No Makeup Needed

When Emily's father forces her to get a job as a makeup stylist for the world famous boy band One Direction, will Emily break the rules and go for love or will she be proffesional and stick to the rules?

I'm really sorry if this story sucks its my first one on Movellas!


8. Twitcam

“OK we have a few requests to do dares” Harry said happily scanning through the endless feed of dares for him and Louis to complete. Harry laughed as he saw one and decided that he wanted to do that one because it’d be funny.


“OK I have picked my dare” Harry said with a smirk. Harry pointed it out to Louis and walked off to the bedroom to get his phone.


“The dare is from @5sexgods and their dare is for Harry to call Simon Cowell and tell him that Harry got a girl pregnant” Louis said laughing loudly. He sat patiently giving out random shout outs to countries and people. Harry soon returned with his phone in his hand. He sat down next to Louis and smiled as he brought up Simon’s contact and showed it to the camera. He pressed call and then put in on loud speaker so the fans watching could hear Simon talking as well. Louis was sitting their giggling and anxiously waiting for Simon to pick up. Simon always picked up so the boys were confused when he hadn’t picked up by the 4th ring. On the 5th ring Simon picked up which made both boys smile deviously.


“Hello Harry what can do for you?” Simon asked through the phone obviously in a good mood which made the dare easier, it would be hard to tell Simon he got a girl pregnant if Simon was in a bad mood.


“Hello Simon, well I need your advice, I’m in a sticky situation and I don’t know what to do” Harry said trying to hold back a laugh, Louis however burst out laughing when harry said ‘sticky situation’ Louis was so immature.


“What is it Harry? Spit it out” Simon said through the phone, by now Louis with his dirty mind was rolling around on the couch laughing as hard as he possibly could. Harry smirked knowing that Louis wasn’t laughing about the prank call but about the dirtiness of the conversation.


“Well, ummmmm I kinda, got a girl pregnant…………” Harry said shakily into the phone, making the call that much more convincing. There was a long silence over the phone before Simon cleared his throat.


“Harry are you completely positive that the baby is yours?” Simon asked nervously but keeping his calm not wanting to yell at harry over the phone. Simon could only imagine how stressed harry was about the whole situation so he tried to stay calm. Harry took a deep breath and smiled.


“We are absolutely positive, we did a blood test yesterday and the results came in this afternoon.” Harry said sounding nervous. To anyone who was watching the would be able to see the smirk playing on Harrys lips, but Simon could only hear his voice and image that his face would be full of worry and fear. Simon took a deep breath and sighed over the phone.


“Harry I honestly don’t know what to do with you, you obviously are going to help her with the baby aren’t you?” Simon asked in defeat.


“Of course I could never leave her alone to care for a baby by herself like that!” harry said into the phone trying to figure out how to tell Simon it was all a joke.


“Well I’ll call a meeting about it next week, you can bring the girl and we’ll talk to her about how everything will work out with you on tour and the press.” Simon said figuring out how it will all work in his head.


“Simon there’s one more thing I have to tell you that might be a shock” Harry said nervously into the phone still with a smirk plastered on his face.


“What more could possibly shock me after that Harry?” Simon said honestly into the phone having no clue what Harry was on about.


“Well, Louis and I are on Twitcam and the fans dared me to call you and tell you I got a girl pregnant” Harry said finally stopping the joke from continuing any further. Simon sighed over the phone.


“So there is no girl running around carrying your child? Simon asked nervously into the phone. Harry laughed along with Louis.


“No not that I know of but I’ll let you know if I find anything out” Harry laughed.


“Ok well I have to go harry so I’ll talk to you and the boys later, remember harry ALWAYS use protection!” Simon said before hanging up going off to do some work he needed to do. Harry and Louis instantly burst out laughing and were both rolling around on the couch laughing at how funny their prank call was. Once they regained themselves from their laughing fit the boys sat up and both smiled at the camera in sync making the fans go crazy about how cute and sexy that was. Louis scanned the screen for a dare for himself and smiled when he found the perfect one. He nudged Harry’s arm and pointed to the dare he wanted to do. Harry smiled and nodded knowing that Louis would make this funny.


“OK Louis has chosen a dare and it’s from @Harryspussycat” Harry almost choked on nothing and burst out into laughter when he said the name, he blushed a little bit before saying “That’s an inappropriate name!” making Louis chuckle.


“Anyways the dare is to do a bunch of prank calls and just be completely random” Harry aid, it wasn’t the best dare but Louis could hopefully make it funny. Louis got out his phone and put it on private caller, he typed in a random number and smiled at the camera when it started dialling. He put the phone on loud speaker and waited for the person to pick up.


“Hello?” the person asked over the phone.


“Ahhhh yes hello?” Louis said back but as more of a question then a statement.


“Hello?” the man on the phone said again. Louis sighed thinking of something funny to say.


“Who is this?” he asked


“This is James Devron who is this?” the man asked, Louis smiled deviously.


“OHHHHHHH Devon like the food? I LOVE Devon, are you the one who came up with Devon? You should be  a proud man Mr Devon I buy Devon daily it’s really tasty! Do you have like heaps of Devon at your house?” Louis yelled into the phone as if he was really excited.


“No no you pronounce my name Devron with an ‘R’” James Devron said chuckling into the phone.


“But I thought you aid your name was James?” Louis said making the man on the phone very confused.


“Yeah it’s James Devron that’s what I said!” Louis smiled at the camera and winked.


“Ok, whatever you say but ummmmm why did you call me?” Louis asked turning serious.


“What do you mean? You called me!” the man said getting confused.


“WHY WOULD YOU ACUSE ME OF SUCH A THING? LIAR!!!!!” Louis yelled before hanging up the phone and looking into the cameras.

“Sorry guys, not my best prank call my mind is off in other places.” Louis confessed thinking back to Emily where his thoughts have been for the past hour or two. Harry knew Louis was thinking about Emily so he decided that it was time to end the Twitcam and go hang out with the rest of the boys.


“Ok guys Louis and I have to go, we will hopefully be able to see you again soon! Thank you for all your support and love it means a lot!” Harry said sincerely looking right into the camera. Louis nodded along, agreeing with what Harry was saying.


“WE LOVE YOU!” both boys yelled at the laptop bringing their hands up to make little hearts at the camera. Louis turned the camera off and turned his laptop off seeing as he wouldn’t need it again tonight.


*****Authors Note-

Sorry this is a really bad chapter! its kinda just a filler :) thanks agian for reading! <3


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