No Makeup Needed

When Emily's father forces her to get a job as a makeup stylist for the world famous boy band One Direction, will Emily break the rules and go for love or will she be proffesional and stick to the rules?

I'm really sorry if this story sucks its my first one on Movellas!


26. Lemonade..........

It’s been about 2 weeks since Louis and Emily decided on names for their unborn baby. Louis had taken Emily out for the day to have a nice walk by the beach and a nice lunch afterwards. Louis parked the car by the restaurant they were having lunch at. Emily started walking towards the entrance of the restaurant while Louis stood at the car smirking cheekily at Emily as she wondered ahead. Emil realised that Louis was not following and stoped outside the door of the fancy looking restaurant.


“Is this where we are eating?” Emily asked awkwardly. Louis chuckled and nodded his head, the cheeky smirk returning to his lips. Emily looked confused and Louis held in a chuckle at his adorable girlfriend.


“Well……are you coming in?” she asked with a chuckle. Louis walked over to Emily and took her hand, leading her away from the restaurant and towards the beach.


“Our reservation is for 12:30, its only 11:45.” Louis said happily as he continued leading Emily closer to the beach. The restaurant was just across the road from the beach so they didn’t have to walk far until they were standing in the sand.


“What? Then why did you drag me here so early?! I was sleeping……” Emily whined, leaning on Louis’ side. Louis smiled and kissed the top of Emily’s head.


“I thought we could have a nice romantic walk along the beach……” Louis trails off blushing, thinking that he was maybe being a bit too cheesy.


“Awwwww, that’s so cute! I love you” Emily says looking at Louis’ deepening blush. Emily pinched Louis’ pink cheeks and leaned up on her tip toes to give him a sweet kiss. Louis and Emily both smiled into the kiss before Emily pulled away leaving Louis pouting.


“We can’t kiss and go for a nice romantic walk at the same time silly! We’ve got to pick one or the other” Emily laughed as she pulled Louis’ lips from a pout into a smile.


“I vote we kiss!” Louis said leaning it to kiss Emily. Emily just giggled as Louis tried to keep kissing her as she turned her head so he couldn’t.


“You’re a meany!” Louis pouted. Emily leaned up and gave Louis a little peck on the nose. She giggled and pulled him along to start walking. Louis and Emily walked along the beach for about 20 minutes until they reached the end of the beach.


“You wanna go in the water?” Louis asked with a mischievous smirk plastered across his face. Emily looked at him like he was crazy.


“Not if we are about to go to a nice fancy restaurant for lunch! Plus I didn’t bring a swimsuit.” Emily said hugging Louis’ side, shielding herself from the wind. Louis sighed and agreed that if they wanted to actually be allowed to enter the restaurant they shouldn’t be drenched in beach water.


“Should we head back to the restaurant?” Louis suggested. Emily nodded and they began their walk back. Once they got to the restaurant their table was ready and they sat down.


“Thank you so much for taking me out today Louis, this is such a nice place” Emily said giving Louis a peck on the cheek. Louis smiled and held Emily’s hand over the table.


“I thought we needed a nice lunch out, we haven’t had one in a long time.” Louis said as his eyes scanned the menu. Emily looked at her menu as well, contemplating whether she should order the steak or the lamb. Louis chuckled at her face of pure concentration.


“Don’t laugh at me!” Emily said, a blush growing upon her cheeks. Louis chuckled again at the blush that was quickly growing on her cheeks.


“You’re just so cute! I hope if we have a little girl she is just like you” Louis said dreamily. Emily smiled at the thought of having little girl running around.


“And I hope if we have a boy he is nothing like you! I wouldn’t be able to handle another one of you!” Emily giggled. Louis fake pouted.


“That’s mean! I’m just fine the way I am!” Louis pouted like a two year old.


“See that’s what I mean! Even as a twenty-one year old you still act like a two year old! How would I deal with 2 two year olds?” Emily whined.


“You’re no better! You whine just as much as me, and sometimes I actually think your four!” Louis says bouncing in his seat pointing at Emily. They both laughed and shared a sweet kiss.


“Hello, my name is Kathy and I’ll be your waiter today. Have you decided what you want to order?” a lady said enthusiastically with a wide smile. Louis smiled across the table at Emily.


“I’ll be having the Chicken Parmigiana and what would you like honey?” Louis sent a smile to the waitress before locking his gaze back on Emily who was staring intently at her menu.


“Hmmmm, I’m thinking the lamb cutlets………ill have the lamb cutlets please.” Emily says with a smile as she sets her menu down neatly on the table.


“Sure thing, will you be having drinks with that?” Kathy asked writing down the orders on her notepad.


“We’ll just grab a jug of water thanks” Louis cuts in quickly before Emily can order a drink. Emily looks over at Louis with a glare.


“Great I’ll be right back with your jug of water and your meals will be about a 20 minute wait.” Kathy says happily taking the menus from the table. Louis looks up and his smile drops when he sees that Emily is sending him a deathly glare, he can tell by the look in her eyes that his head is probably being cut off in her head right at that moment.


“What’s wrong honey?” Louis asks cautiously. Emily tips her head to the side, looking at Louis like he is an idiot.


“What do you mean what wrong?! I wanted lemonade not water!! You know I always have lemonade whenever we go out! I have never gone out to eat and not gotten lemonade! It’s a tradition of mine!” Emily almost screams. Louis can just feel all the eyes of everyone else in the restaurant on him. He knows that it’s Emily’s hormones acting up.


“Sweetheart I’m sorry but I think for the baby water is better.” Louis says holding back a smirk because he can see the fire building up in Emily’s eyes and he knows he is about to cop it.


“What the fuck? Where did that come from! I’ve been having lemonade throughout this whole pregnancy and now, right now when I need lemonade the most you say it’s not good for the baby!” Emily says trying her hardest not to yell. Louis knows that he shouldn’t take this much further, but he also knows that once they get home she will forget about the whole thing and forgive him.


“Love, there is no need to yell. We don’t want to draw too much attention” Louis says wearily, scared of the outcome. Louis swears he can see smoke shooting out of Emily’s ears and prepares himself for what’s to come next.


“Get up, we are going home right now!” Emily states angrily. Emily gets up and storms out of the restaurant and to the car. She waits angrily at the passenger seat door. Louis gets up and quickly apologises to the waitress for the commotion. He hands her a tip and quickly walks out the door and to the car. As soon as he unlocks the car Emily flings the door open, gets in the car and slams the door shut. Louis flinches at the loud slam. He gets in the driver’s seat and begins the 30 minute drive home.


“I’m sorry, I should have let you get lemonade” Louis says as he pulls out onto the main road. Emily rolls her eyes.


“Now you say that! After we JUST left the restaurant. Typical!” Emily yells turning her head to look out the window so she doesn’t have to look at Louis. As Louis stops at a red light he pulls out his phone and quickly replies to a few texts.


“Get off your phone right now! Do not text and drive when your PREGNANT girlfriend is in the car!!” Emily growls. Louis quickly shoves his phone in his pocket and drives off as the lights turn green.


The car ride is silent and a little awkward, Emily looks over at Louis every now and then, but as soon as Louis looks over at her she will turn her head and look back out the window. Louis pulls up to their drive way and hops out of the car. He runs around as quickly as he can to open Emily’s door for her, he opens it offering Emily a smile. She glares at him as she mutters a “thanks” and stalks off towards the front door. Louis quickly wipes the smirk off his face as he follows her up to the door. Emily waits outside the locked door as she didn’t bring her key because Louis brought his. Emily, tapping her foot, waited for Louis to unlock the door for her. Louis opened the door and as soon as Emily pushed her way past him and entered the house she screamed……



*****Authors Note*****

Sorry this chapter is really shit! But OMG why did Emily scream?? ;) hopefully I wont take as long writing the next chapter, untill then enjoy :)



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