My Dream...

Summer and Ebony are orphans who love reading books. They always dreamed of going on an adventure together and today their dreams come true!!!
Join Summer and Ebony on their journey inside a book where they will learn more about life and magic. Tell yourself after reading this book is anything possible...?


3. Finding The Witch

Zoey agreed to the plan.

Zoey already knew where the witch lived. She was just afraid that the witch would turn her into something worse.

Ebony decided she would face the witch since she knows alot about witches and she luckly had her magic wand ( the wand doesn't work because Ebony doesn't even know any real spells). Ebony knocked exactly twice on the door and when she went for the third knock the door automatically opened. The house was dark and cold. The witch sounded kind. Ebony asked how to break a curse. The witch straight asked why. Ebony made up an excuse. She said that she wanted to be a witch and she was inspired by the witch's power. The witch said there were two ways. The easy way and the hard way.

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