No Makeup Needed

When Emily's father forces her to get a job as a makeup stylist for the world famous boy band One Direction, will Emily break the rules and go for love or will she be proffesional and stick to the rules?

I'm really sorry if this story sucks its my first one on Movellas!


3. Fisrts day on the job

When Emily told her father that the interview went well and that she was doing a month trial for the job he was elated. Emily set her alarm really early knowing she takes a while to get ready in the morning. By the time it was 8:15am Emily was just putting the finishing touches to her makeup, being the makeup artist Emily thought it would only be right for her makeup to be perfect. While getting ready Emily was texting her best friend Lucy who was trying to calm her down seeing as she was freaking out!


To: Lucy <3

What if my mentor, trail person is mean and stuck up like Mr Dawn!


Emily sent the text to Lucy and almost instantly received a reply.


From: Lucy <3

You’ll do fine babe don’t stress! I mean how hard can it be all u have 2 do is put makeup on people’s faces


Lucy didn’t understand how Emily was feeling, she didn’t understand the pressure. These people are famous they need to look perfect and Emily wasn’t sure if she could do that!


To: Lucy <3

I can’t just throw on some foundation and mascara!! I need to do the whole shabang!!


Lucy still didn’t get it, she wouldn’t get it unless she was Emily’s position.


From: Lucy <3

Still………how mean can this Mr Dawn guy be??


Emily was getting quite frustrated with Lucy because she had no idea at how hard it is to get makeup perfect! Emily was snapped out of her thoughts when she heard a car horn honking outside her house. She looked out the window to see a smart looking car with a fancy guy sitting in the driver’s seat waving at Emily to hurry up. She quickly checked her makeup, grabbed her bag and ran out the door jumping into the backseat of the car.


“Mrs Whipp it’s nice to meet you I’m Laurence your driver. I will pick you up every morning unless other arrangements have been made.” Said the driver with a smile as he pulled out of the driveway and drove off down Emily’s street.


“It’s nice to meet you Laurence and you can just call me Emily or Em” Emily said trying to be nice, after all she was going to be seeing him every day for the next month.


“No I think I’ll stick with Mrs Whipp” Laurence said in a monotone voice. Emily sat awkwardly in the back seat of car thinking of her how life would if she did take the job at the month. Emily got out her phone and decided to text Lucy back.


To: Lucy <3

U don’t get it! It’s serious! Mr Dawn, the guy who owns the place is heaps strict and makes me call Mr Dawn!! I don’t even know his first name! HE MADE ME GET UP 6:00AM!! u get it now??


Eventually the car pulled up outside a building where Emily would apparently be working. As soon as Emily stepped out of the car she instantly started freaking out again. Someone tapped Emily on the shoulder making Emily turn around, before her stood a nice looking lady who looked like she was around 30.


“Hi I’m Laura you must be Emily Whipp” the lady said sweetly.


“hello Laura it’s nice to meet you, sorry I think I’m a bit late but there was a lot of traffic and I w-“ Emily started to ramble on like she does when she’s nervous but was cut off by a chuckle coming from Laura.


“Emily you don’t need to worry, we have quite a relaxed day today so you don’t need to stress, and please don’t think you have to be formal and professional all the time! The only time anyone here acts professional is during meetings and when Mr Dawn is around” Laura said with a smile and a small chuckle. Hearing this Emily relaxed a little cause being an 18 year old in a grown up, professional world is weird and scared Emily a lot.


“Come with me sweetheart, you need to meet Lou, she is in charge of all things style. So that’s makeup, hair and clothes whatever she says you do!” Laura said as she walked past Emily and started off down the long hallway. At first Emily just stood there not knowing what to do but then ran after her trying to catch they were walking down the hall Laura just kept babbling so Emily gave up on listening and focused on looking into the rooms they passed as they continued to walk down the hall. As they walked past a certain room Emily felt herself get sprayed with water, she stopped and looked into the room where the water came from and saw 5 very handsome young men shooting each other with water guns. The boys were laughing and yelling at each other to watch out and duck. Emily was pulled from her trance by Lauran pulling on her arm, by the time she snapped back to reality all the boys had stopped shooting each other and stopped to look back at Emily. All the boys looked at each other and sprinted from the room throwing their guns on a couch near the door they fled from.


“Keep away from them as long as possible! Don’t speak to them unless spoken to! And NEVER get involved in their childish games, while you’re here you’ll get shot with water, nerf guns and anything else those boys can find!” Laura said pulling Emily further down the hall. Emily was a kinda bummed about not being allowed to join the fun she was just a teenager she just wanted to have fun, she really doesn’t mean any trouble but is a little bit of fun too much to ask?


Once they got to the end of the hall they herd laughing coming from inside the last and only door at the end of the hallway. Laura led Emily into the room and Emily had to cover her mouth to stop a giggle from escaping. There sitting on the makeup chair was a grown woman who still looked very young with the 5 boys that had the water guns, but this time instead of holding water guns they were holding makeup utensils – brushes, mascara, blush, lipstick etc. they were all laughing while throwing random makeup products on the lady’s face and hair. Even though they were all laughing all the boys had mock serious faces on as if they were trying to look professional.


“ALRIGHT! Bring in the makeup master!!” yelled one of the boys with a cute little smile. He had chestnut coloured hair swept slightly to the right in a cute but sexy little quiff. All the boys stopped what they were doing and looked towards the door on the right side of the room. A cute little toddler with blonde hair that looked about 2 waddled out giggling. The boy with crazy brown curls picked up the small child and handed her a brush with a lot of blush on it and carried her over to the poor woman who was still sitting in the makeup chair.


“Make you masterpiece Lux!” said the guy with tanned skin and a perfect black quiff with a blonde patch at the front. As soon as he said that the little girl, Lux, started hitting the brush against the woman’s head making everyone burst out into fits of laughter. Everyone was having heaps of fun and if this is what work was like here I might consider staying after the month, that is if Mr Dawn thinks I did well. Out of nowhere someone cleared their throat, we all looked towards the door on the left side of the room to see Mr Dawn standing there with an unsatisfied look on his face. All the boys sprinted out the door laughing while the curly haired one was still holding Lux. The woman got up from the chair and apologized to Mr Dawn.


“Please don’t encourage them! They are hard enough to cope with as it is!” he said before walking out the door. The lady turned to Laura and Emily and smiled sweetly.


“Hi I’m Lou, you must be Emily” Lou said with a smile as she shook Emily’s hand.


“Hi, it’s really nice to meet you” Emily replied trying to make a good first impression.


“There’s no need to be nervous” Lou said as if she red Emily’s mind “the boys aren’t that bad they just like to have fun get up to a little mischief every now and then, they’re harmless” Lou continued with a giggle thinking back on all the times the boys have made her laugh. Laura said she had other things that needed to be done so she left, leaving Lou and Emily alone to talk.


“Mummmmmmmy” Lou and Emily both turned to look at the door on the right side of the room to see the little toddler Lux waddle towards them reaching out for Lou to pick her up.


“Hi baby! This is Emily” Lou said talking to Lux in a baby voice and pointing to Emily “and Emily this is my daughter Lux” Lou continued but without the baby voice. Lou kept Lux on her hip smiling as she bobbed her making Lux giggle.


The rest of the day Emily spent meeting everyone that was important for her month thee which seemed to be everyone. By the end of the day Emily had met everyone except for the boys that this whole workplace revolved around. Every time she manages to get a glance at the boys they are either running away from someone, in  meeting/interview or rehearsing. Every person had a different opinion on the boys, some said that they were a lot of fun and a day was never boring or the same with them around while other (the older ones) said that they were unprofessional and too young to be in a job like this. Emily thought that Lou is really nice and doesn’t scare her like Mr Dawn does.


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