Eternal love (a 1D fan fic)

So Caity is a 18 year old girl who has just finished high school and is moving to London with her 4 friends, Jorden, Phoebe, Caitlyn and Jade. they each have their own little love story that add together but who will fall for who in this story of love, and what twist of fate lay around the corner.


13. a weird and wacky night... but wonderful (part two)



                                                                                 *Caity's P.O.V.*

When we got back we went to my house. I un-packed the groceries and fed the animals. Louis suggested I bring the puppies along but I said I might bring them over after dinner. After I fed the horses, I got Louis a glass of water and let him sit on the couch to wait for me. I chose some clothes to wear after my shower, A plain white tank top, long sleeved red jumper and some jeggings, with my slip-ons (ballet  style shoes but more casual shoes) with a grey beanie and turned my straightener on. I turned my docking station on and plugged in my  IPod, pressed play and hopped in the shower. I was out and dressed in about half an hour,  which for me is a new record, and called Louis up while I did my hair.

" You took a lot less time then I expected," Louis said to me.

" I expected it to be a lot longer as well," I replied with a laugh. I caught a quick glance of myself in the mirror and groaned, I didn't look at all appropriate for a super-star.   Well at least in my mind I didn't.

" What's wrong love?" Louis asked, full of concern. 

" I look horrible," I replied flatly. Louis stared at me as if I had just said I was an alien. With an eyebrow raised and his mouth wide open.

" What did you just say? Take it back, right now!" He demanded of me.

" Wow Lou, calm down" I told him slightly worried. He seized me by the arm and unleashed full on sass on me. He sat me on my bed and started saying," I know what looks good together, that outfit is something I would put in my top 10," He said with full on girly girl sass, hand on hip and all. I cracked up laughing, for a few seconds at most. Louis stopped in his tracks and asked me , " why'd you stop laughing?" 

" Because I sound like either a with or if I laugh really hard I sound like a dying donkey." I said with slight sadness. I could see Louis was about to go off in a full on rant when I cut him off mid breath." Before you argue, I dare you to ask anyone that knows me what my laugh sounds like. They'll all say a witch's cackle." Louis just laughed and helped me up. I grabbed my bag from the kitchen bench and locked up the house. Then when we walked into their house, I helped jade repair some damage. Phoebe did end up with a black eye. Liam was with her for the rest of the night. After dinner we settle down on the couch, then came the most wackiest, funniest and loveliest part of the night.




                                                                            *Louis's P.O.V.*

After dinner we settled down in the lounge room. " Oh right, brb."  Caity said and went home to grab something. After about 10 minutes Caity came back with 5 of the most adorable puppies ever. The ones I had already played with. Their cuteness was only beaten by one, and for once I didn't think it was me. Caity. She was beautiful in every way, better yet, she didn't even realize she was. She had the perfect personality and was smart. Once caity gave the puppies to their owners all that was left in her arms was Angel. She gave me Angel while she sat down next to me. Angel sat between us while we decided what movie to watch(the group of us).  Of course the first suggestion was Liam with the Toy Story trilogy. the girls wanted to see what DVDs we had. They looked for a bit and then decided on a movie. They brought it to us behind their backs.  They looked at each other and then counted to 3. 1, 2 3..... PITCH PERFECT.  Liam was unhappy with choice until he found out it was Phoebe's favorite movie. then we agreed to watch Grease , then Rocky Horror Picture Show.  The girls fell asleep in our arms one by one. First Phoebe, then Jorden, then Liam was out as well,   Jade third followed by everybody else except Caity and I. We stayed up to watch the end of RHPS .  Caity got up and woke me up from a light sleep after about half an hour.

" What are you doing love?" I asked her. She turned around to face me and still looked half asleep. It stiffed a laugh. 

" The girls and I have to go, it's really late. We don't want to be a bother, do we Caitlyn?" Caity asked her. In return all Caity got was a loud snore. We both laughed. It's okay, we have some old clothes that our mothers gave us to remember them, weird I know. I received three pairs from my mum and Harry got 2." I told her, I lied. Once I went to the store with Harry and we needed to by some pajamas. We grabbed ones that looked nice. We grabbed one for all for 5 of us. Turns out that they were butterfly patterned pj's. Harry kept 2 and I kept 3. 

" I'll wake up the girls, then. If it's okay with you?" She asked me. 

" Sure, I'll go grab them for you." And with that He dashed upstairs. I came down and the girls were all awake, well at least not asleep anymore. I pointed them to bathroom and they came back all dressed up in the pj's. we went back to sleep after that. BEST NIGHT EVER. and all we did was sleep.

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