My Dream...

Summer and Ebony are orphans who love reading books. They always dreamed of going on an adventure together and today their dreams come true!!!
Join Summer and Ebony on their journey inside a book where they will learn more about life and magic. Tell yourself after reading this book is anything possible...?


4. Easy Way Or Hard Way

The easy way is face something you hate the most. For example I hate water (which I really don't) and the curse is half broken. To make it fully broken you have to face something else you hate.

The hard way is when you kill the thing or person.

Thankyou very much for teaching me the ways of breaking curses. The witch had asked what she would get in return for teaching spells. As I told you Ebony knows everything about witches so she gave the witch a statue of a cat on a broom stick. And guess what, the witch loved it!!!!!

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