My Dream...

Summer and Ebony are orphans who love reading books. They always dreamed of going on an adventure together and today their dreams come true!!!
Join Summer and Ebony on their journey inside a book where they will learn more about life and magic. Tell yourself after reading this book is anything possible...?


5. Helping Zoey

Me and Ebony already new what Zoey feared and we were desperate to help. With the help of Ebony, Zoey would be human in no time.

That night Zoey went to the door with a big bucket in her hand. Ebony said that witches hat water and some green skinned witches like the one who told the spells could die.

Zoey knocked on the door and the witch appeared. In such a fright, Zoey spilt the water on the witch. The witch started crying as she dissapeared piece by piece.

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