No Makeup Needed

When Emily's father forces her to get a job as a makeup stylist for the world famous boy band One Direction, will Emily break the rules and go for love or will she be proffesional and stick to the rules?

I'm really sorry if this story sucks its my first one on Movellas!


9. Live Performances

Liam kept sneezing as Emily was applying his makeup, she giggled as he couldn’t stop sneezing. Liam smiled at her shyly, a little embarrassed that he couldn’t stop sneezing. Lou was still sick and not really getting any better so Emily was getting the boys ready for an interview and a live performance. Liam was the last for Emily to do, she was happy that she got through them all so quickly. All the boys were very nervous because it was their first live performance of Little Things so it was a big thing.


“I’m really nervous, what if I stuff up?” Harry asked nervously sitting down next to Emily as she continued to fix up Liam’s makeup. It’s been about a week since Emily and Harry kissed and they’ve been getting very close this past week. Harry has decided that he won’t date her because of Louis, and Emily knows that they are only friends so it doesn’t bother her. It was a bit awkward the day after the kiss because Emily didn’t know if Harry and Louis were still fighting. The morning after the kiss when Emily went to see if Harry and Louis were still fighting they pretended they were just to trick her, but then she got upset because she thought it was her fault so they told her the truth. Emily smiled over at Harry who was nervously shuffling around on the couch beside her.


“Calm down! You’ll all do amazing, your very talented young men and whatever happens happens but you will do fine so don’t stress too much!” Emily replied to Harry with a sweet smile. Harry smiled back, but still not completely sure of himself. Liam smiled at Emily’s sweetness and thanked her before she told him not to move because it would stuff up his makeup, this made Harry laugh.


“Emily are you done with the boys yet? They are on in 15” someone from the crew asked nicely before walking out of the room not even waiting for Emily to answer.


“Ummm yeah I’m almost done, I just need to finish doing Liam’s make up and you left” Emily said making Harry and Liam chuckle. “THANKS FOR NOT LISTENING!” she yelled towards the door making Harry burst out laughing. Liam almost burst out laughing but he didn’t want to screw up his makeup, so he held it in making Harry laugh even more. Emily finished doing Liam’s makeup and checked the rest of the boys to make sure they were all perfect before they went on stage. The boys were all lined up in a straight line waiting for Emily to do a last check before they had to walk onstage. As she went down the line checking makeup each boy would say something funny making Emily crack up. All the boys had been commenting on what she was doing to their clothes and makeup, and that’s what was making her laugh. When she got to Louis, his shirt was all crumpled at the bottom which was right over his crotch. He smiled cheekily at her when she saw it, the rest of the boys were all giggling knowing that Louis was going to be cheeky about this.


“Ummm, Louis would you mind straightening out your shirt?” Emily asked feeling a little embarrassed. Louis put on a fake confused face.


“What do you mean?” he asked while looking down at his shirt that was crumpled that the bottom. She was catching on to his little game and didn’t like where it was going.


“Please Louis just straighten it out!” Emily said with a sigh, Louis just gave her another confused face followed by a sly smile. The other boys continued to laugh and giggle about their cheeky best friend/band mate.


“Fine” Emily sighed before bending over and straightening it out herself, just as she was about to finish straightening it out Louis jumped back scaring Emily.


“What are you doing down there?! You should’ve just asked!” Louis said straightening out his shirt just like Emily was about to do. She chuckled a little at his silliness and moved on down the line to Harry.


“When a cow laughs, does milk come out its nose?” Emily burst out laughing along with everyone else in the room. Emily knew that Harry would do something like Louis and try to make her laugh like the rest of the boys, so when she was fixing his makeup and clothes she didn’t expect him to say something as random as that. Harry smiled to himself, proud that he got the biggest reaction.


“Ok boys enough joking around you’re on” the same crew member as before said as he grabbed the boys and literally dragged them down the hall to side stage. Emily watched the boys interview from the side of the stage and was really proud of them. Even though she’d only known them for around a week and half she knows how hard they work to make their fans happy. The interview go boring at times but the boys knew how to keep it interesting, so whenever one of them started to zone out or get bored they’d say something funny to wake everyone up. The interview was finished and it was time for them to do their first live performance of Little Things. They started singing and you could see how nervous they all were, each and every single one of them was shaking. Harry was shaking the most though, he was really nervous. A few days ago some fans had told him that if he stuffed up he should leave the band cause he obviously can’t handle the pressure, this really messed him up. He wasn’t sleeping properly because he was so nervous that he would stuff up and the worst part was that as they got closer to the performance he started believing those girls more and more. Emily started shaking as it was getting closer to Harrys solo, she was so nervous that he’d sike himself out and mess up, the boys knew that Harry was nervous and they also knew the reason for his nervousness, so they were probably just as worried as Emily.


It finally came to Harrys solo, he started out great and kept getting better as he went through the solo, when his solo ended everyone in the crowed screamed and cheered. Harry had the biggest smile on his face he almost forgot about the rest of the song. As soon as Harry got off stage he ran straight to Emily and picked her up and spun her around, they were both laughing and smiling about how great the performance went.


The rest of the boys were talking a couple of metres away and Louis couldn’t help but feel jealous of Harry again. Louis could see how happy they were together and didn’t want to be the one to stop them from becoming something more than just friends. Louis knows that it’s not his choice if they date or not, and even though he knows this he still feels like it’s his fault that they aren’t a couple. He doesn’t know that they don’t like each other that way. Louis knows he will never have Emily, and he has a girlfriend already so he doesn’t understand why he is so caught up on her. Louis almost feels guilty when he thinks about Emily, he feels as if he is cheating on El in his mind. It’s hard for him not to think about Emily, he is with her everyday where as El, he only gets to see sometimes.


When Emily had finished hugging Harry she went round and hugged the rest of the boys, lingering a little longer in her hug with Louis. Louis noticed this and smiled to himself even though he wasn’t positive that it was on purpose. Emily smiled to herself knowing she got away with her lingering hug with Louis without anyone noticing.


“You did amazing!” Emily told the guys when they got in the van to go back to the studio. They chatted away as they were driving home, each boy was in a conversation with another, while also texting loved ones about the performance. Everyone was in a really good mood and no one wanted to change that. To celebrate the boys decided to go out tonight and have a bit of fun.


“Em do you wanna come with us tonight?” Harry asked Emily after the boys had decided on which club to go to. Emily thought about it for a bit and decided that she hadn’t gone out in ages and that it would be good for her to get out and have some fun.


“Yeah that sounds like fun I’d love to” Emily replied with a smile on her face. All the boys cheered happily.


“Lou, is El still in town? You could ask her to come too?” Niall said with a  smile. That was the one thing Louis didn’t want to do, even if he did get to spend everyday with Emily he still wanted to get to know her more, and he thought this would be the perfect opportunity.


“Yeah maybe, but El flew out to America today for her holiday with her girlfriends” Louis said honestly with a fake smile. Louis knew that El was actually leaving to go away with her girlfriends late tonight. She was going away for 2 weeks with her girlfriends because they thought that they were growing apart and wanted to become close again. Louis had spent all of yesterday with her to say goodbye and she stayed at her friend Melanie’s house last night who lives closer to the airport. Melanie was also going to America with her so it was the perfect arrangement.


“Oh, well that sucks mate” Zayn said patting Louis on the shoulder. Louis smiled at him before everyone started talking about how well the performance went. When they finally got back to the studio Emily went home with Laurence and the boys drove back to their hotel. They had planned to go out to the club at about 8 so they had around 5 hours until then. Emily decided that she would just chill out with Josh until she had to get ready and go.


“So how’s the job? Those boys aren’t trying anything on you are they?!” Josh asked showing his protective side towards Emily. Emily chuckled but Josh stayed completely serious.


“The job is amazing! And the boys, well let’s just say I’ve had my first kiss………” Emily said with a silly smile on her face. She didn’t like Harry like that, but she still thought it was sweet of him to give her her first kiss, in fact she actually likes Louis, a lot! But he’s taken so she just has to get over it.


“Awwwww how cute! Do you LOVE him?” Josh joked making Emily blush knowing that it wasn’t that exact boy that she may indeed love


“If he touches you again or hurts you, you tell me and I’ll rip his balls off!” Josh continued but this time being completely serious. Emily burst out laughing while Josh kept a serious expression plastered on his face as if he would actually do it, but Emily knew he wouldn’t.


“Yeah, yeah whatever” Emily said giving Josh a playful shove. They chatted away and caught up on what they had been missing in each other’s lives. Josh and Emily used to be really close, but ever since Josh started dating Kate, and Emily got this new job they’ve been drifting apart. After spending hours of catching up Emily had to go and get ready for tonight.


Emily had a shower and washed her hair, then she had to pick out what she was going to wear. Emily had a nice selection of clubbing dresses but didn’t know which one to wear. Emily spent about 30 minutes trying to pick a dress to wear, she ended up choosing a tight red dress that went down to Emily’s mid-thigh and hugged all the right places, she also decided on some black platform high heels with a little black bow on the front for her shoes. Emily spent a while perfecting her makeup and hair. She curled her hair so the curls were cute and bouncy, she gave herself a natural look with her makeup but it still looked really good. Emily hated it when girls caked makeup on, she thought it was completely unnecessary. When she was finished getting ready she drove to the club that they were going to, they had planned to meet there, so when Emily got there she waited in her car until she saw them or one of the boys texted her that they were there.


****Authors Note-

Hopefully my writing is getting better, thank you to everyone who likes, comments and favourites this story it means alot to me! Love you all



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