No Makeup Needed

When Emily's father forces her to get a job as a makeup stylist for the world famous boy band One Direction, will Emily break the rules and go for love or will she be proffesional and stick to the rules?

I'm really sorry if this story sucks its my first one on Movellas!



*****Authors Note-

As you can see from the name of the chapter there is a bit of swearing but not much so yeah just a warning <3



Harry stood outside Louis hotel room banging on the door while Louis paced around inside trying to figure out why he was so angry with Harry. Harry had every right to kiss Emily, it’s not like Louis and Emily were dating, so why is he so worked up about it? Louis didn’t have any of the answers, he was extremely confused, especially since only a few minutes earlier he was snuggled up with his girlfriend whom he loves and is very happy with. Harry was just about to give up when Louis opened the door looking frustrated, confused, sad, jealous, hurt and a mix of all different emotions. Harry looked at Louis quizzically before storming into the hotel room leaving Louis to close the door behind them.


“WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?” Harry yelled, angry that Louis had gotten angry for no reason. Louis looked down and stared at his feet not knowing what to say. Both Harry and Louis hated fighting with each other which is why Harry got frustrated that Louis was angry at him for basically nothing. Harry took a deep breath as he calmed himself down and looked over at Louis who was still confused at his own actions and didn’t know what to say.


“I’m sorry for yelling and getting mad but I just wanna know why you got so mad? You aren’t with Emily, you’re with Eleanor…...” Harry said to Louis making him look up into Harry’s eyes and sigh.


“I know, I know, I don’t know what came over me, I’m sorry you can go back and do whatever I’m just gunna chill here, might do a twitcam……” Louis said not wanting to explain himself to Harry seeing as he can’t even explain it to himself. Harry sighed and sat down on the couch, he patted the spot next to him making Louis chuckle. Louis moved towards the couch and sat down putting his head in his hands.


“I just don’t know haz, seeing you kiss her hurt a lot, which makes no sense! I’m dating El and I love her! It’s just ,Emily just-she just, ughhhh!” Louis said getting up and pacing the room in front of Harry.


“Awwwww does Louis have a crush??” Harry cooed teasing Louis, which only made Louis angrier.


“This isn’t funny!! Yeah I think she’s pretty and nice and funny and cute and amazing at her job but it CAN’T be a crush!! I’m dating El! Bloody hell!” Louis yelled angrily still pacing the room in front of Harry who was utterly shocked at Louis reaction to his little joke. Harry sighed, knowing his friend was messed up in the head and didn’t know what to do.


“I know what’s going on Lou, you have nothing to worry about it happens to everyone” Harry said to Louis as he stopped pacing and fell onto the couch, almost missing and falling onto the ground.


“Please share, because I have no clue!” Louis said being honest as he lay on the couch looking up at the roof.


“What’s happening is that you’re having a…………MIND FUCK!!!!” Harry yelled as he burst out laughing, Louis however tried to glare at Harry but ended up bursting into a fit of laughter as well. Both boys were happy that they were all good and not fighting, they can’t go very long fighting cause they hate it so much they give up and become friends again.


“But seriously man I don’t know what to do, it’s obvious I like Emily and I hardly even know her, and you obviously like her I mean you guys were kissing” Louis said bringing both boys thoughts back to Louis situation. 


“I do like her but not like that, she was bummed about not having a first kiss yet and she was going on about how she’ll be alone forever so I gave her her first kiss, it meant nothing to me.” Harry said looking over at Louis whose face lit up and he smiled


“Really?” Louis asked hopefully making Harry glare at him.


“Yes really but you have a girlfriend I’m not going to let you act like you’re in love with her but then at the end of every day go back to your girlfriend, it’ll kill her especially since she hasn’t had a boyfriend!” Harry stated strongly, being protective of Emily. Louis sighed and nodded knowing that it wouldn’t be fair on Emily or him if he did that, he need to stay with Eleanor or go for Emily who might not even like him back. Louis only just remembered that one of the girls he was stressing about was probably sitting in Harry’s hotel room alone wondering what’s going on.


“We should probably go and see Emily so I can apologise and also cause she is probably sitting in your hotel room alone.” Louis said standing up and walking towards the door, Harry following only a few steps behind. Once they reach Harrys room they found that Emily wasn’t there so they went to see if she went back to Liam’s room. When they walked into the hotel room they were greeted by the other 3 members of one direction.


“Where’s Emily?” Harry asked confused because he didn’t know where she had gone.


“She said she was tired and went home” Liam said looking up at Harry and Louis from the couch he was sitting on.


“Why, does Harry have a crush?” Zayn cooed at Harry just like Harry had done to Louis. Louis held back the urge to yell at Zayn and say that it wasn’t Harry with the crush it was him but he decided that it’d be best if he didn’t. Harry and Louis said bye to the other boys and went back to Louis room to do a twticam just cause they hadn’t done one in a while and it was only 5:30pm so they had a lot of time to kill. When they got back to the room Louis tweeted that he would be doing a twitcam in 10 minutes while harry went on twitter on his phone just to see what was going on. Louis went to the kitchen and got a bunch of snacks and drinks, Niall must have rub off on him. Louis then set up the laptop before seeing it was about to run out of battery, he ran down the hall to the bedroom and grabbed his charger before the laptop died. Louis plugged in the charger and set up the twitcam. As soon as he turned on the camera they already had over 100, 000 viewers.


“HEYYYYYY!” Louis yelled at the camera, he always found it weird doing twitcams, all you do is talk to a laptop which makes him  feel crazy. He immediately saw waves and waves of comments coming through and chuckled at the thought of millions of teenage girls sitting in their rooms watching him. He opened a pack of lollies as he read through some of the comments before they got wiped away by other messages.


“HIIIIIIIIII!!!!” Harry yelled as he jumped up from behind the couch that Louis was sitting on, Louis hadn’t tweeted that Harry would be joining the twitcam so all the fans got excited and comments were flooding through even faster than before.


“How is everyone?” Louis asked as Harry awkwardly climbed over the couch to sit next to Louis, he was doing alright until his foot got caught on something sending him falling to the ground. Louis burst out laughing from watching Harry face plant on the ground. The fans were sending in messages asking if Harry is ok and others were just sending “HAHAHAHA’s” in which was quite pointless. Harry got up and sat next to Louis while rubbing his face and groaning, Harry turned to Louis who was lying on the couch out of breath because he was in the middle of a laughing fit. Harry smiled deviously and smacked Louis on the stomach only millimetres above his precious package. Louis immediately stopped laughing and covered his crotch before laughing and sitting up.


“So girlies and guys maybe send in some questions and Harry and I will do our best to answer them, maybe even a few dares” Louis said before shoving a jelly snake in his mouth. Harry stole the packet of snakes and shoved a few into his own mouth. As soon as the boys said this millions of requests and questions flooded on the screen. One caught Louis eye.


“@Larry Lover asked ‘who was the girl that Paul let into Liam’s hotel room today?” Louis said, feeling a little uncomfortable about the name seeing as nothing was going on between him and harry. When Harry heard the name he almost choked on his jelly snake. Instantly loads of questions about Emily started flowing on the screen somewhere like “did Liam finally get over Danielle?” or “NOOOOOO Liam and Dani forever!” others were more harsh such as “who is this bitch? Ill FUCK her up!” or “How dare she go near MY Liam she is gunna fucking die!” these comments made Louis frown and when Harry saw them he frowned as well.


“Hey, hey please don’t send rude comments like that, her name is Emily and she is our new makeup artist, she will be helping Lou for a month then if she’s good enough she might be asked to stay longer!” Harry said defending Emily, he had to cut in before Louis did in case he said something rude. Emily doesn’t have twitter so she couldn’t receive any hate directly over twitter yet which made the boys relax.


“Ok so let’s do some dares now! We can do more questions later but I wanna do something!!” Louis said going crazy from not doing anything all day like he usually would.


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