My Dream...

Summer and Ebony are orphans who love reading books. They always dreamed of going on an adventure together and today their dreams come true!!!
Join Summer and Ebony on their journey inside a book where they will learn more about life and magic. Tell yourself after reading this book is anything possible...?


2. The Thing In The Cave

There was a werewolf in the cave. I nearly fainted when I heard the werewolf talk to me. The werewolf was a girl and her name was Zoey. I was relieved when I heard she was a vegetarian. But I would never live without meat to be truthful. 

The werewolf told me that she was an orphan too (only difference is, she's a werefolf). It had always been mine and Ebony's dream to go on an adventure some place magical. We were asking the wolf so many questions. She was exhausted from answering all our questions. Zoey told me she had a brother who was elder then her. She would play with him everyday. Sadly, when he was crossing the road, a truck came and killed him.

Then Zoey said she used to be a human!!! But then an evil witch cursed her for stealing a small piece of carrot from the witch's garden. I felt sorry for her.

 I told her if she could allow us to live with her in this magical world, we would help find the witch to turn her back to human. Summer only promised that because she desperate to find out how she looks.

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