No Makeup Needed

When Emily's father forces her to get a job as a makeup stylist for the world famous boy band One Direction, will Emily break the rules and go for love or will she be proffesional and stick to the rules?

I'm really sorry if this story sucks its my first one on Movellas!


14. It’s Been Fun

“Thank you Sydney!” The boys yelled in unison before running off stage with massive smiles on their faces. They gave their microphones back to the crew member on the side of the stage before walking back to their dressing room.


“That was great you guys” Liam said as they were walking back to the dressing room. Once they walked in they all started taking their shirts off because of how hot and sweaty they were from the performance. The spoke amongst themselves about the show and the audience, giving each other complements and laughing about the silly things they did on stage.


“Oh Shit!” Louis yelled as he spotted Emily sitting in the corner of the room. They hadn’t noticed her before because they were so caught up in their conversations. Emily smiled at them as they awkwardly stood there in front of her shirtless.


“You took your time to notice me! Am I invisible to you or something?” Emily asked sadly, looking down. The boys all ran over to her and tackled her into a massive group. The boys didn’t realise how strong they were as a group so when they all tackled her she flipped over the back of the couch and landed on the ground pulling them down with her.


“Owwwww” Emily groaned from underneath the five boys who were all hysterically laughing. “Get off!” Emily groaned again trying to push the boys off but failing miserably. The boys decided to stop crushing Emily and let her breather again so they all got up and tried climbing back over the couch. Louis was last to try and climb over and Emily was still lying on the ground just cause she could. Just as Louis was about to flop onto the couch Harry pushed him back over so he fell off the back of the couch and back onto Emily. As he was falling he turned around so that he would be able to stop himself from completely falling on Emily by using his hands to hold him up.


“Nice work not falling on me!” Emily smiled up at Louis and laughed a little bit. Louis smiled proudly down at her and also chuckled a bit. They stayed in that position for a minute or two just looking into each other’s eyes and scanning over each other’s features. The rest of the boys left the room to talk to some people backstage kind of forgetting about Louis and Emily. As Emily and Louis were still admiring each other they heard the door open but just assumed that it was one of the boys or a member of the crew.


“What the FUCK!” Louis would know that voice anywhere, he immediately shot up and came face to face with a furious Eleanor who was on the verge of tears. Emily slowly got up and was about to leave when Eleanor grabbed her arm stopping her from leaving.


“Are you the slut who Louis cheated on me with?” Eleanor asked angrily. Emily looked down and nodded slightly, most people wouldn’t have known if she moved or not but to El it was clear and tats all she needed to know. “Ok get the fuck out slut Louis and I need to talk!” Eleanor yelled shoving Emily out of the room.


“Hey El don’t talk to her like that it wasn’t all her fault!” Louis said standing up for Emily who smiled slightly before leaving the room and closing the door behind her.


“What the hell Louis you said it was a onetime thing and that I’d be able to trust you from now on!” El said as she cried.


“Nothing was happening! She fell down and harry pushed me over the couch so I fell on top of her! I was about to get up when you came in!” Louis said while awkwardly putting a shirt on.


“Louis, you were shirtless and on top of her! What am I supposed to make of that?” She asked sadly. “Look I think it will be better if we take a break, maybe later we can try again………” she continued still looking down, not wanting to look Louis in the eyes. Louis was silent and didn’t make a noise at all which sort of worried el, so she looked up to see him staring at her.


“Do you really not trust me……after all the rumours and lies we’ve gotten through and however many times we prove to people how much we love each other you still don’t trust me?” Louis asked, not believing that after everything they’ve gotten through she’s giving up.


“You’re not even trying to keep us together! Your always away and I don’t know what you’re doing it hard Louis!” she confessed. Louis was utterly shocked.


“You know it’s my job and I can’t help it! I’ve offered for you to come on tour countless times but you turn it down every time! You don’t think I know how it feels wondering every second of every day what you’re doing? If you’re safe? If you’re thinking of me? I know it’s hard but we get through, you can’t just give up!” Louis said sadly, not knowing what was going to happen.


“Louis………we’ve tried but you and I both know it’s not working, we’ve had fun and I loved you but it gets harder everyday and I can’t cope being alone for long amounts of time not knowing where you are and who you with!” she sobbed, she walked to the couch and sat down putting her head I her hands full on crying now. Louis sat down next to her rubbing her back to make her feel better.


“I know. If that’s how we both feel then there’s not much we can do anymore……” Louis confessed still rubbing her back as she cried into his shoulder now. They sat there for a few minutes just holding each other for what would probably be the last time. El decided that it was too hard being there and she had to leave before she broke down again.


“Well, I guess its goodbye. I’ve had loads of fun Louis thank you so much for everything you’ve down for me it’s really meant a lot!” El said standing up and giving Louis a hug and a kiss on the cheek before sadly walking out of the dressing room, closing the door behind her. Louis felt horrible, he collapsed on the couch with his head in his hands.


“Are you ok?” Louis looked up from his hands to see Emily standing in the doorway, not really sure if she should come in or just leave him be. Louis just looked up at Emily and smiled sadly before putting his head back in his hands. Emily sat down next to him and rubbed his back just like Louis had done a few minutes earlier with Eleanor.


“It’s just……we’ve been through so much and she just gave up” Louis complained still shocked by the whole breakup. Emily just kept rubbing his back, not really knowing what to say. After only a few minutes the boys all ran in and saw Louis. They had seen El walking out crying so they guessed what had happened. They all immediately ran to comfort their best friend. Emily thought it would be best if she let them look after Louis seeing as she was partly at fault for Louis feeling this way. Emily quickly and quietly grabbed her bag and slipped out of the room.


“Where are you going?” Emily turned around to be face to chest with Paul. He was a lot taller than her!


“Well Louis and El just broke up and I kinda have something to do with it and think it’s kinda my fault so I think it’s better if I’m not here right now.” Emily explained feeling guilty. Paul sighed and looked down at Emily.


“Does that mean you won’t be coming back for a bit longer?” Paul asked concern evident in his voice. Emily nodded and smiled sadly.


“Yeah I think I’ll stay away from everyone for a bit, I’ll call you in a few weeks and talk about how the trail went even though I wasn’t there for half of it but yeah……and just call me if I’m needed, I’d be happy to help” Emily said sincerely before shaking Pauls hand and turning to leave the arena.


“Don’t blame yourself for everything though, ok” Paul said just before Emily left, she turned around and smiled at him.


“Could you tell the boys not to contact me please, I think it would be easier and also, don’t tell them the reason I left ok” Emily said sadly before turning to leave. She left the arena and started to cry. Emily had more than one reason to leave the boys behind, not just because of Louis and Eleanor………




*****Authors Note-

Hey thanks to everyone who is reading, I just want to say i have nothing against Louis or Eleanor just incase it came off that way but i had to make it like this for the story line to work :) and also please comment and tell me what you think! if u have any suggestions i would love to hear them so yeah....... Love You All <3


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