No Makeup Needed

When Emily's father forces her to get a job as a makeup stylist for the world famous boy band One Direction, will Emily break the rules and go for love or will she be proffesional and stick to the rules?

I'm really sorry if this story sucks its my first one on Movellas!


6. Getting To Know One direction

Emily slept in late this morning seeing as she didn’t have to get picked up to go to work. It wasn’t that late but compared to the times she was waking for work the past 3 days any time after 7;00am was late. She wasn’t due to meet the guys till 11:00am it was 10:00am at the moment so Emily had about 40 minutes to get ready because it took 20 minutes to get to the hotel the boys were staying at. She had a shower, got dressed, ate breakfast but not a big breakfast cause they told her they have a lot of food for the day. Emily them went and did her makeup, taking time to make it perfect. Even though it was a day off Emily was quite insecure so she wears makeup every day, it has become part of her daily routine. Emily said bye to Josh and left to go to the hotel. When Emily got there she took the lift up to the level the boys were on, as she was about to knock on their door a group of girls came up behind her making a semicircle around her.


“What are you doing?” one of the girls asked. With a straight face, none of these girls looked happy even though they all wore a plain emotionless expression.


“What do you mean, why do you even care?” Emily asked confused to why these girls would care. The girls all looked at each other with quizzical glances at Emily. Emily gave up on trying to talk to them and knocked on the door that Harry had told her was the one they were staying in. all the girls behind Emily went silent just waiting for a member of one direction to open the door. Movement was herd behind the door and Emily just wanted to get out of the awkward atmosphere out in the hall. A big security guard opened the door.


“Emily, I’m Paul the boy’s security guard, you didn’t meet me yesterday cause I was in a meeting but it’s nice to meet you.” Paul said before he pulled Emily inside before walking out to speak with the other teenage girls who were no yelling about how unfair it was that Emily got to go in. Emily herd laughing coming from a room in the hotel room so she navigated her way towards the room. She opened to door to see one direction in a twisted mess all tangled on the floor. She burst out laughing as the guys tried to untangle tried limbs from each other.


“EMILY!!! Come play twister with us!” Louis yelled running over to Emily and dragging her to the twister mat. She laughed and all the boys got up to give her a hug. After each giving her a hug all the boys reset the twister mat because it was all crumpled from al the boys being tangled on top of it. Zayn chose to be the one o spin the wheel while everyone else played,  Harry was first so Zayn spun the wheel and Harry got right foot on green. This went on for a little while until everyone was all tangled and their arms and legs hurt from being in such awkward positions. Niall got out first by falling down


Louis and Emily were the only ones left in now and they were very close, both entangled with each other, Louis and Emily were laughing while trying to hold themselves up when a pretty girl with brown hair, perfect cheekbones and amazing long tanned legs, walked into the room. As soon she did Louis gave up and dropped to the ground before quickly walking over to her and giving her a quick peck on the lips. Emily got out of the awkward position she was in and got up.


“Emily this is my girlfriend Eleanor Calder, El this is our new makeup stylist Emily” Louis said putting his arm around Eleanor’s waist and pulling her over to shake hands with Emily.


“Hi it’s nice to meet you, I heard you took over for Lou the other day” Eleanor said with a smile. Emily felt uncomfortable around her, she just didn’t seem to like her, she may have acted like she liked Emily, but Emily knew girls better than that. If Emily walked into a room to find her boyfriend tangled on the floor with a girl shed never seen before, she would like it so she can imagine how Eleanor would feel.


“Hi it’s nice to meet you too” Emily said putting on a fake smile. All the boys could feel the awkwardness but they didn’t say anything. Liam decided to try and kill the awkwardness and suggested that they all watch a movie. Everyone agreed and the all walked into the lounge room and everyone sat around the room on the couches and the floor. Eleanor and Louis sat on the loveseat and snuggled up together. Emily went and sat on the other side of the room next to harry who swung his arm around her shoulder.


“Don’t worry you get used to the awkwardness of them always snuggling” Harry whispered in Emily’s ear, nodding his head towards Louis and Eleanor. Emily giggled and smiled at Harry, across the room Louis was watching them laughing and whispering and felt a strike of jealousy watching Harry and Emily on the couch. He shouldn’t be jealous, he already has a girlfriend and he loves her, he doesn’t love Emily. He can’t be jealous that Emily is with Harry, they’re not even dating! When the movie started everyone moved their attention towards the TV, Louis couldn’t help sneaking glances at Emily snuggling up to Harry as something scary popped up on the screen. He felt Eleanor snuggle up to him more and looked down at her smiling up at him, he smiled back then looked towards the TV to watch the movie. When the movie finally finished Louis looked over at Harry and Emily to see her asleep in his lap and him smiling while talking to Niall. Louis didn’t know why he was so jealous, he didn’t have any feelings for Emily, of course he thought that she was pretty, beautiful even but he didn’t like her more than a friend!


“I’ll be back in a minute guys, I’m just taking Emily over to my room so she can sleep” Harry said while picking Emily up in his arms and carried her out of the hotel room own the hall to where his hotel room was.


“What’s happening, where are we going?” Emily asked harry as she woke up half way between Liam’s room where everyone was, and Harry’s room where Harry was taking Emily. He looked down at her and smiled.


“You fell asleep during the movie and I thought you would want to sleep so I was taking you to my room where you could sleep in peace and quiet.” Harry told Emily as he opened the door to his room. Harry lay Emily down on the couch and sat next to her. She looked up at him and yawned making him chuckle.


“What?” Emily said in a playful tone with a smile forming on her lips.


“Nothing, I’m just happy that they got a young girl like you to do our makeup with Lou, we’ve had some old people do our makeup and their hands are gross and rough and they are always grumpy, it sucks!” Harry making Emily giggle and blush a bit.


“I’m sorry that Eleanor came in and ruined the game today, she sometimes just shows up and Louis stops everything to see her, it’s just cause they are apart a lot.” Harry said with a sad smile aimed at Emily. She looked down and thought about whether to be honest with Harry or not, he is Louis’ best friend and will probably tell him what she says.


“It’s ok, I’m not one to want to separate couples.” Emily said with a sad chuckle. Harry could tell that something was off with her.


“Are you ok?” Harry asked, Emily sat up and played with her fingers looking down.


“yeah, it’s just they look really cute together and……don’t worry it stupid” Emily said cutting herself off before she said something shed regret. Harry looked at her quizzically.


“Tell me, it’s not stupid! Your feelings are not stupid!” Harry said to her lifting her chin with his finger. She looked into his eyes for a second before looking away. “Emmmmily, plaeeeeeease tell me! I won’t tell anyone!!” Harry said hopefully. He wanted to get to know her and for them to be able to trust each other, after all they will be working together for at least a month. Emily sighed which gave Harry hope that she was going to tell him.


“It’s just that I hate seeing couples being all lovey dovey! They’re all happy with each other and I’m forever alone!” Emily said confessing how insecure she actually is. Harry was shocked, Emily is beautiful any guy would be lucky to have her.


“How could you say that? You beautiful any guy would be lucky to even know you let alone date you!” Harry told her being completely honest. Emily smiled and thanked Harry, not completely believing him but happy that he would complement her like that.


“Thanks Harry……but I’m 18 and I haven’t even had my first kiss yet! That’s not really helping with my self-confidence.” Emily confessed to Harry who was genuinely shocked, he thought guys would be all over her!


“Really?? Wow! Are there any guys were you’re from?” harry asked making Emily chuckle and push his shoulder playfully.


“Of course there are!” she laughed, with Harry laughing along with her.


“Well do you want to have your first kiss?” Harry asked being completely serious.  But Emily just thought he was joking and being mean.


“Don’t tease me!” Emily said pouting and looking away from him with her arms crossed, Harry instantly jumped up and moved so he was sitting in front of her and held her face in his massive hands.


“I wasn’t teasing, I was being serious! I would be honoured to be your first kiss, if you would let me” Harry said looking straight into Emily’s piercing blue eyes. She smiled slightly at how sweet Harry is.


“That’s very sweet Harry but I’m probably not a good kisser, I’ll just wait till it’s my time” Emily said trying to avoid Harrys emerald eyes. Harry chuckled.


“Well that doesn’t bother me I bet you be amazing! And I’m saying that now is your time” Harry said with a smile right before he connected his lips lightly to Emily’s. Emily took a moment before kissing back and when she did Harry smiled into the kiss making Emily smile also. Harry decided to try and deepen the kiss by licking Emily’s bottom lip asking for entrance, she was hesitant but in the end opened her mouth to let Harry explore. After they had been kissing for a minute or two they were pulled apart by the sound of the door slamming open. Harry and Emily looked up to see Louis standing in the doorway looking furious, hurt and betrayed. His eyes that were usually filled with happiness and cheekiness were now filled with jealousy and hurt. He stormed out and stalked down the hall to his own room where he proceeded to lock himself inside the hotel room. This made Harry and Emily both confused, Louis wasn’t dating Emily, in fact he already had a girlfriend who a few minutes ago was snuggled up to him on the loveseat in Liam’s room, she had obviously left now. Harry apologised to Emily and ran down the hall knocking crazily on Louis’ door trying to reason with him.



****Authors Note

I Just wanted to say thank you to everyone who is reading this it means alot and if you have any suggestions just comment them and I'll see what i can do :) also i dont have anything agaisnt Eleanor but in the story she has to be mean and stuck up for it to work :/ Thanks again guys <3


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