No Makeup Needed

When Emily's father forces her to get a job as a makeup stylist for the world famous boy band One Direction, will Emily break the rules and go for love or will she be proffesional and stick to the rules?

I'm really sorry if this story sucks its my first one on Movellas!


2. The Interview

“Hello Emily” the man sitting behind the desk said. His eyes were glued to his computer. He didn’t look very interested in the interview which actually calmed Emily down in a way.


“Hello sir” Emily replied shyly, he chuckled a little and looked up at Emily for the first time since she’s been in the room.


“Please call me Mr Dawn. Your father said you dropped out of school in year ten and went to TAFE to study there instead, is this correct?” Mr Dawn asked looking back at his computer.


“Ummmmmm yes that is correct…………” Emily aid almost unsure if that is what Mr Dawn wanted to hear.


“Your father put a lot of work into getting you this interview and pulled a lot of strings, he said you’d be perfect for the job. We usually don’t let armatures do this sort of work. The people you’ll be working for can be hard to cope with at times, it will take A LOT of patience, consistence and skill. Do you think you possess these things?” Mr Dawn asked taking a quick glance at Emily then back to his computer. Emily took a deep breath and nodded slightly almost unsure of herself.


“I do think I can do this job, I’ve had a lot of practice and training and I promise I will do my very best” Emily said thinking that Mr Dawn would say that she didn’t have enough training to do makeup for people of this high standard and that if she comes back in a few years with more experience then he would probably say yes, or that she is too young and it’s too pressure.


“Well Emily you’ll have to meet the other staff and get them to teach you we work around here. I’ll give you a month trail to learn the tricks of the trade, and for you to see if you can handle the pressure. If you haven’t mastered the skills you need in the month you’re out” he said sternly but with a slight smile forming on his lips as if he knew she couldn’t do it. This only made her determined to get through this month and prove him wrong. She smiled and thanked him, shaking his hand before walking out of the building.  Only when Emily got outside the building did she actually fully realise that she got the job. She still didn’t want his job! So she decided to prove Mr Dawn wrong about being able to handle the job then quitting after the month. Then Emily would find a job she wanted with less stress and pressure. At least she would make her dad proud and he would be happy with her and she would get a lot of money for this job. She started walking to the bus stop because her dad was at work and couldn’t pick her up and Josh was spending the day with his girlfriend Kate. On her way to the bus stop Emily received a text message from an unknown number.


From: Unknown

Hi Emily its Mr Dawn, there will be a car at your house at 8:30 in the morning tomorrow. Be ready! Do NOT be late!


Mr Dawn is very strict Emily though as she was sitting on the bus. How does he expect her to be up at 8:30 the last time she got up that early was probably 3 years ago when she was in high school. She thought about how she would have to set her alarm for around 5:00 so she would have time to actually get up, have a shower, get dressed, do her makeup, eat breakfast and be out the door on time. Emily kept thinking how crazy this guy is and how she would only have to deal with him for a month then she would leave him and that job behind and go off to easier, calmer jobs.


As Emily walked into her house it seemed like she was home alone, knowing that her dad was at work and her brother Josh was out wherever with Kate. Emily was walking up the stairs and about to start off down the hall when she heard a crash in her brother’s room, which scared the hell out of her. She always thought of the worst! What is they are getting robbed she thought! What if someone was in there killing her brother she thought! She figured that she wouldn’t know unless she looked so she walked slowly to Josh’s room – kinda like she was a spy – she peaked into his room and screamed running to her room and shutting the door behind her. No one should have to see that she thought as she processed what she had just seen. Emily will never look at her brother and his girlfriend the same way again! Emily sat on her bed trying to erase her memory of the last few minutes of her life. All of a sudden Josh bursts through the door in just his boxes while she just sat there looking at him shocked.


“Em you didn’t see anything right?” Josh asked cautiously, sometimes she wonders if there’s something wrong with her older brother, she obviously saw something, she did run from the room screaming!


“Why else would I scream you idiot? Now don’t come back in here till you’ve had a shower!” Emily yelled at Josh pointing to the door. He chuckled then looked serious.


“Please don’t tell dad! He will kill me and never let Kate back in the house! Please I’m begging you” Josh said pleadingly almost down on his knees begging. Emily just laughed at how pathetic he looks right now.


“Yeah cause I’m just gunna walk up to dad and be like ‘hey dad I saw Josh and Kate having sex today!’ I’m pretty sure that’s not on a list of things I would talk to dad about!” she said sarcastically back to her brother with a smirk playing on her lips and a chuckle escaping her lips. Josh smiled at Emily and went to hug her to say thanks but she jumped back and shook her head.


“SHOWER!” she said pointing to the door again. Josh left and went back to his room probably to finish what he started……EWWWWWW Emily though as flash backs came of the things she saw only a few minutes ago.



*****Authors Note -

Again sorry its a bit short :)

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