Eternal love (a 1D fan fic)

So Caity is a 18 year old girl who has just finished high school and is moving to London with her 4 friends, Jorden, Phoebe, Caitlyn and Jade. they each have their own little love story that add together but who will fall for who in this story of love, and what twist of fate lay around the corner.


42. A celebration to remember


"So what did Simon say?" Niall asked us, obviously excited and on edge. They all were.

" Nice to see you to," Caitlyn replied sarcastically. When we were all inside I closed the door and sat next to Louis. Jorden dropped the files on the kitchen and sat next to Harry. I couldn't understand why Jorden, Jade, Phoebe and Caitlyn were all acting depressed. We'd been signed. Then I realised that they were probably just trying to prank the boys. My thoughts interrupted by Harry. " So, are we going on tour together or not?" He asked us.

" We're...," Jorden said upset. The boys facial expression changed. I bit the inside of my cheek to stop myself from laughing.

"We got it. we're going on tour. and we got signed!" Jorden yelled, extremely excited. Harry and herself wrapped in a big embrace. Louis turned to me, obviously surprised. I let out my laughter I had held back before, mixed with laughter at Louis' expression. I nodded my head, as if confirming the news for him, and he wrapped his arms around me tightly. I returned the hug and kissed him on the cheek. He pulled away and looked at me. he smiled at me and I returned the smile. He turned to face the group. " Now we have to celebrate. And I know just where to go. Remember that club I told you girls about Sunday? We're going there tonight. Be ready by 8:00 pm okay?" He asked, obviously excited to be showing us this place. I jumped up and walked to the fridge to get drinks for everybody. " Yeah that sounds good. If you girls wanna go i'll go. It sounds like fun," I replied while I poured Cokes and Pepsi's for everybody. The girls agreed and we said goodbye to the boys. Jade went to the Kitchen to make lunch, after checking her phone. " Ah guys? It's a bit late for lunch. It's 4:45 pm," Jade informed us. That sent us into a panic mode, especially Phoebe and Caitlyn. They take four hours at least to get ready for nights out. We bolted up stairs to our rooms and set to work in our closets. I went in and looked for the best dresses I had. I wanted short, but not too short, sparkly but not too sparkly and for it to be night club appropriate. I grabbed all but one short dress I had. That was 6 to be exact. the rest of my dresses were long ankle length ones. I chucked my dresses on the bed and examined them all closely. I went for the one, that    I thought was perfect for that night. It was a dark blue, sparkly one shoulder dress. I tried it on to see how short it was on me. 'Not to bad', I thought to myself. It went down to about the middle of my thigh. I walked into the closet again to choose shoes. Small( if possible) heels, black. I made my way to my bathroom to do my hair and make-up. I turned my straighter on and opened my cupboard under the sink. I just put some foundation, mascara and eye shadow on, not to big. I started to straighten my hair. Once I was done I made my way downstairs to find, yet again I was the first one to finish. I grabbed an apple and started to munch away. I was half way through, when Jade came down the stairs. She looked stunning. Strapless, black dress with gorgeous heels, not to big and not to much make-up. I remembered that I had forgotten lipstick. I finished off my apple and complemented Jade, before I powered up stairs back to my room. I passed Jorden coming out of her room. She was wearing a dress that was 75% black and the 25%, that was the top, was hot pink. She was wearing hot pink heels, that were almost stilettos. " Stunning, as per usual miss Jorden," I said as she walked past. She blushed and headed down stairs. I put a dark lipstick on and headed back downstairs. All but Phoebe were down by now. Typical. It was now 6:30 pm. Still an hour and half before we left. 'Phoebe probably won't come down until the last fifteen minutes', I thought to myself.

 When the boys knocked on the door it was 8:00, just like Louis said. I grabbed my keys and my purse and headed for the door. I waited for the girls to file out then locked the door behind them. Louis walked me to his car and we all drove off to the club. We walked in and the music was pumping so loud I couldn't hear myself think. We were there for ages, ordering drink after drink. Louis and Harry were, again wasted. Zayn was drunk but not to bad and Liam and Niall were sober,yet still partying.

At about 10:30-11:00 pm I was lost in the crowd, with only Jade next to me. We were partying and dancing. I decided to go get another drink and find Louis. I headed to the bar and flagged down the bar tender. In the middle of my drink, a guy sat down next to me. He was cute, but I didn't want anything to do with him. " What's your name?" He asked me over the music.

" Caity," I replied.

" Cool I'm Tim? Wanna dance? Maybe have some fun?" He asked.

"I have a boyfriend," I replied sternly. He shut up and got up. I laughed to myself and finished my drink. I got up and walked past the dance floor to a more in closed and more of couple style area. I don't know why I walked over there first. But looking back, I'm glad I did. I walked over and searched around for Louis. I felt sick to my stomach with what I saw. Louis was making out with another girl!!

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