Eternal love (a 1D fan fic)

So Caity is a 18 year old girl who has just finished high school and is moving to London with her 4 friends, Jorden, Phoebe, Caitlyn and Jade. they each have their own little love story that add together but who will fall for who in this story of love, and what twist of fate lay around the corner.


37. Hide and seek


We said goodbye to the boys and packed our stuff up, ready to leave after dinner. I decided to leave a few items behind. They were really worthless so it was nothing really. I packed my stuff and put it by the door. the girls soon followed. We decided to go down for a swim at the beach. We stayed and talked and splashed around. We had loads of fun, just us. It was good. It made me double think the amount of time we spent with the boys. I got an uneasy feeling in my stomach, because I got the feeling of responsibility that we had to not see each other as much. I decided to push that out of my mind because if in the off chance that management liked us, we'd be spending almost a whole year, if not more, with them. I continued to mess around with the girls. I didn't want to leave this place. All the sudden Jorden went bolting back up to the house and came back out with a CD player and a stack of CD's. I was surprised she could carry them all. She turned the CD player on ( it was battery powered so it didn't have to be hooked up), and we all started singing along. We didn't care who heard us. We were young and happy. I gave myself an idea for an original song we could do.

" Hey, I just had a great idea," I said jumping up from the sand when 'Boulevard of broken Dreams' finished.

"What?" Caitlyn asked.

" Lets ding dong dash the boys!!" I said, getting excited. They agreed in chorus and then we banded together in a huddle. It was decided that i would ring the door, seeing as it was my idea and the others were all too chicken.  We jogged to their house. When we reached the front door we crouched down. i stood up just enough so I could reach the door bell. I rang it and the we bolted off down the beach to the campsite. We stooped only about 20 meters away to dive into bushes nearby. We satin the bushes and watched as Zayn and harry looked around in confusion. They were about to go back inside when Jorden let out an all mighty laugh that could be heard a mile up the beach. harry started laughing and a smirk played on Zayn's lips. The rest of the boys filed out and Started looking around for us. We stayed extra quiet when they were near, but Jade's bright pink bikinis, denim shorts ad straw hat were all giving her away. Niall pounced on Jade and we all fell over laughing. Louis cam over an pulled me up. Our last night turned into a game of hide and seek. We left a half an hour later.

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