My Dream...

Summer and Ebony are orphans who love reading books. They always dreamed of going on an adventure together and today their dreams come true!!!
Join Summer and Ebony on their journey inside a book where they will learn more about life and magic. Tell yourself after reading this book is anything possible...?


7. Transformation

Zoey was lifted up high and there was a bright light. Then Zoey landed softly on the ground. She was HUMAN again!!!!!!!!  Zoey was actually a grown up. I thought she was eight or something.

Zoey said something that made me cry. She said 'I cried because I remembered you are my children and the only reason I left you was because everyone would tease me for being a wolf so I found this place. But I didn't want to let you get hurt in this dangerous world so I left you in the Orphanage. But know I'm human and we can go back to Earth.' I didn't want to go to Earth. There was nothing exciting. Then Mum said there was a beautiful town just a kilometre away. So we decided to move.

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