No Makeup Needed

When Emily's father forces her to get a job as a makeup stylist for the world famous boy band One Direction, will Emily break the rules and go for love or will she be proffesional and stick to the rules?

I'm really sorry if this story sucks its my first one on Movellas!


20. Phone Conversations

Once Louis and Emily had woken up they had breakfast and discussed who they would tell next about the pregnancy and also about them being together. Louis said that he wanted to call his mum and tell her and the rest of his family which Emily thought was a good idea. Louis also wanted to tell the boys and let them know about everything so they would stop blaming themselves for Emily leaving. Louis had finished eating his breakfast but Emily was still eating so Louis decided to call his mum now and let her know. He dialled her number and she picked up after 2 rings.


“Hi Lou, how are you?” She asked sounding happy to be speaking to her son again.


“I’m good, how are you and the girls and everyone back home?” Louis asked, genuinely wondering about his family and friends that he hasn’t seen in a few months.


“Everyone’s very well, we all miss you though…” Jay said sadly. Louis knew that it killed his mother that he was so far away for such long amounts of time.


“I miss everyone as well you’ll have to say hi to everyone for me” Louis said sadly.


“Not that I don’t love it when you call because I do, but is there a specific reason that you called?” Jay asked with a chuckle. Louis smiled and chuckled a little, he was very excited to tell his mum about the baby but he was a bit nervous about what she’d think because it wasn’t El having the baby. Jay loved El and was upset when she found out that Lou and El had broken up.


“Yeah I actually have some really big news……” Louis said excitedly. Jay was hoping that the news would be that he was coming home for a bit or something like that but she didn’t hold her breath seeing as that usually only happened at the end of tours or sometimes in the middle of them.


“Well, what is it?” She asked excitedly, patiently waiting for the “really big news” that Louis was about to tell her. Louis chuckled at her eagerness to know.


“Well, you know how I said El and I broke up?” Louis started making sure that he had brought his mum up to date with everything so far.


“Yeah” Jay sighed sadly. Louis knew that Jay didn’t like that he cheated on El and that he and El broke up.


“Well, now I’m dating Emily, she was my stylist but she kinda quit for a bit” Louis started but was cut off by Jay.


“Is this the Emily that you cheated on El with?” She asked a little angrily. Louis sighed, he knew that this would happen and it annoyed him.


‘Yes! But mum she’s amazing and I’ve kind of liked her for a while when she worked for us but I was dating El, you know that El and I weren’t working out I told you countless times! So please just be happy for me, Em and I really click!” Louis complained through the phone thinking he was about to get a lecture.


“Ok ok, I’m sure I’ll love her when I meet her. So is that the big news?” Jay asked because she had to leave to do some work around the house.


“You will love her I promise and no……well I……she’s sort of……Emily’s pregnant…………” Louis said nervously. He didn’t know what his mum would think seeing as she hadn’t met Emily and the baby was just a drunken mistake. Jay was silent for a minute or two thinking about it and figuring out what she thought.


“You’re not kidding are you?” Jay asked suspiciously with a chuckle. Louis laughed and said that he wasn’t joking.


“Well, congratulations! That’s so exciting I can’t believe I’m going to be a grandmother already! When do I get to meet her?” Jay asked excitedly. Louis laughed at Jay’s mood change that happened so quickly, he was happy that his mother was happy for him and he couldn’t wait for Emily and his mother too meet.


“Well, she’ll fly out with me on our next break so she can meet you all, she’s really nervous already” Louis said happily with a chuckle. Jay couldn’t wait to tell all of Louis sisters and the rest of the family.


“Well she doesn’t need to be nervous, we’ll welcome her as if she was one of our own. Lou you know I’d love to stay and chat but I have to go, I love you! Stay safe” Jay said sadly. Louis was sad that he couldn’t speak to his mother as much anymore so when he did he didn’t want it to end, he hated being away from home so much but he was doing what he loved and seeing the world so he got by.


“I love you too, and I will. Send my love to everyone and tell the girls that we have to make a Skype date soon!” Louis said with a sad smile before hanging up and going back to sit with Emily who was playing on her phone in the kitchen. He sat down next to her and smiled, she smiled back and put her phone down.


“So what did she say?” Emily asked nervously. Hoping that Jay wasn’t angry or upset about it.


“She really wants to meet you! And she’s really excited about being a grandma.” Louis said happily pulling Emily onto his lap and resting his hands on her stomach where their little bundle of joy was growing. Emily thought it was weird how fast her relationship with Louis was moving seeing as they just started dating yesterday, but she couldn’t help but feel that it felt right to be with him and in his arms so she didn’t say anything.


“Who should we tell next?” Emily asked resting her head on Louis shoulder as he rubbed her stomach thinking about the baby that was only protected by Emily’s skin and organs and what not. He chuckled at the thought of their baby sitting with all of Emily’s organs but pushed the thought out of his head as he remembered that Emily had asked him a question


“Ummm, I was thinking we should tell the boys, they would really want to know!” Lou said happily. Emily nodded and thought about what their reaction would be like, what if they didn’t want Emily and Louis to date and they wanted El back. What if they thought she was slutty for getting pregnant from a one night stand. All different bad thoughts rushed through her head and she was suddenly dreading telling anyone else or even leaving the house in case anyone found out. She knew that the media would bombard her with questions and they wouldn’t leave her alone. She also knew that the fans would hate her straight away, they’d say that she was the reason the El and Lou broke up and point out all her flaws which she knew she had a lot of.


“Ummm, how about we wait a little longer before we tell anyone else, just family” Emily said nervously as she got up and cleaned up the plate she used for her breakfast. Louis could tell something was wrong but didn’t know what, he thought she was excited about the baby not ashamed. Emily continued to clean everything in the kitchen that was dirty, when she was nervous she would clean obsessively, Louis figured this out and took her away from the kitchen so they could talk in her room.


“Babe the boys basically are my family! Why don’t you want them to know? Are you ashamed of me and the baby?” Louis asked sadly not wanting her to say yes to the last question. They both sat on Emily’s bed and there was a minute where no one spoke, Emily just looked down and shook her head.


“Of course I’m not ashamed it’s just, it was a mistake, a drunken mistake! We weren’t even dating in fact you were dating someone else! They got so angry at you for cheating on El, they obviously loved her and I can’t live up to her! They’ll hate me!” Emily said as she started crying, Louis didn’t know what to say, he had no idea that Emily felt this way. He pulled her back onto his lap and raked though her hair as she cried into his chest.


“Babe you already know they love you! Part of the reason they were so angry was because I hurt you! Babe they’ll find out someday anyways, and as for El we’re over and I never want to hear you say that you can’t live up to her again, I’ve told you I love YOU and you are perfect!” Louis said continuing to rake his fingers through her soft hair. Emily smiled slightly hearing Louis say that to her.


“Ok, when are we gunna tell them then?” Emily asked. Louis smiled down at her he loved her there was no denying it, he couldn’t believe that all this was happening. He zoned out for a minute just thinking about how their life would be, their little baby with them as they went on tour together and went to see his family. All the boys being their child’s big protective uncles. He snapped backed to reality when Emily started poking his chest and saying his name trying to get his attention. He looked down at her and she was looking up at him smiling, once he came out of his little daydream he smiled back and she just laughed at him.


“What were you thinking about?” she asked curiously. He smiled thinking about his little day dream of his perfect little life.


“I was just thinking about how our life would be with our little munchkin, the boys as uncles and everything was perfect.” Louis said happily, Emily laughed again. He was so cute and the look on his face just made the moment better for Emily. It really cheered her up that Louis could already see a future with her.


“That’s cute! So when are we going to tell the boys?” Emily asked again hoping Louis wouldn’t zone out again and that she’d actually get and answer this time.


“I’ll call them now and tell them that were coming over.” Louis said as he went to grab his phone from the bedside table. He picked up his phone and unlocked it to find 20 missed calls and 40 missed texts, all from the boys and the rest of the crew. He started freaking out that something bad had happened, what if someone was hurt! What if all the shows had been cancelled or something major. His phone has been on silent so he hadn’t heard all the messages. He quickly called Harry and hoped he wold pick up quickly.


“Oh my god Louis! Are you ok? Thank god you’re alive!” Harry sighed into the phone as soon as he picked up after 1 ring. Louis was lost, he had no idea what Harry was on about.


“What do you mean mate?” Louis asked nervously, thinking that there was a rumour that he had been killed or something. Harry was silent for a minute thinking Louis was joking.


“Are you serious? You disappeared yesterday morning without telling anyone where you were going and you haven’t come back or picked up your phone! We all thought you’d been kidnapped or killed or something because you ALWAYS pick up your phone!” Harry said angrily but with relief in his voice. Louis didn’t know what to say, he just laughed a bit and thought about everyone running around thinking he was dead, and then he started feeling bad.


“Sorry, I’m over at Emily’s and I fell asleep her last night and my phone was on silent so yeah sorry I didn’t mean to make anyone stress out!” Louis said honestly. He knew that Paul and the rest of security would kill him for just disappearing like that.


“Why are you over at Emily’s? She made it obvious she didn’t want to see us the other day when her brother punched me in the face!” Harry said making Louis laugh at the memory of Harry being punched in the face.


“She called me and told me she needed to speak to me, so I came over yesterday and then fell asleep at her house! I’m bringing her over later because she wants to see you guys!” Louis said happily. Harry smiled knowing that Emily wasn’t mad at him, or at least if she was mad at him she still wanted to see him.


“Ok, cool tell her that we can’t wait to see her, I’ve gotta go tell everyone you’re not dead or being tortured!” Harry said, an annoyed tone showing in his voice at the end.


“Ok, bye mate see you later” Louis said hanging up the phone



****Authors Note****

Thank you so much to everyone reading this story it really means a lot. I won’t be updating for about 2 weeks because I’m going away. Sorry! :( I love you all! <3



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