No Makeup Needed

When Emily's father forces her to get a job as a makeup stylist for the world famous boy band One Direction, will Emily break the rules and go for love or will she be proffesional and stick to the rules?

I'm really sorry if this story sucks its my first one on Movellas!


15. Why?

It’s been a week since Louis and Eleanor broke up and also since the boys last saw Emily. The boys are still in Sydney, Australia on tour. The boys keep asking Paul where Emily went and why she won’t pick up her phone, but Paul always replies with the same answer “Stop trying to contact her boys she said she didn’t want to be contacted” and the boys always reply with the same question “But why?” Paul didn’t know how to get them to stop asking so now when the boys ask he just doesn’t answer or changes the topic.


“Paul, can you at least tell us why she left? We thought she was happy to come back?” Harry asked Paul sadly, almost ready to give up asking him questions about her. Paul looked up at Harry getting sick of all the questions and wanting to end them all.


“BOYS!” Paul called out, gathering all the boys into the one room in the hotel. After a few seconds Harry and Paul could hear 4 pairs of feet running down the hall towards them. Eventually all the boys were gathered in the room all sitting on the couch waiting to know why they were all gathered together so randomly.


“I know you are all wondering where Emily went and why” Paul said to the boys making them all rod their heads enthusiastically.


“Well Emily has some things going on at the moment in her personal life that she has told me I am not loud to tell you, she also told me just before she left that she doesn’t want to be contacted by you boys. She apologises for disappearing so randomly and wants you to know it’s not your fault. From now on there will be NO questions about her!” Paul continued letting the boys know all the information they were allowed and being firm with them about the questions.


“But Paul that’s not fair!” Louis argued, wanting to know more than that. Paul shook his head honestly not knowing what else to say to them.


“No more questions!” Paul said firmly before walking out the door leaving the boys alone.


“Well we are still in Sydney so why don’t we just go to her house?” Harry asked already walking to grab the keys to the car the boys have hired while in Australia. The guys all agreed and snuck past security before driving down the streets of Sydney to Emily’s house.


“Great plan Harry but what are we meant to say?” Niall asked once they pulled up outside her house. Everyone looked at Harry seeing as it was his idea to come to her house.


“Well, I don’t know, let’s just get straight to the point and ask her why she left” Harry suggested before getting out of the car and walking up the driveway. The rest of the boys jumped out of the car and ran to catch up with Harry. Harry knocked on the door and they all waited patiently for Emily or someone to answer the door.


“Hello……” Emily said as she opened the door to see all five members of One Direction staring at her with a smile on each of their faces.


“Hey” the boys said in unison still smiling widely at Emily, just happy to get to see her again.


 “Why are you here? I told Paul to tell you to leave me alone!” Emily continued firmly not wanting to see the boys. She tried to close the door on them but they were stronger than her and held it open.


“Why did you leave? We thought we sorted everything out” Louis asked, being the only one brave enough to actually ask the question they were all thinking. Emily sighed and looked into the living room of her house which can be seen from the front door. She could see her brother sitting on the couch and she knew that if she called him he would be able to get rid of the guys easily, but she just couldn’t bring herself to do it. She missed them so much even though she hardly knew them and didn’t want to know them in the first place she couldn’t bring herself to make them leave.


“Look could you please just leave I really don’t have time for this” Emily said trying to push them towards their car. But that was a lie, Emily had lots of time on her hands now that she didn’t have a job, she could stay and chat for hours, days even but she just didn’t want to cause any more trouble.


“We’ll leave……as soon as you tell us why you left and why you didn’t want us to contact you!” Harry asked obviously hurt. Harry had become quite close with Emily in the small amount of time they’d known each other. Emily was seriously considering calling Josh to come out and make them go back to their car. Louis had already met Josh and was kind of scared of him. Louis knew that Josh would kill them if they made Emily feel uncomfortable and she obviously didn’t like the idea of them being at her house, so Louis was a little bit nervous.


“Well it’s not really any of your business is it? Paul should have told you it was for personal reasons which is all I’m going to tell you!  I suggest you leave now!” Emily said with a firm voice showing the boys that she could stand up for herself and that they needed to leave. But Emily knew the boys better than that, she knew they were stubborn and that they wouldn’t leave without getting what they wanted.


“Please just tell us! What harm is it going to bring to anyone?” Zayn asked as all the boys did their best puppy face to try and help with them make her give in. Emily was getting quite frustrated by now and had had enough of the boys begging and wanting to know what they didn’t need to know.


“Why does it matter to you? You don’t know what it is so you don’t know how much harm it could bring! Seeing you is the opposite of what I need right now! Go away or I swear-“ Emily started yelling at them before being cut off by Josh running up and opening the door fully so he could see who Emily was yelling at.


“Em why don’t you go lay down and let me handle this, the last thing you need is stress ok” Josh offered kindly as he directed Emily to the stairs so she could go lie down in her bed. As soon as Emily was up the stairs and Josh heard her bedroom door close he turned to the boys with a furious expression plastered on his face.


“Now, I don’t fucking care who you are, you have NO right to come here and make her all upset and stressed! You have NO idea what’s going on and frankly at the moment you don’t need to! I suggest you fuck off before I call your security or something because they promised to keep you away and they’re not doing a very good job!” Josh whisper yelled not wanting Emily to hear him going off at them. He didn’t say everything that was on his mind, he just said enough to get it through to them that they weren’t wanted here. The boys all took a step back seeing how muscular Josh was and how much older and taller he was, he could throw a good punch and you didn’t have to see it first hand to know,  you could just see it straight away when you look at his arms.


“Who are you, Emily’s boyfriend or something?” Harry asked angrily, trying to show that he was tough and was just trying to see if his friend was ok. Louis was the only one who had met Josh, so he was the only one who knew who he was. Josh chuckled and looked up at the stairs to see if Emily had come out of her room yet.


“No, I’m not her boyfriend! I’m her brother and I’ve promised my father that while he’s away and even when he’s here I will seriously hurt anyone who touches Emily!” Josh said firmly staring straight into Harry’s eyes. Harry nodded, taking in the information. He opened his mouth to say something before being cut off by Louis.


“Let’s just go, we can just call her or come back later” Louis said pulling on the boys arms trying to redirect them to the car, but they just shrugged him off ignoring him. Louis sighed knowing he can’t start another fight with all of them again, so he just stood behind them all waiting to leave.


“Look, all we want to know is why Emily left! Wouldn’t she be happy that we care about her? What is she trying to hide?” Harry asked getting louder and louder as he went on, almost as if he wanted Emily to hear him. All of a sudden everyone froze and turned to look at the stairs as they heard a loud slam of a door upstairs.


“Right, get away from my house right now, I don’t fucking care why you’re here or if you care! I don’t have to tell you why I left, but I will! But if you want to know you’re going to have to leave right now! I will tell you when I think the time is right if you argue AT ALL you will never find out! So you better move your arses right now!” Emily yelled as she stomped down the stairs coming face to face with the boys, once she had finished her little speech she slammed the door and stomped back up to her room with tears in her eyes. The boys still stood at the door frozen, they had never seen her like that before and they couldn’t really bring themselves to move knowing that whatever she was hiding was something so big she got that worked up over it.


Josh was watching their car form the couch and was waiting to see them walk down to their car and drive away but they didn’t. This only aggravated Josh even more that even though they saw how upset the topic made Emily they still stayed. Josh decided to end it all and make sure they didn’t come back, so he got up and stormed to the door pulling it open with so much force it blew his hair back a little just like the wind does.


“Did you idiots not understand a word of what she just said? I am not afraid to punch one if not all of you in the face so I would leave right this very second if I were you!” Josh growled with clenched teeth. The boys all snapped out of their little day dreams and looked down starting to walk back to the car. Harry however didn’t want to give up, he really wanted to know if he had done something to make Emily upset and if he did he wanted to fix it. All the boys had piled into the car and Josh was still standing at the door watching them all file in. Just as harry was about to he looked up at the house and saw Emily sitting at her window obviously crying. He had to know if that was his fault.


“Emily!” He yelled trying to get her attention but she just looked away not wanting to cry anymore. All the boys visibly noticed Josh’s fists clench into tight balls and his face turn red, what happened next Harry couldn’t comprehend until it had happened. The rest of the boys saw though and were out of the car in seconds helping their friend to stand up. Josh had run out of the house and punched Harry square in the jaw knocking him to the ground. Harry lay on the ground groaning in pain until he was pulled into the car with the rest of his band mates as they started driving back to the hotel. His vision was blurry and his head was ringing but there was no mistaking that he saw Emily run out of the house and yell out asking if he was ok. She was obviously very distressed and angry with Josh he had to drag her inside the house because she was trying to run after the car crying and screaming.


Harry was in a lot of pain but he was just thrilled to know she still cared. He was completely out of it and couldn’t hear a word that the boys were saying, they were all yelling at him to answer and asking if he was okay. He tried to smile knowing that she still cared about the boys but it hurt too much so his expression remained emotionless.



*****Authors Note-

-sorry that ive taken so long to update but i had really bad writers block but heres that chapter :)



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