No Makeup Needed

When Emily's father forces her to get a job as a makeup stylist for the world famous boy band One Direction, will Emily break the rules and go for love or will she be proffesional and stick to the rules?

I'm really sorry if this story sucks its my first one on Movellas!


19. I Hate These Memories

Louis and Emily’s heads snapped towards the door to see George leaning against the door frame with an unimpressed look on his face. Emily didn’t think that this would go down well seeing as her father hadn’t met Louis yet and he’d already gotten her pregnant! Emily stood up and took Louis hand in hers before leading Louis towards her father.


“Dad, this is Louis. Louis this is my father George” Emily said with a smile. Louis and George shook hands.


“It’s very nice to meet you sir” Louis said with a polite smile. George remained emotionless and just looked Louis up and down. Emily could already tell that her father didn’t like Louis.


“So you’re the young man who got my daughter pregnant?” George asked. At this point Louis palms had started sweating again and he was starting to get nervous. Louis knew he’d have to meet Emily’s parents but he didn’t expect it to be so soon and out of the blue.


“Yes, I’m the proud father of our little baby!” Louis said happily, putting his hand on Emily’s stomach. George looked at Louis, no expression on his face, he just started at him.


“Did you plan on having a baby? How will you cope with a child and your career?” George asked. Louis hadn’t really thought about that yet, he was too excited about everything to care really. He thought for a minute so he could come up with something good to say to impress George. Emily was nervous for this question because she knows that Louis just found out about the baby and wouldn’t have thought about all that yet.


“I have always wanted a child so you could say I planned it but I just hadn’t planned when and who with but I’m so happy that Emily is carrying my child you have no idea. And as for my career, I will make it work so that I can keep my job and look after Emily and our little one.” Louis said sincerely, sending Emily a little smile when he was talking about her. Emily smiled at him and thought he was doing quite well to try and impress her father.


“But how do I know you won’t just leave them when it gets rough and run of with some random fan of yours?” George questioned Louis giving him a serious look. Emily hated to hear her father say that but she knew he had a point, what if Louis just decided it was too hard and ditched her? Louis looked shocked at the question and pulled Emily into his side.


“I would never! I love your daughter very much and I also love our child, I can’t even imagine doing that to them!” Louis said angrily but keeping his cool. Emily smiled at how angry Louis got at the small question, it really showed that he cared. George was a bit shocked by Louis’ anger but was happy that Louis felt so strongly about the topic.


“Ok, well it was nice to meet you son and I guess I’ll be seeing a lot more of you from now on is that right?” George asked with a smile. Louis was so proud that he had at least gained some respect from George. Emily was so happy that her father was so excepting of Louis even after he got her pregnant. George shook Louis’ hand and went upstairs to his room to watch some TV.


“Sorry about that” Emily said apologetically sending Louis an apologetic smile. Louis chuckled and pulled Emily into a hug.


“It’s fine, I would do the same thing with our little baby!” Louis said happily. Emily giggled, she was so happy that Louis was so excited and accepting, she thought he would be the opposite of how he is.


“What if we have a boy? Will you lecture his girlfriends?” Emily asked with a smirk, Louis laughed and shook his head at Emily.


“You’re just silly, I’ll be protective either way!” Louis said happily. Louis decided that he had to catch up with Emily and they had to ‘bond’ cause they still didn’t know much about each other. They got to know each other a lot when she was working with him but there are some things missing that Louis wants to know about.


“I know this might seem cheesy but we are having a child together, so I was wondering if you know we should ummmmm you know get to know each other a bit better?” Louis asked nervously, he didn’t want to sound stupid if she already thought they knew everything there was to know about each other. Emily giggled at Louis’ way of asking, he was so cute.


“I think that’s a great idea, come on” Emily said taking Louis’ hand and leading him up the stairs so they could talk in her room. Louis smiled knowing that he and Emily were on the same page and felt the same way. Once they got up to Emily’s bedroom, Emily closed the door and they sat on the bed next to each other.


“So what do you want to know?” Emily asked a bit nervously, she had no clue what Louis wanted to know so that made her a bit nervous. Louis thought for a moment, which only made Emily more nervous.


“When did you find out you were pregnant and how do you know it’s mine?” Louis asked, he didn’t want to sound mean but he thought he needed to know. Emily thought for a minute thinking about how long it had been since she found out.


“Ummmmm I found out the morning I came to see you at the show so about a week and a half ago maybe a bit longer, and I know it’s yours because I’ve only had sex once.” Emily said looking into Louis’ eyes and blushing. A small smile spread across Louis’ face knowing he was the only one who had gotten that far with Emily.


“Ok cool, thanks. Do you want to ask me one now? We’ll go I ask, you ask, I ask and so on. Yeah?” Louis asked. Emily nodded and thought about what to ask him. Louis was nervous for what she’d ask knowing that he would have to answer honestly . Not that he was planning to lie but she could ask anything!


“Ok, are you mad at me for sort of being the reason you and Eleanor broke up?” Emily asked nervously. Louis thought for a moment, he sighed as he thought about it.


“Not really, I mean Eleanor and I both knew our relationship was coming to an end, we were seeing each other less and I guess we just didn’t expect it to end so soon. I’m kinda happy that she came in at the time because as much as I loved her we needed a reason to break up because neither of us wanted to hurt the other one by breaking up for no reason. So thank you.” Louis said honestly. Emily was a little shocked to hear that but it made her a bit happy that she wasn’t the main reason they broke up.


“Really, well I’m sorry about that” Emily said sincerely. Louis smiled at how much she cared.


“Ok so now it’s my turn to ask a question. So ummmmm I’ve been wondering this for a while, you don’t have to answer but since I’ve known you you’ve never mentioned your mum it’s always your dad and brother, is there a reason for that?” Louis asked sadly. Emily looked down, tears filling her eyes as she thought about what had happened. Louis saw a tear fall from her eye and land on her leg, he immediately regretted asking.


“I’m sorry, you don’t have to answer, forget I asked” Louis said putting his hand on Emily’s back to comfort her. She didn’t move she just kept her head down, she hadn’t thought about this for a while, she’d learned to just push the thought to the back of her mind and move on with her life. It was hard but she managed to do it, every now and then it would come up and she would break down.


“I hate these memories!” Emily said as she tried to steady her voice.


“It’s fine don’t worry about it then, we can do it another time or I don’t even have to know!” Louis said trying to make Emily feel better. But deep down he really wanted to know what happened but if it made Emily this upset he would be able to cope without knowing.


“It’s fine I just haven’t thought about it for a while!” Emily said as she started telling Louis the story.


****Flash Back****


“Mummy are we almost there?” Emily asked her mum as they were driving to the hotel they would be staying at for their holiday. It was pouring rain and very dark because the sun had just set. Emily was only 4 and Tyler Emily’s older brother was 14.


“If we were there we would stop!” Tyler said to Emily as if she was stupid. Emily got angry at started hitting Tyler, so Tyler tried to push her back. They were both fighting and yelling at each other. Emily’s mother Jeanette had to lean back and try and split them up while she was driving because George and Josh were driving there in a different car and they were going to meet there.


“Stop it! I’m trying to drive!” Jeanette said leaning back to pull them apart, one hand still on the steering wheel the other prying the two children apart. After a minute or two she had managed to pry the children apart and turned back to the road. As soon as she turned around she was blinded by the bright headlights of another car. She tried to steer out of the way but she was too late, the car rammed into the front of the car on the right side of the car. Jeanette and Tyler were both sitting on the right side of the car while Emily was on the left.


Emily and Tyler were screaming trying to get their mothers attention but they heard no answer from her. Emily was screaming and crying while Tyler was trying to calm her down also crying. Tyler didn’t know what to do, he was only 14 and he had to look after his little 4 year old sister who was screaming and crying trying to reach out for her mother who was crushed buy the car in the front seat.


Tyler was stuck because his seat belt wouldn’t come undone, Emily was stuck as well and her seatbelt was very tight making it hard for her to breathe but that didn’t stop Tyler from trying to climb out to reach his sister and reassure her that everything would be ok. What stopped him was an unbearable pain shooting though his left leg, he looked down to see his leg stuck in between part of the crushed car, he also had glass in his leg from the window shattering. Josh could feel himself getting weak but he tried his hardest to stay awake to look after his little sister, he knew that if he did fall unconscious it would only make things worse for Emily.


“Ty, it hurts! I can’t breathe!” Emily cried as Tyler had just managed to reach over and grab her hand, as soon as Emily felt his hand in hers she gripped it for dear life. Tyler was looking around trying to fine someone to help them.


“HELP! HELP US PLEASE! HELP!” Tyler tried his best to scream out but he was using all of his energy trying to stay conscious so his voice was not as loud as he needed it to be.


“HELP! HELP US PLEASE! HELP!” Emily screamed at the top of her lungs. They sat in the crushed car screaming for help for about 10 minutes before they heard sirens. Tyler was finding it harder and harder to stay conscious every second that went by, he knew he wouldn’t be able to hold on for much longer and Emily was getting scared for her elder brother. His grip on her hand was getting looser and his eyes would droop closed every now and then before he’d pry them open with all the strength he could. After a minute or two they heard a bunch of cars pull up and a lot of people yelling. Emily screamed even more knowing that there were people there, she didn’t stop, and she screamed and screamed.


“Please stay calm, we are going to get you out ok!” Tyler and Emily heard a man say from outside the car. Emily was still crying and squeezing her elder brother’s hand but almost all of his grip had slipped away, his eyes were closed and there was a pool of his blood on the seat and floor of the car. Just before someone pulled the door off the car Tyler’s hand dropped from Emily’s to rest in the blood on the seat. Tyler couldn’t hold on to consciousness any longer.


“I love you Em” he whispered just before he slipped out of consciousness and collapsed on the seat. Emily screamed for someone to save him but by the time they pulled him out of the car it was too late, he’d lost too much blood to save, he was gone…………


They eventually cut off Emily’s seatbelt and rescued her from the car, as soon as she was out she was handed off to get checked out by the people in the ambulance. She screamed for her brother and her mother but she fell silent when she saw the firemen pulling her mother’s lifeless, crushed body from the car. She tried to get away from the paramedics and run to her mum but she collapsed on the ground because of the pain in her legs, she couldn’t move, she may only be four but she knew that she had just lost her mother and brother forever. Eventually the paramedics took her away to the hospital to get checked out and looked after until her father and Josh came to get her. Just before she left she saw them take away her brother and her mother forever.


****End Flash Back****


By the end of the story even Louis was crying, he was frozen, he didn’t know what to say, he just couldn’t believe that Emily had been through that and was so strong.


“Oh my god I’m so sorry! I didn’t know I didn’t mean to bring back memories!” Louis said sincerely. Emily just cried into his shoulder as she remembered every little detail she saw that night. Somehow Louis and Emily ended up falling asleep snuggled up on Emily’s bed. Emily cried herself to sleep as Louis held her and let her let out her feelings.


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