Eternal love (a 1D fan fic)

So Caity is a 18 year old girl who has just finished high school and is moving to London with her 4 friends, Jorden, Phoebe, Caitlyn and Jade. they each have their own little love story that add together but who will fall for who in this story of love, and what twist of fate lay around the corner.


7. home new home

                                                                   *Caity's P.O.V*

even i was shocked by the appearance of the house. it was old but beautiful. vines  climbed up in a beautiful and controlled way.  the windows were tinted black and the exterior in total was a cream color. it was peaceful. the door was massive. they were old styled. the house was about 100 years old, but i had asked for it to be refurbished, so it was an old house with a modern twist.  i gave the girls their house keys and jade gave us our car keys. i was allowed to be the first one to open the door to the house. i put the key in the lock, gave it a turn and opened the door. we walked in and  it felt like home. we split up into 2 groups. me and jade , Caitlyn, jorden and phoebe. the other girls checked out the bathroom and kitchen on the first floor (where we agreed to stay so no one would steel the bedrooms before it was time)  and Jade and I had a look at the living and dining rooms.

" hey jade," i whispered

" what caity ?" she whispered back.

" I know where the two biggest bedrooms are i'll show you them, then tell the girls it's time to choose room sand we'll bolt up stirs to those rooms," i told her.

"sure, let's go."so we tiptoed up the old-fashion, carpeted stairs, as quietly as possible. i showed her the rooms and she was breath taken. they where beautiful, and i hadn't seen it before in person, so i was too. they were beautiful. the bed in the room i wanted was big, beautiful and stylish ( like me). the curtains were a lovely purple, and three of the four walls where a soft cream, like the outside of the house. around the bed was a frame with red and purple material strung across it. the feature wall was a violet color  that's why i loved it. it had little horse and dog ornaments like the other rooms." come on jade, let's check out your room," i said. her room was a beautiful. similar to mine and as big. "oh there's something i have to show you jade, there in all rooms, ours a the biggest."i took her to a door on the feature wall. it was the same color as the wall, indigo. i opened it and inside was a massive walk in wardrobe and en suite connected." that's the same as my room. the others have standard bathrooms and smaller wardrobes." i told jade. the bathrooms had a luxurious shower, awesome vanity and jet spa bath. the wardrobe was about 3 meters tall by 5 meters long. it was massive. we eventually  snuck back down stairs and i called a house meeting. " thank you for coming girls. now it is time for the all important bedroom picking. DA DA DAAAAA,"  i said very dramatically." grab your bags and choose your room, welcome to the blood bath." i added in a very low dramatic voice. i had sneakily put my bags on the stair case and put jade's next to mine. we grabbed our bags, and bolted up stairs as fast as we could. we went for the best rooms, the two master bedrooms that were directly in front of the stairs and got in just before the other girls and locked the door behind ourselves. " come on caity open up, come on jade let us check out your room," the others said. don't open the door jade, they'll kick you out." i screamed through the wall. "wait until we're unpacked mate."  I started unpacking and putting my clothes away. i walked in to my wardrobe and bathroom and found out my bathroom was the best. i was super excited.

                                                                * 20 mins later*

 "alright girls," i said. " let's check out the back garden."  We went out side and looked around. there was an entertainment area where we could practice and a shed that was a bit different because it was insulated so it stayed cool in summer and warm in winter. it had an office in side where we had agreed to keep our instruments, so we put them in there.  we checked out the stables and  assigned jobs for the dogs. Phoebe and Caitlyn picked up the dog  poo, Jorden fed them and gave them water, and Jade and I washed them. we would look after our own horses individually. I looked at the garden remembered to show the girls this one and the hidden one behind the stables. it was beautiful, with roses, Frangipanies and cherry blossom trees. it was beautiful. there was an in ground pool with a fence around it, a spa at the side of the pool and i was heated. we walked around for a bit more and tried to find out who lived next door by snooping but it didn't work.  " we better go get our cars and horses soon and our dogs," i said after a while. First thing tomorrow, so we  agreed to catch two cabs between us. Jade, Phoebe and I in one, and Jorden and Caitlyn in the other.   then because it was late, we went to sleep

                                                 (at the car dealership and the farm)

 when we arrived at  the car place  i was amazed of how awesome our cars were. they were just as Jade had described. we then went back home in our cars to get the horse trailers. We then went to get the horses and dogs from the farm I had bought them from. the farm was big and wonderful. we walked up to the small little farmers house and knocked on the door. " hello,are you the girls from Australia who wanted the 5 horses and dogs?" asked the farmer. It was a small, fragile looking, old lady. She had medium-long gray hair." yeah that's us," said Caitlyn in her upbeat voice. " right this way please," the old lay said with a smile. " my name is ebony, because when I was born I had ebony  black hair." she explained. we walked up to a big farm barn. it was your normal red with white beams. Ebony pushed the door open and let us in. she guided us to  a medium sized pen where two big dogs and 5 little puppies layed in it.the mother looked a gorgeous dog that was my favorite dog breed, Rottweiler.  " Ebony is the mother a Rotty?" I asked.

"Sure is miss. and the father is a Belgium Shepard," she answered.

" OMG Caity that's the exact same breed as cooper," Phoebe added. 

" it is isn't it." I responded." should i get a male and name it Cooper the second, Cooper for short. Or get a female and call it angel like I always wanted to?" I asked.

" I'll get a male and call it Cooper the second, Cooper for short, if you want me to," Phoebe said. I was shocked." you'd do that for me?" i asked. I really didn't expect that. i thought Phoebe wanted  a female not a male." Sure I've always wanted a male dog." she replied.I suppose i was wrong.

"how many males and females are there?" Jorden asked. I was bout to ask the exact same thing. I think we all were." 3 females and 2 males." Ebony told us. " okay well me and phoebe will have males and the rest of you can have females," Jorden told us. I was fine with that. and the others were too, by the looks of things." Phoebe can I help you pick the one that looks most like Cooper?" I asked her in an innocent voice. " Sure thing Caity," said Phoebe laughing.  " okay. I could tell which puppy was the one for me and the one for Phoebe just by looking in the pen. " Ebony can we go in the pen?" I asked her sweetly. 

" alright but only two at a time," she responded. Phoebe and I got in first. T he ones I wanted for me and her were the ones that came up to us." The  rule of don't choose the dog, let the dog chose you is being used and I think we should go for it. There the ones I wanted." I said and Phoebe agreed. the dogs we picked were exactly alike and both looked like Cooper. " they're perfect." I said with satisfaction. The other girls chose there puppies and then we went and looked at the horses. There was ten of them and 5 were for sale. Just right! one was a white sort of color that Phoebe instantly fell in love with and bought. it was about 10.2 hands high due to grow to 16.2 hands high( that's how people measure horses where I'm from don't know about the rest of the world) and was absolutely gorgeous, but I'm not into white horses as much as Phoebe so it was deffinately hers. It was about two and a half years old She called it Snow. Caitlyn loved a horse that was a tiny bit darker than Phoebe's horse.  They were about the same height. Caitlyn's horse was 2 years old, still a foal. It was from the same mother as Phoebe's. Her horse was named Golden. Jorden's horse was chestnut horse and 10 and set to grow to 16 hands high .It was 1 and a half years old. Her horse wasn't old enough to be ridden yet, still another half a year. her horses name was chestnut. Jade's horse was black. She was a 3 year old foal and was 13 hands high and was told to be fully grown in a year so she was 14 hands high and growing to 16.4. Jade named her midnight. My horse was: a chocolate brown color, 3 years and a half old, sisters with midnight, 15 hands high a set to grow to 16.4 hands high and named ( by me ) Flow. We went into there stables, patted them fed them and loaded them into the trailers( after refiling the water tubs and hay-nets in the them. We put our new puppies in the cars with 3 windows down enough so they wouldn't get hot, and said thank you and goodbye to Ebony. " take care you lot have fun with the animals." she said as we pulled out and went home. I was tired so I thought to myself on the way home with the puppy in the passenger seat.' I think I need a nana nap.' Like angel ( the new puppy) had read my thoughts, she did a doggie yawn and went to sleep. 


(authors note)- from now on, caity will be the only one with P.O.V.s. occasionally the boys and once or twice the other girls.

                          Thanks to the people who have read my book, it's a real confidence boost

                                       Cheers- Caity lee : D 

                     P.S.  i'm the only one who writes on this movella . I co- author a book called love sure can change you. i don't really don any thing in the book so my part will be to get it as many views as possible. it's a harry styles fan fiction. thanks



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