No Makeup Needed

When Emily's father forces her to get a job as a makeup stylist for the world famous boy band One Direction, will Emily break the rules and go for love or will she be proffesional and stick to the rules?

I'm really sorry if this story sucks its my first one on Movellas!


13. Please Come Back

The next morning Louis decided that he had to make things right with Emily, so he jumped in his car and drove off to Emily’s house, hoping that she would give him a chance to explain himself. He pulled up outside Emily’s house and looked up at her window, he thought he saw her but brushed it off and as the curtains moving in the wind. He thought for a moment before he drove off leaving the house in the distance as he kept driving. Once Louis got to the shops he quickly ran inside and ran straight to the cake store that he knew was just around the corner.


“Hi ummmmm sorry it’s so late notice but do you happen to have a double chocolate mud cake?” he asked in a rush, the lady behind the counter chuckled and looked up at Louis and smiled sweetly.


“We do actually, but just a random question.......are you Louis Tomlinson from One Direction?” she asked. Louis internally groaned, as much as he loved fans he was in a rush. He was a bit confused though because the lady behind the counter looked around 40 something and most One Direction fans were teenagers or in their early twenties.


“Yes I am Louis Tomlinson from One Direction. Sorry I’m in a really big rush would you be able to write “I’m Sorry!” on the double chocolate mud cake for me?” Louis asked hopefully. The lady smiled and thought for a minute.


“Yeah I can do that, if you can do something for me? Would you quickly be able to sign this for my daughter Casey? She’s a really big fan! And while you sign that I’ll write on the cake just give me a minute” the lady behind the counter said as she passed Louis a pen and a piece of paper. He quickly signed the piece of paper and wrote a sweet little message quickly, and then put it back on the counter. Not long after he had signed the paper the lady came back with a box that Louis assumed had the cake inside.


“Is this along the lines of what you wanted?” the lady asked while opening the box to reveal a perfect double chocolate mud cake with the words “I’m Sorry!” written in cursive writing across the middle of the cake with a cute little love heart under the words. Louis smiled and looked up at the proud looking lady.


“It’s perfect thank you so much!” Louis said paying the lady and grabbing the box before running out of the shop. As he was running out of the shop he happened to glance at the lady’s name tag. Her name was Casey. Louis smirked to himself thinking of how that lady probably didn’t have a daughter with the same name as her. Louis walked quickly to the florist which was a few shops down from the cake shop. Louis immediately started looking for the most amazing flowers he could find. Once he found some beautiful flowers that he thought were perfect he paid for them then sprinted to the car without dropping the cake or the flowers. He jumped in the car and quickly drove down to Emily’s house. Once he got there he fixed himself up before grabbing the cake and the flowers and knocking on her front door.


“Coming!” he heard her yell from upstairs. He then heard her running down the stairs before she pulled open the front door with a welcoming smile. Her smile instantly faded when she saw Louis. She was about to close the door on him but he stopped her.


“Please just hear me out! Then u can slam the door in my face!” Louis begged. Louis has done an awful lot of begging in the past two days, but he knew it’s what he had to do to make things right and to make everyone happy again. She sighed and let go of the door, leaning on the door frame to listen to what he had to say. Louis smiled thankfully thinking over what he wanted to say.


“Ok, so I know I was a dickhead this morning and I’m truly sorry! I really am and I bought you an amazing chocolate mud cake and some flowers!” Louis started, holding out the box with the cake inside and the flowers. Emily took one look at the flowers and the box then stepped back more into the house.


“I’m allergic to those flowers and I don’t like chocolate.” Emily said, Louis froze in his place. He immediately regretted coming over with the flowers and chocolate cake and making a fool out of himself.


“I’m so sorry I’ll go get some other flowers and cake and I’ll be back in a jiffy!” Louis said starting to turn around before Emily giggled and grabbed his arm.


“I’m kidding I LOVE chocolate and the flowers are beautiful!” Emily said taking them out of Louis’ arms and putting them on a table inside her house next to the front door. Louis sighed thankfully and smiled at Emily’s cheekiness.


“Ok, I have a few other things to say as well. I feel incredibly bad for yelling at you yesterday morning when half of it, if not all of it was my fault. You are an amazing girl and I didn’t mean anything I said yesterday morning. All the boys hate me because one I cheated and two I made you quit! We all love you at work and we really want you to come back! Please come back! I’m really sorry!” Louis said truthfully. Emily thought for a minute, then smiled coming up with a great way to get back at Louis for yelling at her, it wasn’t much but it would make her feel awesome.


“Your just lucky Josh is at work or he would beat the shit out of you!” Emily chuckled making Louis shudder at the thought of getting the shit beaten out of him. “But for me to forgive you, you have to let me do just one thing to you!” Emily said with a smirk playing on her lips. Louis was a little scared not knowing what she was going to do. Emily turned around and oped the box containing the cake. She awwwwed at the writing making Louis blush a little bit. She pulled off a bit of cake and icing at tasted it. Louis completely didn’t expect it when Emily picked up half the cake and threw it at him. She burst out laughing and almost fell over because she was laughing so much. Louis grabbed the rest of the cake and dragged Emily out onto the front lawn so he didn’t get any cake in the house. Before she could process what was happening he squished the cake all over her head.


“LOUIS!!” she screamed chasing him around the front yard throwing cake at him. He burst out laughing and threw cake back at her having a full on cake fight.


“You sounded just like that the other night!” Louis winked still joking around with her. She stopped for a minute and gave Louis a serious look. Louis immediately regretted saying that and was about to apologise and take it back before Emily fell to the ground laughing. Louis let out a relieved sigh before running to get the hose to clean Emily and himself off.


“Ready?” Louis yelled as he turned on the hose and started spraying Emily as she rolled around on the ground trying to get away from the freezing cold water Louis was spraying at her. Emily eventually got up and chased Louis around trying to pry the hose out of his firm grip. Louis and Emily were both laughing as they chased each other around fighting for control of the hose so they could get a good shot at each other.


“Awwwww how cute! I used to have water fights with my husband but we can’t do cute couple stuff like that anymore……” an old lady around 80 said as she was walking by. Louis and Emily stopped fighting over the hose and looked at the old fragile lady standing a few metres away. Louis and Emily dropped the hose and walked to the edge of the lawn to speak to the old lady. That left the hose spraying water everywhere and occasionally wetting Louis and Emily as they were speaking to the lady.


“Oh no, we’re not a couple I have a girlfriend……” Louis stated quickly. Emily looked down sadly wishing that his answer was different. “We’re just really good friends” Louis continued with a smile as he pulled Emily into his side for an awkward side hug. The lady obviously saw Emily’s pained expression and almost immediately knew what was going on.


“Oh well, that’s too bad! You two would make an adorable couple and have a lot of fun together. Make sure you make wise decisions about who you want to be with cause one day when you finally figure out you want someone who has been waiting for you, they might be gone! That’s why me and my husband got married so early in our relationship. So have fun while you can!” The wise old lady told the two teenagers. Emily immediately understood, like it was some kind of girl thing. Louis just smiled and thanked the old lady.


“Why can’t you still do cute little couple things with your husband I’m sure if you ask had love to do them with you if you’re in love and have been for so long!” Louis said sweetly to the old lady trying to make her feel better. The old lady gave Louis a sad smile and looked up at the sky.


“My husband is no longer with us, he died two years ago because of a heart attack” the lady said sadly. Louis immediately felt bad, that’s the 9th person he’s made feel upset of angry in less than two days!


“Oh my goodness I am so sorry!” Louis said truthfully, the old lady chuckled and said it was fine before she continued walking down the road.


“Don’t wait too long, or the one you secretly love most will have found someone who loves them back openly and equally” she said to Emily and Louis just before she left. Emily knew what she was trying to say where as Louis just thought she was some crazy old lady trying to direct his love life.


“Ummmmm ok, how about we get cleaned off?” Louis suggested. Emily nodded and ran to get the hose since it was still flying around because the water was still running. While Louis was thinking about what the lady said Emily snuck up behind him and shot him with the hose pulling him away from his thoughts. Emily burst out laughing while Louis stood there glaring at her.


“Why?” he asked casually. Emily just continued to laugh making Louis chuckle as well. Louis ran over and turned the hose off so that she couldn’t wet him anymore.


“Come on lets go dry off” Louis chuckled as he threw Emily over his shoulder and carried her inside while she laughed. Emily was confused at this point because Louis was acting like he and Emily were dating. Even the old lady told him that and he was still carrying her around like a boyfriend would do to his girlfriend. As much as Emily wanted to be his girlfriend Louis already had a girlfriend and she probably hates Emily enough. To Louis they were just close friends, and he knew that El would understand because Louis is always crazy and heaps of fun with everyone he knows. Louis put Emily down on her bed and flopped down next to her so they were both staring at the roof just like the other night right before anything happened. Once they both realised the shot up so they were sitting on the edge of the bed.


“You can probably borrow some of Josh’s clothes because you’ll get cold if you stay in those wet ones.” Emily said walking off to Josh’s room to grab Louis some clothes. Once she found some that she thought would be good she came back to her room, grabbed some clothes for herself and walked into the bathroom to get changed while Louis got changed in her room.


“I think I’ll head back to the boys but Em, please consider coming back! We will miss you a lot and again, I’m sorry!” Louis said after they had both gotten changed. He headed out to his car and drove back to the hotel.


“What were you out doing all day?” Niall asked when Louis walked in after his day with Emily. Louis smiled thinking about his day and how he made things better with Emily, now he just needs to make everything better with the boys.


“Oh nothing just converting oxygen to carbon dioxide just the usual” Louis said before walking back to his room to rest. The other boys looked at Louis confused but decided not to ask and to just leave it.


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