No Makeup Needed

When Emily's father forces her to get a job as a makeup stylist for the world famous boy band One Direction, will Emily break the rules and go for love or will she be proffesional and stick to the rules?

I'm really sorry if this story sucks its my first one on Movellas!


4. On the Ball

Today Emily got up early again and did her new daily routine. Laurence picked her up at the exact same time as yesterday and drove her to work again, but today they went to a different place. Emily had figured out that she would be going to all different places around the town and maybe even the country in the month she was working here and she was actually quite excited about the whole experience.


“Emily I’m going to need your help today because I’m not feeling the best, you’ll need to be on the ball all day for me! Is this ok?” Lou said with a sniffle as she wiped her nose. Emily was now freaking out on the inside! She hasn’t even met the boys yet let alone tried to do their makeup!


“Ummm yeah ok I’ll do my best” Emily said as she was trying to look her calmest even though on the inside she was screaming.


“I’m not trying to be rude or anything but where are all the other people that help with makeup?” Emily asked trying not to sound too rude because Lou obviously wasn’t feeling well.


“They are all over on the other side of the country helping out another company they work for, this happens every now and then but today no else could come in so it’s up to you and me!” Lou sniffled out. Lou smiled and ran off down the hallway calling out for someone. Emily stood there not knowing what to do and internally freaking out about the day that was to come.


“EMILY! Emily where are you??? EMILY!” someone yelled from down the hall. Emily sprinted to where she was being called and ran into the room to find Lou lying on the couch, and a bunch of people giving her medicine, hot was cloths to put on her head, drinks and everything else. Emily knew what was coming and she didn’t like it!


“Emily Lou is in no shape to be around the boys you will need to do their makeup today because all of our makeup artists are too far away to be called in this late!” one of the men said walking over to become face to face with Emily.


“Is that ok?” Lou coughed out, turning her head to look at Emily. Emily tried her hardest to smile convincingly but unfortunately her smile faltered and she just nodded. As soon as she nodded everything was a blur, people were running around even more frantically and pushing Emily into all different rooms to try and find the one she was needed in. They eventually came to a nice room that had one makeup chair set up and all 5 boys of one direction sitting all on top of each other on a couch on the other side of the room.


“Boys this is Emily, as you’ve been informed Lou is very sick and Emily will be taking over makeup until Lou gets better! Be good for her or else you’ll all go on set looking hideous!” the man said before grabbing Zayn’s arm and dragging him to the makeup chair and making him sit down. Emily could tell that all of the boys were hurt that the man had said that they look hideous without makeup, and even though Emily hardly knew them she hated to see anyone down or upset.


“Don’t worry about what he says, I don’t think anyone would care if you didn’t wear makeup” Emily said as soon as the rude man left. All the boys smiled and spoke amongst themselves while Emily got the makeup out and ready. She started on Zayn’s makeup apologizing every few seconds thinking that she had hurt him. This made him chuckle at how careful she was being, it not that Lou wasn’t careful it’s just that she isn’t apologise for doing her job most of the time.


“Ok Zayn, your done I think………check the mirror and tell me if that’s how it usually is. If not ill fix it just tell me what to do I’m really sorry it’s my first day I’m so so-“ Emily started rambling before Zayn cut her off.


“Don’t worry it looks perfect! Just like Lou does it. You have a natural talent for styling” Zayn said with a smile pointing to his hair and face which had been touched up by Emily. Emily didn’t even have to ask before the next boy jumped into the seat, he smiled at her and she smiled back politely.


“Soooooooo are you a fan?” he asked Emily while she starts on his hair first. She thinks for a minute. She didn’t really know anything about them before last night which she spent researching them so she had some background info.


“Umm I wouldn’t call myself a fan but I’ve been too busy lately to actually sit down and listen to music or watch TV.” Emily replied trying to be casual. This didn’t really affect the boys, they didn’t expect every single girl on the planet to love them and worship them. It was actually nice for them to not get screamed at by a random girl for once, of course they love their fans but some of them can get out of hand and are very loud.


“Your hands are really soft” the boy chuckles making all boys behind him snicker at him. Emily blushed at the compliment and was about to thank him before harry cut in.


“Louis stop flirting you have a girlfriend who apparently has VERY soft hands!!” harry yelled at Louis making Louis blush a little almost as if had forgotten his own girlfriend. All the other boys just burst into laughter at the inside joke that had been formed many weeks ago while was telling the boys a story about him and his girlfriend. Emily silently continued on Louis’ makeup, unsure of what to say because she didn’t know anything about their inside joke.


Emily eventually finished all boys makeup and they did an amazing interview.


“Emily thank you so much for filling in for Lou in such short notice, you did an amazing job and all the boys looked fabulous” said the same man who took her to the boys earlier today.


“Oh its ok, I had a lot of fun I really can’t wait till I get to help out next time!” Emily said being completely sincere. Emily had a lot of fun with the boys today but she still wasn’t completely comfortable around them but she couldn’t wait to get to know them better, she already learnt what they’re like. Louis and Harry are the cheekiest ones who are always making jokes, whether they are dirty or not they always make everyone laugh. Zayn can be quite quiet when he is by himself and without the boys around but when they are he loves to get in on the fun and joke around with them. Liam is the one that everyone describes as a puppy that devotes his life to keeping the boys in place, but Liam is just like the rest of them and loves a laugh, he is in on all the jokes and makes a few of his own. Niall is sweet and innocent………well that’s what everyone told Emily, she has come to find out that he is very carefree and has a lot of energy and loves a good chat with anyone who is willing to be nice to him. Today Emily also found out that all the boys are just as dirty as each other. Louis and harry make the most dirty remarks but they all put in their 20 cents worth.

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