No Makeup Needed

When Emily's father forces her to get a job as a makeup stylist for the world famous boy band One Direction, will Emily break the rules and go for love or will she be proffesional and stick to the rules?

I'm really sorry if this story sucks its my first one on Movellas!


17. That's What Best Friends Are For!

“And yeah now I don’t know what to do!” Emily sobbed into Lucy’s shoulder after 2 hours of telling her story in deep detail. Lucy was still taking in the whole story, she knew something was wrong but she wasn’t expecting that.


“Look, I know it’s hard but I’ll be here every step of the way and so will Josh and your dad!” Lucy said sweetly to Emily trying to say the right thing but not really knowing what to say, she’d never been in this situation before with Emily. Emily was always so strong and was always the one looking after Lucy when she got her heart broken. It meant a lot to Lucy that Emily trusted her enough to break down like that in front of her. Emily sniffled as she stopped crying and sat up so she was facing Lucy instead of being hidden away in Lucy’s shoulder.


“Thanks Lucy, but dad doesn’t even know yet! I’m too scared to tell him, I mean no father wants to find out his teenage daughter is carrying a pop stars child just cause of a stupid drunken mistake!” Emily cried even more as she grabbed some more tissues to wipe her eyes with.


“Well does Josh know?” Lucy asked nervously hoping that he did because this would be a lot harder if he didn’t. Emily nodded telling Lucy that she had already told Josh.


“It’s ok, Josh and I be here when you tell your dad and we’ll be here when you have the baby! We’ll all be with you every step of the way, but babe does Louis know he’s going to be a dad?” Lucy asked cautiously,  not wanting Emily to break down again. Emily couldn’t bring herself to speak anymore, she knew that if she did all that would come out were sobs and more tears, so she just shook her head and looked down knowing exactly what Lucy was going to say.


“Ok, I know you don’t want to hear this but no matter how much he hurt you he deserves to know, you need to tell him……” Lucy said putting her hand on Emily’s back showing her support, a fresh round of tears made their way down Emily’s cheeks as she nodded, knowing that it was true.


“It’s not that he hurt me, it’s just that I’m too scared to tell him! What if he thinks I’m lying or he gets angry?” Emily said through her tears. Lucy didn’t want to make Emily anymore upset than she already was because she never wants to see her best friend upset or hurt and right now Emily was both those things mushed into one.


“Ok, well first we need to tell your dad then you can tell Louis, when is your dad getting back from his business trip?” Lucy asked Emily. Emily was quiet for a minute, thinking about when he was coming home.


“Tonight, he gets back tonight” Emily said nervously. She was extremely scared to hear what her dad had to say, he would probably kick her out of the house for being a slut. Lucy could tell that Emily was beginning to over think everything and make up scenarios in her head like she always did in bad situations.


“Babe it’ll be fine, he’s your dad he only wants the best for you!” Lucy said sweetly, looking into Emily’s eyes that were still rimed with tears. Emily nodded still not able to speak without her voice failing her.


“Thanks for helping, it means a lot!” Emily said sincerely to Lucy with a smile. Lucy gave Emily a hug.


“Babe, that’s what best friends are for! You’ve helped me countless times!” Lucy replied happily.


Emily and Lucy decided to forget about the topic of pregnancy for a while and just watch some movies, eat heaps of food and share gossip. They had just finished watching their second movie when they heard the front door open and close. Emily’s heart stopped, she was so nervous because she knew exactly who was at the door.


“Emily! Josh!” Emily’s dad called from the bottom of the stairs not realising that Emily was sitting in the lounge room. Emily slowly got up and put on a fake smile before she walked over to greet her dad.


“Hey dad, how was your trip?” Emily asked as she gave her dad a hug. Lucy got up and walked to the entry hall to say hi to Emily’s dad, but Lucy just calls him George now. Josh emerged from his room to greet his father, he knew that Emily was planning to tell their dad about the baby today so he knew that Lucy and he had to be there to support Emily.


“It was good, a bit boring but they all are” George said with a chuckle. Everyone moved to the lounge room and took a seat on the couch. Emily knew that it was now or never and she was petrified to see her father’s reaction.


“Ummm, dad I need to tell you something…..” Emily started, Lucy grabbed Emily’s hand for support. Josh put his hand on Emily’s back to also show his support. George was beginning to get a little worried about the news he was about to receive, he had no idea what it could be.


“OK sweetie, what is it?” George asked sweetly taking a seat on the chair next to the couch. Emily took a deep breath and thought over what she was going to say.


“Well, umm please don’t get angry I’m really sorry!” Emily begged, tears forming in her eyes again. George nodded for Emily to continue.


“I’m pregnant” Emily said quickly, looking down at her lap so she didn’t have to see the disappointment on her father’s face. Lucy and Josh were now squeezing Emily’s hand and shoulder, showing Emily they are there for her. George sighed before getting up and pacing the room. Emily was just about to get up and go for a walk to give him time to think, but he spoke up.


“Emily, I’m not mad I’m just, disappointed. You’re still a teenager!” George said sadly. Emily nodded and continued to look down.


“Do you know who the father is?” George asked nervously. This made Emily furious, she looked up to meet her father’s disappointed eyes. He made it sound like she was a slut, it’s not like she went sleeping around every night, it was her first time and she was drunk!


“Excuse me? Of course I know who the father is! I’ve only had sex once! You’re acting like I’m a slut that sleeps with everything that has a dick! Great to know what you think of me dad!” Emily yelled at her father, as she was yelling she stood up so she came face to face with him. Lucy and Josh just sat and watched in amazement, Emily rarely snapped at anyone, so for her to snap at her own father was weird. George looked angry and shocked at the same time, he’d never seen her react to anything like that.


“How dare you yell at me like that! I wasn’t calling you a slut I just needed to know if you know who the father is! Why were you having sex in the first place?!” George yelled back at Emily, anger clear in his voice and on his face. Emily was now fuming, she was furious!


“Don’t yell at me! I’m pregnant, your meant to support me not make me feel bad about it!” Emily screamed at her father with tears running down her face. George realised that Emily had a point, he was meant to be there for her not put her down about it.


“I’m sorry, your right. I’m meant to support you not put you down” George said sincerely to Emily after he had calmed himself down. Emily smiled and nodded, finally having her dad on her side…kind of.


“It’s ok, you probably weren’t expecting to come home to a pregnant daughter” Emily said making everyone chuckle. Emily and George sat back down on the couches after their yelling match, they were both a lot calmer now.


“I just have one more question, who is the father and does he know he’s the father?” George asked. Lucy and Josh both knew that this was a touchy topic. Emily took a deep breath and sighed, she knew this question was coming but she still wasn’t ready to talk about it again.


“Louis, you know one of the guys from One Direction and……no he doesn’t know yet” Emily said, her voice shaky. George sighed and thought for a minute, he didn’t want to make her angry again so he was very careful with what he was going to say.


“Well, when are you going to tell him? He has a right to know sweetie.” He said calmly, not wanting to make Emily angry or upset. Emily nodded knowing he was right, she’d already heard the same thing from Lucy and Josh she didn’t need to be told again.


“I’ll call him tomorrow and talk to him about it ok!” Emily said angrily, there was a moment of silence because no one wanted to annoy Emily anymore. “Sorry……” Emily continued, after realising that they were just trying to help her.


After a while Lucy left, Josh went to see Kate and George was out meeting up with an old friend so that left Emily all alone for the afternoon. Emily decided to plan out when she was going to tell Louis and what she was going to say. Emily picked up her phone and scrolled down to Louis’ contact.


“Hello?” Louis said into the phone.


“Hi Louis its Emily……” Emily said nervously, there was a moment of silence where Louis was thinking of what to say and why she was calling.


“Hey! How are you? We miss you here!” Louis said sadly. Emily smiled at the thought of being missed by someone that wasn’t her dad.


“Yeah, I miss you guys too.” Emily replied sadly. Louis sighed.


“Then why don’t you come back?” Louis asked hoping that she would say she would come back.


“It’s not that easy!” Emily said angrily but tried her best to stay calm.


“Sorry, I just really miss having you around!” Louis said sadly. Emily sighed sadly and nodded as if he could see her.


“I actually really need to speak to you, it’s really important! Do you think you could come round to mine tomorrow morning so I could talk to you?” Emily asked hopefully but also nervously. Louis smiled at the thought of getting to see her again.


“Yeah sure I’ll come round at 11, I can’t wait to see you again!” Louis said excitedly, he had the biggest grin on his face, he didn’t think anything could wipe it off! The two of them spoke for about an hour, just talking about tour and how the boys are. Emily missed speaking to Louis, she really likes him so she’s super nervous to tell him about the baby in case he leaves her……not that their together anyways.


“I have to go, I’ll see you tomorrow” Louis said hesitantly, he was happy that they were speaking again but sad that he had to go.


‘Ok, I’ll see you tomorrow at 11. Bye Lou, oh and please don’t tell the others this has to just be between us!” Emily said seriously. Louis nodded forgetting that she couldn’t see him.


“Ok, bye Em.” Louis said happily before hanging up. Emily smiled knowing that she was going to get to see him again tomorrow.

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