No Makeup Needed

When Emily's father forces her to get a job as a makeup stylist for the world famous boy band One Direction, will Emily break the rules and go for love or will she be proffesional and stick to the rules?

I'm really sorry if this story sucks its my first one on Movellas!


25. Names?

*****6 Months Later*****

Emily was now quite far along with her pregnancy and only had a few months left, if that. Her stomach was quite round and there was no denying she was pregnant. Telling the fans was easier that she had expected and the majority of the fans were happy about it. They had been sending her tweets telling her ideas for names, and every now and then Louis would receive baby clothes and toys that fans had sent to him or given him in the streets. She did receive some hate saying she was a “whore”, “slut”, “skank” and other mean names but she brushed them off as best she could because she knew it upset Louis when she got hate, so she just acted like she didn’t get any.


They still didn’t know if the baby was going to be a little girl or a little boy so they were buying mostly white or multi-coloured clothes, but they were sure that either way they’d be fine because they had loads of little blue and pink onesies from the fans. Louis and Emily were lying in bed talking about the future and what they hoped would come out of it.


“I’ve always had the dream that I’ll have a little boy first then a baby girl and anyone who hurts my baby girl my little boy will beat up” Emily says with a chuckle as she thinks about how silly it is to plan the gender of her children.


“I think I’d be the first one to beat anyone up if they hurt our kids don’t you think?” Louis asked with a smirk.


“Yeah I thought that but that would be illegal if it was some teenage boy who hurt her. And I am not taking my babies to visit you in jail!” Emily says kissing Louis’ cheek. Louis thought for a minute about what she had said.


“Oh, you’re probably right” Louis said staring up at the room of their bedroom.


There were a few minutes of silence, not the awkward type of silence just silence, they were both thinking about different things, Emily was thinking about what it would be like to raise the baby while Louis was on tour and how it would affect their child not having their father around very much. Louis was thinking about naming the baby.


“What should we name the baby?” Louis suddenly burst out causing Emily to jump and come back to reality.


“I’m not sure what do you think? We don’t even know the gender yet” Emily replied happily. Louis sighed and thought for a minute.


“I think we should choose names for both just in case……” Louis trailed off looking down not wanting to finish his own sentence.


“Just in case you’re not there” Emily finished for him, feeling sad thinking about having to go through the childbirth without Louis there beside her.


“Yeah, but I will be there, you have to know that I will do anything to be there!” Louis said grabbing Emily’s hand to reassure her.


“Then promise me that you’ll be there, right next to me.” Emily said hoping he would say what she wanted. Louis was silent and they both knew the answer.


“I can’t make a promise I can’t keep. But Emily you know that I will beg, and scream, and cry, and yell, and throw a tantrum until they let me be here with you.” Louis says as he rolls onto his side so he can look into her eyes.


“Ok. Did you have any ideas for names? Should we pick a boy’s name first?” Emily says trying to lighten the mood. Louis smiles sadly at her but them begins to think about boys names.


“I’m not sure, I like the name Finn. Finn Tomlinson……I think its ok but let’s keep thinking yeah” Louis says smiling as he looks over at Emily’s face of pure concentration. He lets out a little chuckle thinking how cute she is.


“Stop staring at me!” Emily says as she blushes and hides her face in the pillows making Louis laugh.


“But you’re just so cute!” Louis says as he rolls on top of her and leaves sweet kisses all over her face/head area. Emily starts to laugh as Louis’ kisses start to turn sloppy and slobbery.


“Stop it! Stop it! I have your saliva all over my face and in my hair now!” Emily squeals making Louis laugh and smile proudly to himself. Louis hovers over Emily and looks into her eyes with a smile, he kisses her gently on the lips and once she kisses back the kiss turns more passionate. Once Emily pulls away she blushes and looks away from Louis’ gaze.


“I love you” he says as he kisses her chin then rolls off of her. She smiles and rolls onto her side so they are both looking at each other.


“I know that Tommy is the name all your fans say you should name your first son, but I really like it. We could name him Thomas but call him Tommy……” Emily says with a small smile imagining Louis playing soccer in the back yard with Tommy. Louis smiles at her and nods his head.


“I like that, is that what you want?” he asks, and Emily nods with a little blush


“Only if you think its ok, his middle name could be Finn? Thomas Finn Tomlinson. What do you think?” Emily asks nervously. Louis’ smile grows and he nods his head.


“I think we just named our unborn son………if it’s a boy” he chuckles placing his hands on Emily’s belly, Emily squeals and hugs him.


“That’s so exciting! Now we have to think of a girl’s name!” she says excitedly as she starts to think of a girl’s name.


“I’ve always loved the name Charlie for a girl but that’s just me……” Emily trailed off feeling like she is doing all the picking. Louis smiled and thought about it.


“How about Rose as a middle name? Charlie Rose Tomlinson? I like it!” Louis smiled and kissed Emily’s nose.


“Are you sure cause I feel like I picked both names! You have to like it too you know, you will be saying it just as much as me!” Emily says making sure Louis is 100% sure about the name. Louis’ face instantly drops.


“That’s not true and you know it! You will be with them basically 24/7 but I’ll only see them when I have breaks.” Louis says with tears clouding his vision. Emily pulls him into her side and kisses his forehead. Louis sighs and pulls away so he can look at Emily’s sad face.


“I’m sorry, I’m just gunna miss so much, and what if I miss their first word or their first steps? What kind of dad would that make me?” Louis says sadly. Emily smiles sadly at Louis and strokes the side of his face.


“Then I’d tape their mouth shut so they can’t talk till you get back and I’d push them over every time they try to walk. Hun you will be an amazing father I already know it by the way you are around children. I will bring them to see you on tour, we can Skype every night and you can sing them to sleep. I promise that you don’t have to worry. Now that’s a promise I can keep!” Emily says making Louis smile and his tears that were once for sadness turn into tears of happiness.


“Thank you, I needed that………but I’m kind of rethinking have my first child with you” he said with a laugh. Emily laughed as well.


“Yeah I would actually never do that to my child sorry……” They both laughed and smiled at each other.


“So we have around a month and a half until we meet little Thomas Finn Tomlinson, or little Charlie Rose Tomlinson. Are you excited?” Louis asks. Emily smiles widely and nods excitedly.


“I’m very excited I can’t wait! I’m also very nervous though, I mean……its gunna really hurt! I’m gunna break your hand!” Emily replied with a chuckle. Louis pulled a silly face and clutched his had showing that he didn’t want his hand to be broken making Emily laugh.


“You know if I could take away the pain I would” Louis says sweetly.


“Your too sweet!” Emily says pinching Louis’ cheeks.


“Your already turning into a mother!” he says slapping her hands away from his cheeks. They both giggle and snuggle up together as they drift off to sleep, content at the thought that they had just named their unborn child.



*****Authors Note*****

Sorry it took so long, I kinda gave up but I already wrote a chapter that I wanna upload so I decided to keep going J  sorry about the time skip I know it’s really annoying but……too bad haha I hope you enjoyed reading this chapter cause I had a lot of fun writing it becasue they are the names that i actually want to name my children so yeah :) thanks for reading even though i suck at updating :/


-Bella <3

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