No Makeup Needed

When Emily's father forces her to get a job as a makeup stylist for the world famous boy band One Direction, will Emily break the rules and go for love or will she be proffesional and stick to the rules?

I'm really sorry if this story sucks its my first one on Movellas!


18. Telling Louis

Emily was thinking over how she was going to tell Louis that she was carrying his child. She thought about what to say and how to say it. She thought about just telling him straight up ‘Louis imp pregnant with you child and I want you to help me raise it! She also thought about telling just before he leaves then slamming the door and locking it but she thought that was a bit unfair. At 10:30 she got dressed and made herself look presentable, and right on 11:00 there was a knock on the door. Emily went and greeted Louis and led him inside to the kitchen.


“So how are you? Are your dad and Josh home?” Louis asked sweetly. Emily smiled and nodded.


“Yeah I’m ok a lot is going on its crazy! And no Josh is with his girlfriend Kate and dad is out……I don’t even know where.” Emily said with a chuckle. “And how are you?” She asked.


“I’m ok, I miss you though, we all do but umm we got ‘grounded’ and aren’t allowed to leave the hotel cause of harry getting punched” Louis said with a chuckle. Emily almost forgot that her brother had punched Harry.


“Oh my gosh how is he?” Emily said with a worried expression, Louis smiled at her concern.


“He’s fine, just a bit of a bruise and it hurt a bit but he’s fine now.” Louis said calmly.


“I’m so sorry about Josh, he gets ummmmm, protective. And if your grounded what are you doing out? Naughty boy” Emily said with a chuckle. Louis smirked


“You know I’m a naughty boy don’t ya” Louis said with a smirk and a wink. Emily giggled and blushed a bit at his forwardness.


“Yes I do, take a seat” Emily said sitting down at the table.


 “I’m so happy your speaking to me again!” Louis exclaimed happily as he sat across from Emily at the little table in Emily’s kitchen. She gave Louis a small smile and nodded.


“Yeah, I’m glad as well” Emily said smiling widely.


“So you said that you needed to speak to me?” Louis asked. Emily knew that this was it, she couldn’t hold it off any longer it was time.


‘Yeah I really ne-“ Emily started but was cut off by Louis


“Ok so I know you don’t want us to know why you left, but we really miss you and we are really worried we did something wrong so pleeeeease tell me why you left!” Louis begged with his best puppy eyes and pout. Emily smiled at how cute he was and wondered how she went so long without seeing him.


“Yeah that-“ Emily tried to start talking again before being cut off by Louis again.


“But if you don’t want to I get it, I mean it’s your business not mine but we are just worried about you cause we love you!” Louis said sweetly send Emily a warm smile.


“I know-“ Emily started saying before being cut off AGAIN by Louis. Emily was getting bit annoyed at Louis cause he kept cutting her off in the middle of her sentences.


“Do you trust us? If it’s a trust thing about not telling us its fine, you can trust us you’re like a sister to us!” Louis said happily. Emily’s smile faltered, before she put on a fake smile so Louis didn’t suspect anything. A sister? Is that all she was to him? She wanted to be more, so much more! She thought that Louis liked her, and she liked him and it was all cute and sweet. Obviously he doesn’t feel that way, now it’s just going to be awkward to tell him about the baby. That’s like telling him his sister is having a baby and he’s the father, that’s just going to scare him off even more now! But Emily knew even as hurt as she was by his last comment that she had to tell him that he was going to be a father.


“Ok Louis ummmmm I need to tell you something very important, I really don’t want you to freak out ok?!” Emily said, getting Louis ready for the big news. He nodded excitedly and scooted closer in his chair to get closer to her.


“Is it the reason you left?” He asked curiously. Emily nodded and smiled a little bit before looking down.


“Louis do you remember that night we got drunk and we……ummmmm…you know……had sex?” Emily asked nervously. Louis nodded his head and smirked a bit before his facial features changed from happy and excited to confused and worried. ‘Oh no he’s figured it out’ Emily thought nervously, she was now freaking out more than ever before in her entire life! Even more than when she was in year 3 and she really needed to pee but the teacher wouldn’t let her go to the toilet, and she ended up wetting her pants. Everyone made fun of her for it and it made her feel terrible, if the teacher had just let her go to the toilet there wouldn’t have been a problem! Anyways Emily was freaking out so much her palms were starting to get sweaty and she had tears in her eyes. She felt like she was about to break down and cry forever! It was either because of her overthinking everything or hormones.


“Ummm Louis, I’m pregnant………I am going to keep the baby but I understand if you don’t want anything to do with the baby. That’s fine because I know it could ruin your career and we’re not even dating so it’s fine I’ll just say I was drunk and can’t remember who the father is. I really don’t ca-“ Emily was again cut off by Louis but this time not by his words. This time she was cut off by his lips. Louis was so happy! He’d always wanted a child of his own and now he was getting one and he could be happier about who was going to be his child’s mother.


“Are you serious?” Louis shouted excitedly as he pulled back from the most amazing kiss he’s ever had. Emily was too shocked about the kiss to answer so she just nodded with a massive grin forming on her lips.


“But are you actually excited about this? I thought you would be angry or you’d want nothing to do with me and the baby!” Emily questioned after she had found her voice. Louis looked shocked and a little bit hurt that Emily had said that, but he brushed it off and went back to being excited about becoming a dad.


“Of course I’m excited! I’ve always wanted a child! And I’m actually a little hurt that you would think of me like that but it’s fine ill prove to you I want to be a part of our child’s life, you wait!” Louis said confidently. Louis knelt down so he was face to face with Emily’s stomach. She wasn’t showing yet so it looked a bit odd but Louis and Emily was both too happy to care.


“Hi baby! I’m your daddy, I love you so much already and I can’t wait to meet you, and your mummy loves you and I love your mummy! I can’t wait for you to come meet everyone!” Louis whispered excitedly to Emily’s stomach in a baby voice making Emily giggle. After a second or two Emily realised what Louis had said and she froze and her eyes grew wide, he had just said that he loves her! Louis soon realised as well and looked up into Emily’s eyes with a massive grin across his face.


“Do you really love me or are you just saying that because I’m caring your baby?” Emily asked sadly thinking he just said it in the heat of the moment. All of a sudden Louis’ lips were on Emily’s again. The kiss was passionate and just from that Emily knew he was telling the truth. They both pulled back and looked into each other’s eyes with smiles on both their faces.


“I love you Emily and I have from the moment you first touched my hair! I haven’t told you because I thought you’d never love me back because you’re so amazingly perfect!” Louis said as he took Emily’s hand in his own and kissed her hands as he spoke. Emily blushed at his sweet words and giggled at how cut he was.


“I love you too Louis, I have from the moment I first saw you but you were already taken and I thought I could never live up to Eleanor’s standards because she’s so perfect and I’m ju-” Louis cut Emily off with another kiss, knowing that she was about to say that she wasn’t good enough even though he knew that it was him that wasn’t good enough for her.


“You are perfect! Don’t ever doubt yourself again!” Louis sternly as he looked into Emily’s eyes that were forming tears as he spoke. Emily just nodded with a massive smile on her lips, she still couldn’t form the words to speak.


“I can’t wait to tell everyone! I’m so excited, I honestly can’t believe this!” Louis sighed happily Emily smiled at him, he look genuinely happy which made her happy. She hated that she had ignored him and they had fought. Louis looked over at Emily who was just staring at him with a smile plastered across his face. When she noticed that she had been caught staring she blushed and looked down at her lap. Louis laughed at her embarrassment.


“Ummm, I know this is a bit forward and everything but Emily would you do me the honours of being my girlfriend?” Louis asked nervously after a minute or two of silence where he was contemplating the idea. Emily froze she desperately wanted to go out with him but she wondered if the only reason he was asking is because she was pregnant with his child.


“Louis, your only asking cause I’m pregnant with you child……you don’t have to do that” Emily said sadly looking down, not making eye contact with him. He sighed, obviously frustrated.


“Em , we just went through this I love you! I would’ve asked you out even if you weren’t pregnant!” Louis said genuinely making Emily smile and blush.


“Well, if you insist I’d love to be your girlfriend!” Emily said happily Louis smiled and kissed her again before someone cleared their throat at the door to the kitchen.


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