No Makeup Needed

When Emily's father forces her to get a job as a makeup stylist for the world famous boy band One Direction, will Emily break the rules and go for love or will she be proffesional and stick to the rules?

I'm really sorry if this story sucks its my first one on Movellas!


12. I'm Sorry

Louis nervously walked into the hotel room to find all the boys sitting together at the couch. As soon as they saw him the all the boys glared at him, obviously figuring out what he did last night. Louis looked down and walked into his room locking the door behind him so he didn’t have to receive a lecture. He sat on the bed trying to figure out what he was going to do, should he tell El? Or should he wait till she comes back or not tell her at all………Louis knew that he would have to tell El or the guilt would eat away at him. After about an hour of Louis lying on his bed listening to music while thinking about what he should do, he decided that he would go and chill with the rest of the guys just to get his mind off things, unless they started to lecture him then he would just get some food and come back to his room.


“Hey guys” Louis said as he sat with them on the couch. The boys were all watching TV, and just replied to Louis with a nod. Louis knew that the boys were not happy with him, he hated when he fought with any of the boys and now he’s fighting with all four of them!


“So, where were you last night? I thought you were going to take Emily home then come back here……” Harry asked Louis out of nowhere. Louis knew that Harry was very close with Emily and quite protective so he could tell what was coming. Louis looked down not wanting to answer knowing that there would be a massive fight if he told them. All the boys were friends with El and friends with Em, and none of the boys think that cheating is ok which only makes everything worse for Louis.


“I’m really not in the mood for a lecture, you all know where I was and what happened so don’t act like you don’t know!” Louis said angrily. Harry sighed and turned back to the TV, holding back the urge to yell at Louis for cheating on El and using Em. After a few minutes of the boys awkwardly watching TV in silence Louis’ phone started ringing. He looked at his phone to see that it was Eleanor calling him, his heart almost stopped and he went to his room so he could talk with her in private. Once he got to his room he answered the phone to a crying Eleanor.


“Babe are you ok?” Louis asked worriedly. He heard Eleanor sob over the phone a few more times, and sniffle a little.


“Is it true?” she said simply, Louis immediately knew what she was talking about, and he knew what he had to do. He sighed and nodded as if she could see him.


“Yes it’s true, but I was drunk and didn’t know what I was doing! I’m so sorry! I was going to call you once I had figured out how to tell you. I’m so sorry I feel terrible and regret every second of it! I’m sorry!” Louis said sadly into the phone. Louis didn’t want to hurt Eleanor but he did and now it is killing him inside. There was a long silence while Eleanor was taking in that what she had heard was actually true.


“Louis………I trusted you! You said you loved me and that you would never hurt me!” Eleanor yelled into the phone through her tears. Louis’ heart dropped even further than it already had. He knew he had hurt her, but when she reminded him of his promise to her, it just made him feel worse.


“I know and I’m sorry! I was drunk I didn’t know what I was doing!” Louis sadly replied.


“That’s no excuse! You still cheated on me! I thought you loved me!!” Eleanor yelled into the phone making Louis flinch at the volume of her voice, and the anger dripping of every word she yelled.


“Babe you know I love you it was a drunken mistake it meant nothing!” Louis yelled trying to get the point across but realising soon after that he shouldn’t have yelled.


“Louis I don’t think I can trust you when you’re away any more. What if you get drunk and it happens again?” Eleanor asked through the phone. Louis could hear the doubt in her voice and hoped that he would be able to convince her to stay.


“If you take me back and forgive me I promise I’ll never drink again, you’ll be able to trust me! You can call everyday I promise babe please just give me one more chance!” Louis begged trough the phone, praying to GOD that he has done enough to convince her to stay. Louis heard Eleanor sigh through the phone, and hoped that it meant she was thinking about taking him back.


“Lou, I don’t know……how do I know you’re not lying?” Eleanor asked still a bit sceptical. Louis smiled knowing that he was getting closer to Eleanor saying that she’ll take him back.


“El, please take me back I promise to keep my promises!” Louis continued to beg through the phone. Eleanor chuckled on the other end and Louis didn’t know what was funny about this situation. If anything this situation was the opposite of funny. Maybe she was laughing at him begging, Louis didn’t care if that was the reason, he needed her to know how much he cares about her.


“Louis who said I broke up with you in the first place?” she asked through the phone, Louis smiled and chuckled a little at his cheeky girlfriend.


“So does that mean I’m forgiven?” Louis asked hopefully. A smile playing across his lips.


“No” Eleanor said plainly. Louis’ smiled faltered and he was instantly confused. “You’re not forgiven but I will not break up with you! But Lou you have to prove that you won’t do it again!” Eleanor continued making Louis smile.


“Thanks babe! I love you so much and I’ll never do anything to hurt you again!” Louis said sincerely to El.


“I love you too but I have to go now ok.” El said through the phone getting ready to hang up.


“OK see ya babe but before you go, how did you find out about it?” Louis asked, he didn’t see any paps last night and the only other people that knew were Emily, Josh and the boys.


“Well I don’t know some guy called me this morning and said that you cheated on me with his little sister, I don’t know how he got my hotel room number but yeah, he said that his little sister was really upset about some things you said to her.” El told Louis remembering back to the phone call she had with Josh. Louis grew angry that Josh interfered with his life, but then remembered back to the things he had yelled at Emily and started to feel bad. Louis knew that if someone did that to any of his little sisters he would do the same things Josh did.


“Ok thanks babe I’ll talk to you later I love you and again I’m really sorry!” Louis said before hanging up. He put his phone on the night stand in the room and went out to the lounge room where all the boys were. They all looked up at Louis and he smiled at them.


“It’s ok, Eleanor and I are still together.” Louis stated happily, the boys sent a fake smile Louis’ way and turned back around to the TV.


“Seriously guys are you still pissed at me! I apologised and basically begged for forgiveness and she gave it to me! Why can’t you guys be happy for me I know what I did was wrong but it’s got nothing to do with you so why can’t you just drop it!” Louis yelled at the boys getting out everything he wanted to say. The boys silently turned back around to Louis and glared at him. He honestly didn’t know what more they wanted him to do so he just stood there watching their every movement.


“Well it actually does have something to do with us now! Because you’re such a dick Emily just called and said that she quit! Now she hates us all just because YOU are a fucking prick!” Harry yelled while slowly standing up, coming face to face with Louis. After his little rant he stormed down the hall to his bedroom and slammed the door shut before locking himself in the room. Niall, Liam and Zayn turned back around to the TV and continued to watch the random talk show that the TV was showing, trying to ignore all the things that had happened in the past day.


“I’m sorry” Louis whispered before he walked out of the hotel room, sneaking past security and going for nice long a drive around the city.


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