. Jade and I were in the front. Jade driving. The others were in the back, comforting the crying Caitlyn, who had broken down yet again. I handed my phone to Jade and mouthed ' Zayn' at her. She understood and got his contact up. She rang and put it on speaker. I told the girls in the back to be quiet while my phone was on speaker. Zayn picked up. " Hello Caity?" He asked expecting it to be me.

" Hey Zayn," I replied, keeping my eyes on the road. We had a bit of small talk before I interrupted Zayn.

" Zayn, as you know, we are going to audition today. a certain sensitive someone, is a bit over emotional and needs to be calmed down," I said. He went silent for a moment, figuring out who I was talking about I suppose, then said to me, realizing who I was talking about,"Put her on." Jade handed the phone to Caitlyn and she took it off speaker. Honestly, their lovey-dovey crap made me sick. With bubbly boo, and their  Zayny poo. I could hear her kissy faces. We stopped at a red light and Caitlyn finally stopped crying. I turned Jorden and made a gagging face. She stopped herself from laughing and bit back a smile. Caitlyn slapped me on the arm and i turned around. The light went green and we were off again. I said loud enough for everyone to hear," We're 20-25 minutes away guys." Caitlyn started to panic again, so Zayny poo calmed her down again. We pulled up at the studio and Caitlyn said good bye to Zayn. We walked in and went the front desk. She nodded and told us where to sit. 10 minutes passed. The whole time we would look around anxiously or fiddle with our fingers. The receptionist was medium height, with long black curly hair. She was wearing an almost see through light blue top and a black pencil skirt. She disappeared into the room behind her for a few minutes. When she came back out from the room, she walked over to the five of us bunched up on the three seater couch.

" Mr. Cowell and Caroline will see you now," She said, giving us a huge smile. I smiled back and we all stood up. I walked past and caught the name on her name tag. Veronica. We walked over to the door. I knocked and waited for an answer. " Yeah, come in," Said a man, I assumed to be Simon, tiredly. We entered and stood in front of Simon Cowell and the lady named Caroline. There was also 7 other people spread out around the room. Some where sitting with Caroline, some by the recording room and one, I assumed to be an assistant, in the chair next to Simon. I think that some of the people there had to be  the concert/tour managers. There was a couch and two chairs in front of them.

" Take a seat lady's," Simon said flatly. We again, all sat on the one couch. Simon cocked an eyebrow and sat up. " So, I hear your all in a relationship with a boy from  One Direction?" He asks. I was a bit taken back by this as we were hear to try and be the opening act for the boys. It was decided earlier I'd the speaking for the group unless they were asked a question personally, because I was a confident speaker. 

"Yes, you heard right," I replied, quickly glancing at Caroline. He nodded and leant back.

" So, you think you can sing, make it big time, eh? Honestly, I don't fully see it," He said. I could tell the other girls were a bit hurt, but I could see he was testing to see how well we could deal with Critics. I leant forward, looked him dead in the eyes and said," Well, maybe you getting a bit too old to see whats in front of you." Caitlyn broke out laughing, but stopped herself as quickly as she started. I felt a jab to my ribs which made me jump. I just smirked and waited for a reply. To my amusement, Simon Laughed as well. It was more of a scoff though. He leant forward again and said to me," So you think you've got what it takes to make it big time? You think you could make it in the big world? Your just a bunch of bogans." He was obviously trying to push us. I went to stand up but Jade pulled me back down. It was now Simon's turn to smirk. I smirked back and replied," Well we'll be the best damn bogan band you've ever seen. And anyway, even if we were ' just a bunch of bogans', we've sill got a brighter musical career, singing wise, than you." I had a smug look on my face and Simon's was serious. He looked at us all once and said," Are you going to sing to us or are you just pulling my leg?" I was amused with mood I had put him in. i was also pleased with the fact that I had passed the test he had put on us. One of the techy people around the place lead us to the recording booth. We walked and put the head sets on. Simon's voice rang out through the booth. " Okay girls what are you gonna sing?" I looked at one of the others to answer for a change but they all shook their heads except Caitlyn. She asked me to say it with her. I nodded and we lean into the microphone and both said , " Love Song, by Selena Gomez." we could see Simon's reaction through the glass, He again, cocked his eyebrow at us but nodded for us to proceed. One of the tech guys must have had it up ready to go. Maybe the boys told Simon what we were going to sing. We waited for someone to give us a cue before we started. The music began and we took off. I had reminded the girls on the way their that we had to move a bit to show that we enjoyed what we were doing. We sang so excellently. I hadn't heard us sing that good together, ever! When we finished singing and the music stopped, we all hugged and high- fived. We were told by Simon to step out of the booth and sit down again.

"How do you think you guys went? and you all have to answer this one, not just miss never-shut-up," He said, glaring at me. I was sitting on one end of the couch so we started up the other end with Jorden. " I t-think w-we d-did g-g-great," she stuttered out, going red. It was then Phoebe's turn. " Well, we performed well," She said quietly.

"Awesome," Jade said happily. She had swapped spots with Caitlyn.

" Epic," Caitlyn said confidently.It as finally my turn.

"Everything they said times a million. The did so well. I'm so proud of them. we've never performed that well together," I was so happy with my girls. They all smiled at me and I watched Simon for a response. He smiled and stood up. " I need to talk to my colleagues. I'll get back to you 5 soon. between 10-30 minutes," He said. We walked back out to the waiting area and sat down again. I texted Louis while we were waiting.

'Hey Boo bear, just performed to every body, waiting for the deliberation. fingers crossed.'

I only had to wait a few minutes before I got a reply.

' Hey love, you'll get it for sure. You guys were amazing this morning. And you better get it, we just about froze to death outside. How'd you do.'

'Sorry about that again babe. I thought we did awesomely. I'm so stoked with the girls.'

' You're gonna get love. xxxx' I laughed at the text I received. Just then Simon cam out, with his assistant, also the receptionist, behind him. He motioned us to come inside. We walked in and sat down, again, and waited for the final verdict.

" Your pitch, harmonies, melodies, pronunciation, everything was absolutely....." He said leaving us, in what felt like being suspended in time, until he answered.

"Perfect." My mouth opened so wide.

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