No Makeup Needed

When Emily's father forces her to get a job as a makeup stylist for the world famous boy band One Direction, will Emily break the rules and go for love or will she be proffesional and stick to the rules?

I'm really sorry if this story sucks its my first one on Movellas!


22. How's My Baby?

It’s been 2 weeks since Emily overheard Louis and the boys speaking about her and the baby. Every day since then Emily has been expecting Louis to pull out and say that he is too young, too busy, changed his mind or some other stupid excuse. But every time she asked if he still wanted the baby he would get angry at her, and he would always tell her that he was in it for the long run, and he wasn’t leaving even if she wanted him to. Hearing that from him made her happy but she always had that bit of doubt in the back of her head. Today Emily and Louis were going to their first ultrasound and Louis was ecstatic! He was so thrilled to finally see his little baby growing, and it would also give him the proof he needed to feel calm and positive about the whole pregnancy.


“Em we need to go! Hurry up babe” Louis called up the stairs of Emily’s house as he waited for her to get ready. Emily was ready but she couldn’t bring herself to actually go, she was petrified. What if something was wrong with her baby, what if something terrible had happened? She didn’t know what she would do if anything like that happened, it may seem cheesy but she felt as if she had already formed a connection to her unborn child, but not just because of the umbilical cord. It was a bond of some sort, and Emily already cherished that bond and she knew she would until the end of time.


“I’m coming, just a sec Lou” Emily called down the stairs as she stood in front of the mirror side on with her shirt pulled up a bit, as she looked at the tiny bump starting to form in her belly. She smiled looking at it before she pulled her shirt down and ran downstairs to meet Louis at the front door. Louis smiled and took her hand as she met him at the door, he led her to the car and opened her door for her before running round to the driver’s seat and hopping in.


Louis could see that Emily was nervous because she was playing with her hands and biting her lip, so he leaned over and took her hand in his giving it a little squeeze, but keeping his eyes on the road. Emily looked over at Louis and smiled, he had been nothing but amazing since he found out that he was going to be a dad. The boys had gotten used to the idea of Emily and Louis having a child, and apologised to Louis for saying the things they said earlier. They had even told Louis that he and Emily had their full love and support.


“It’ll be fine babe! Aren’t you excited to finally see our little baby?” Louis said with an excited smile. Emily looked down and nodded not really wanting to speak. Louis knew something was wrong and it made him suspicious, as much as he loved her it was always in the back of his mind that it could all be a lie. He shook the thought from his mind and turned into the car park of the hospital. When Emily realised that they were there she tensed up and Louis could feel it as he was still holding her hand.


“Ok, what’s the matter, you’ve been dreading this day since we planned it and you look like your about to throw up” Louis asked as he unbuckled his seatbelt and turned to face Emily who was still looking down at her lap. Louis reached over and lifted her chin with his fingers so that she was looking straight into his eyes. She sighed and looked away.


“What if something’s wrong Lou” Emily said. Louis hadn’t really thought about it. There was a long silent pause where they were both thinking about what they would do if something like that happened.


“I wouldn’t know what to do! I would never forgive myself!” Emily said sadly letting a tear escape her eyes. Louis squeezed her hand even tighter.


“What do you mean you wouldn’t forgive yourself? It’s not your fault, these things happen and anyways everything will be fine I promise you!” Louis said kissing her hand and sending her a sweet smile.


“Louis you can’t promise something like that! You have no idea of all the things that could go wrong! And if something does go wrong it will be my fault!” Emily yelled angrily letting more tears escape her eyes. Louis knew that she was right, he couldn’t promise that but he wanted her to believe that nothing would go wrong.


“That’s just stupid! How would it be your fault?” Louis said still holding her hand as she cried. She looked up at him as if he was an idiot.


“I’m the one carrying the baby. I’m the one that has to stop everything for this child. I can’t drink any alcohol. You never let me drive or do anything! I’ve had to change my whole diet! What if it’s not enough and I’m not good enough for a child to live in me? What happens then Louis? I’ve read so many books about pregnancy and all the things that can go wrong, there are so many things that could go wrong Louis. So many things!” Emily said finally letting herself completely breakdown, she leaned over and laid her head on Louis shoulder so she could cuddle up to him as she cried.


Louis pulled Emily over to his side of the car and sat her on his lap, with her head resting in the crook of his neck. He rocked her back and forth as he held her and whispered sweet things in her ear like “everything will be fine”, “It’s not your fault and it never will be” and “babe those odds are one in a million, our baby will be just fine!” they sat like this for about 20 minutes until Emily had calmed down.


Emily got out of the car and waited for Louis to hop out as well before they took each other’s hand and walked into the building. They were already 20 minutes late so they hoped that they would be able to be squeezed in as soon as possible. They took the elevator up to the level with the maternity ward where they would be visiting regularly knowing Emily and her paranoid ways.


“Hello, how may I help you?” The lady at the front desk asked sweetly. She looked like she was around 24 and there was no mistaking that she was very pretty, she had her long blond hair that was obviously dyed because you could see her brown roots pulled back into a tight pony tail. She had a tight shirt on with the first 2 buttons undone showing a lot more cleavage than she should have been, and her boobs weren’t the smallest ones Emily had seen in fact they were quite large, probably fake from the look of them. Emily realised she was staring and turned red and suddenly finding the pamphlets on the desk quite interesting.


The lady behind the desk looked over at Louis and smiled seductively at him, then she turned her attention to Emily and gave her the up down look before scoffing and looking back over at Louis pushing her chest out more to try and capture Louis’ attention. Louis was completely oblivious to the flintiness of the lady and asked if she could squeeze him in for an appointment. She took this the wrong way and thought he was secretly being dirty and flirting back so she responded with some flirty comment that Emily didn’t hear because she was too busy throwing grenades at her in her imagination. Emily glared at the chick and slammed her hands down on the desk.


“I would very much like it if you stop flirting with my boyfriend and undressing him with your eyes! That’s my job not yours! Your job is to get us a fucking appointment so would you please do that right now!” Emily said with a sassy tone as she glared at the lady behind the desk. Everyone in the waiting room turned to look at what was going on. The lady behind the desk looked shocked and a little bit scared as she turned her attention to her computer and searched it to see if there were any spots available. Louis just stood there smirking, he had to use everything in him not to laugh.


“Ummm, if you would please take a seat Doctor Laws will be with you in a minimum of 20 minutes” the lady said without making eye contact. Emily dragged Louis to sit at a seat that was furthest away from the reception desk so that the lady couldn’t try anything. As soon as they sat down Louis loosely hung his arm over Emily’s shoulder, still with a smirk plastered on his lips. He nuzzled his nose into her neck and kissed under her ear.


“I love when you get sassy and feisty! It’s really hot!” Louis almost moaned into her neck making her giggle and push him off. He gave her a little pout before she leaned in and gave in a peck on the lips. Emily looked over at Louis who was staring at her,  still wearing his sexy smirk and laughed.


“What?” Emily asked with a little giggle. Louis just kept staring giving Emily a cheeky, questioning look.


“Do you really undress me with your eyes?” Louis asked making Emily flash a look of pure horror at him before blushing and hiding her head in her hands. Louis pulled her hands off her face with a chuckle.


“Don’t be shy! I do it too” Emily blushed an even more crimson red and bit her lip.


“I mean I’m irresistible sometimes standing in front of the mirror and imagine myself naked, it gives me a nice little confidence boost” Louis said wiggling his eyebrows at Emily making her burst out laughing.


“But seriously babe you’re so beautiful sometimes I just can’t help it” Louis says, a tiny blush creeping onto his cheeks.


“How can you when I’m getting fatter every day and lazier and fatter?” Emily asked looking down at her growing belly. Louis grabbed her face and kissed her.


“Babe, how can you say that? You’re amazing, you’re carrying a baby, our baby! Do you know how incredibly beautiful that is! I’m so lucky to have you and I wake up every day and rub my eyes to make sure I’m not still dreaming, because finally reality is better than any dream I could ever have!” Louis said staring straight into Emily’s eyes. Emily let a few tears go as she smiled at Louis and leaded over to give him a long passionate kiss.


“I hate hormones” Emily giggled as happy tears kept escaping her eyes.


“Really? I love em!” Louis winked with a smirk. Emily hit him on the chest.


“You just ruined a perfectly sweet moment!” Emily whined with a giggle knowing that she couldn’t be mad at her boo bear after he had said something so sweet.


“Tomlinson” a lady called from the door to the waiting room making Emily and Louis’ heads shoot up in that direction. When they saw that it was a doctor Louis smiled and stood up taking Emily’s hand. Emily was suddenly very nervous again, Louis could feel her tense up so he wrapped his arm around her and she snuggled into him finding comfort in his strong arms. As they walked past the receptionist Emily sent her a death glare and poked her tongue out at her like a five year old making Louis burst out laughing.


“I’m doctor Laws, and I’ll be your doctor throughout your whole pregnancy, you can ask me anything about the pregnancy and I’ll be with you the whole way to help with everything” the sweet lady said shaking Louis and Emily’s hands.


Doctor Laws led Louis and Emily down a long hallway and into a dimly lit room. She asked Emily to lay down on the bed. Emily lay down and Louis was immediately by her side squeezing her hand. As Doctor Laws was getting everything ready and squirting the cold, gel stuff onto Emily’s belly, she asked Emily lots of questions about the pregnancy and what she knew and if she needed help and what not. Emily answered all of Doctor Laws’ questions  honestly and told her that she was extremely nervous.


“I know how you feel, I had my first child around your age and I know exactly what you’re going through…………well except my boyfriend wasn’t a world famous pop star” Doctor Laws said with a chuckle. Emily smiled up at Louis who just smiled back squeezing her hand. Doctor Laws put the little machine thing on Emily’s gel covered belly and started moving it around, she looked up at the screen and back at Emily’s stomach. She wore a concerned expression which scared Emily and Louis.


“What’s wrong?!” Emily asked franticly, but trying to stay clam with tears already collecting in the corners of her eyes. Doctor Laws gave Emily and Louis a sad look.


“I can’t find a heartbeat, just wait here a minute” Doctor Laws said as she stood up and left the room, closing the door behind her. Emily looked up at Louis who was trying to convince himself that everything was going to be ok, but he was having trouble.


“I told you this would happen! You promised Louis you promised it will be ok!” Emily cried letting go of Louis’ hand and putting her hands on her stomach, not caring that she got gel all over her hands.


“It will be ok, we don’t need a baby to be happy! But there’s probably just something wrong with the machine” Louis suggested trying to make Emily feel better but it just made her furious.


“Louis do you not understand that we’ve lost our baby? You need to stop being so positive and jokey about everything! Get a reality check Lou this shit is real!” Emily yelled angrily making Louis look down at the ground trying to hide his hurt expression. He was only trying to make her feel better. After a few minutes of awkward silence Doctor Laws returned with another doctor.


“Emily, Louis this is Doctor Jones he is a specialist and is going to help us figure out what’s going on, ok” Doctor Laws said with a sad smile. Emily nodded and Louis just kept staring at the ground trying to wrap his head around everything. Doctor Jones sat down where Doctor Laws had previously been seated and put the machine back to Emily stomach moving it around just like Doctor Laws had done only minutes earlier.


All of a sudden a quiet beeping filled the silent room, Emily and Louis’ heads snapped towards the little screen which now had a faint picture on it. everyone in the room let out a big sigh of relief. Emily grabbed Louis’ hand and squeezed it as she cried. Louis looked down at Emily and smiled, he leaned down and kissed her forehead.


“That’s our baby” he whispered letting a few tears slip from his eyes. Emily laughed and nodded her head, she grabbed his face and pulled him down to her lips locking him in a passionate kiss.


“How’s my baby? Is it ok? Is it healthy?” Emily asked quickly pulling away from Louis. Both doctors let out a little laugh.


“Your baby is perfectly healthy” Doctor Jones said with a smile as he pointed out all the baby’s little features, like arms, legs and head. Emily and Louis were over the moon, words couldn’t explain how they were feeling. Luckily for them they didn’t need words to express to each other how happy they were, they took one look into each other’s eyes and both leaned into a loving kiss. Using actions to express their joy instead of words.


“We’ll leave you two alone for a minute while we go and print off the pictures for you to take home” Doctor Laws said with a smile, as she and Doctor Jones left Emily and Louis in the hospital room passionately making out.


“I’m so sorry Louis, I love you so much please never change! I love you so much thank you for staying positive it means everything to me! Thank you for not giving up on us every time I spaz out at you I don’t mean it I’m so sorry!” Emily cried as soon as Louis pulled away from the kiss. Louis smiled as he pressed his fingers to Emily’s lips trying to shut her up.


“I know I Love you too babe, and I take back what I said before, I love most hormones not all of them” Louis said making Emily laugh. Doctor Laws returned a few minutes later with the pictures of their baby.


“I’m so sorry about before I have no idea why I couldn’t find the heartbeat and I’m so sorry if I caused any problems” Doctor Laws said as she wiped the gel off Emily’s stomach and handed the pictures to Louis. Louis and Emily thanked Doctor Laws and left to go home.


***Authors Note***

I’m very proud of this chapter so I hope you guys like it! I love reading your comments and it means a lot to me when you do comment and like so thank you <3 Please tell me what you think and give suggestions and I will take them into consideration :)

I love you all!




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