Eternal love (a 1D fan fic)

So Caity is a 18 year old girl who has just finished high school and is moving to London with her 4 friends, Jorden, Phoebe, Caitlyn and Jade. they each have their own little love story that add together but who will fall for who in this story of love, and what twist of fate lay around the corner.


32. Crap!!


" How'd they find us?" Niall asked the boys. They were sitting the big lounge room while We sat at the breakfast bar in the kitchen.

" That doesn't matter now, what about us, we're going to look like we're just using you for a piggyback to stardom. No one is gonna wanna by anything we produce. Our musical careers are over before they even began," Jade said being highly dramatic.

" No it won't babe. I don't let my girlfriend and her friends get hurt," Niall said, walking up to Jade and putting his arm around her. She giggled and rested her head on his chest. apparently we were all now in a relationship with the boy that we were all had met on the plain. Louis walked over to me and wrapped his arms around me. I rested my head on his shoulders. " I'm sorry, this all my fault," he said to all of us. 

" For what?" Harry asked as he got up and leaned on the back of the couch. Jorden walked over to him. " For getting us into this mess."

" How?" Liam said, while Phoebe sat down with him.

" If I hadn't dragged us out here, asked to go on a quintuple date and had us go on that date then maybe we would all be alright," he said. I turned around to face and became very irritated with him. How dare he think that. People were bound to find out sooner or later.

" Louis Tomlinson, don't you dare say that. It was going to come out eventually. I will not have my boyfriend moping around and feeling guilty about something he didn't do," I said. I stood up and he moved backwards. I walked up to him and wrapped my arms around his side and rested my head on his shoulders yet again. " She's right mate," Liam said, getting up and walking over to Louis to pat his back in attempt to comfort him.

' I know, I'm always right," I said jokingly. There was a slight laugh and then all returned to a serious feeling. 

" Seriously mate, don't blame yourself for this," Liam said. 

" I don't see what's so bad about this. I mean it's not like we're ashamed of our relationships," Caitlyn chimed in. Trust her to not understand something as simple. Yet again she did have a good point.

" You have a good point Caitlyn, but now the whole world know that you're dating Zayn. Including the media, the fans, people that we want to hire us for gigs and our parents," I said emphasizing the last part. Caitlyn looked like she had seen a ghost. I got a call on my phone. I grabbed it off the kitchen bench and checked the caller ID. It was my parent's home phone. Crap!! I answered and just waited to cop an earful.

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