No Makeup Needed

When Emily's father forces her to get a job as a makeup stylist for the world famous boy band One Direction, will Emily break the rules and go for love or will she be proffesional and stick to the rules?

I'm really sorry if this story sucks its my first one on Movellas!


5. Evaluation

“So boys, did Emily do a good job with your makeup and hair yesterday?” Mr Dawn asked the 5 boys of one direction as he sat at the head of the large table surrounded by staff. Mr Dawn had called this meeting to discuss what everyone thought of Emily seeing as she was put on the spot yesterday to do one directions makeup. Around the table in order sat Mr Dawn, Zayn, Louis, Harry, Niall, Liam, Paul, Lou and many other workers that help the boys backstage. All the boys smiled and Lou looked very nervous, she was never one to let anyone down and yesterday she just wasn’t organized, because she knows that Mr Dawn is tough she knows that she may well get fired today and loose the job she has come to love.


“She was really good!” Louis stated first making all the boys giggle as their dirty minds changed the context of Louis’ words.


“Grow up!” Mr Dawn yelled silencing everyone in the room, even though Mr Dawn was angry with the boys this only made them want to laugh more.


“She has a natural talent for styling” Zayn said with a smile thinking back to yesterday when he told Emily that exact thing.


“You couldn’t tell that Lou didn’t do it! She did our makeup and hair almost identically to how Lou does it” Liam said looking over at Lou who was still scared about Mr Dawn and how he would react to Lou not having a backup plan and no extra workers.


“She’s really nice! Shell fit in nicely if she decides to stay or if you even let her stay……” Harry said, getting quieter towards the end as he looked up at Mr Dawn shyly. Mr Dawn looked over at Niall almost disregarding all the other boys comments made beforehand.


“Niall you haven’t said anything, what do you think of Emily?” Mr Dawn asked, no everyone’s gazes were locked on Niall, he blushed a little at all the attention that was directed at him so suddenly.


“Ummmmmm, Emily was really nice and she defiantly knows what she’s doing! I’m surprised that she is this good being at such a young age…………no offence Lou your still very young……” niall said turning a darker shade of red with embarrassment because of what he said about Lou’s age. Everyone else in the room chuckled including Lou who smiled at Niall knowing that he didn’t mean it like that. Everyone quickly pulled themselves together and straightened up in their seats. Mr Dawn wrote a few things down before dismissing everyone from the meeting and going to his office. None of the boys like Mr Dawn, he is too strict but if he wasn’t, this whole place would be crazy with no control! He boys knew that Emily was here today, they had seen her walk in and were about to go say Hi before she got escorted to Mr Dawns office for a meeting of her own. Emily sat in the room for a while before Mr Dawn came in and took a seat across the desk from Emily.


“Emily, apparently you did very well yesterday and you really are very talented and experienced.” He said with a smile looking down at Emily, she was very intimidated by him so hearing him say that was a real confidence boost.


“These are the comments that the boys made about your job yesterday” Mr Dawn said handing Emily the clipboard he had used to write down all the things that the boys were saying in his last meeting. Emily smiled at the comments and felt very proud of herself considering how last minute yesterday was.


“Did they really say these things?” Emily asked looking up at Mr Dawn with a slight smile. He chuckled and looked at Emily with a smile, it was actually kind of scary cause he was always so strict that hearing him chuckle and seeing him smile was different and weird.


“I know I can be strict and a little mean sometimes and I rarely give out compliments to staff, but you did a very good job yesterday, and thank you for filling in so last minute” Mr Dawn stated before taking the clipboard from Emily and walking to the door of his office and opening it for Emily. Emily walked out thanking Mr Dawn and walked a little bit down the hall. All of a sudden she heard yelling, laughing and 5 pairs of feet sprinting down the hall towards her. She didn’t want to get trampled so she jumped to the side of the hall and stood pressed against the cream wall. Finally the boys got to where Emily was standing, they took one look at her pressed against the wall and burst out laughing.


“What are you doing?” Louis asked between laughs. Emily stepped away from the wall and blushed a deep shade of red knowing she had just made a fool out of herself on the second day of working with these boys.


“I………ummmmmmmmm I was just……” Emily stuttered out, she didn’t know a good enough excuse so she looked down at the ground, her face turning an even darker shade of red. This only made all of the boys laugh more, as Louis looked at Emily while he was laughing he took in her features and thought that she is actually quite attractive, not to mention cute when she blushes. Louis quickly snapped himself out of his thoughts reminding himself that he has a beautiful girlfriend waiting for him at home.


“Anyways Mr Dawn told us that he wants us to get to know you better!” Liam said after he had calmed down from the massive laughing fit that he shared with the rest of his band mates. Emily finally looked up at all the boys, they were all stood in a row smiling at her trying to hold back giggles.


“Yeah we thought that since tomorrow nothing is happening that our could come to our hotel and we could have a chilled day” Zayn said smiling at Emily showing her his perfect teeth.


“Yeah we could watch movies, eat takeout, play games………like truth or dare and stuff” Niall yelled getting really excited. The boys didn’t get many days when they could just sit and relax and be normal boys, there was always something that they needed to do, and somewhere they needed to be.


“Yeah that sounds like fun! I haven’t had a chill day in AGES!!” Emily confessed thinking back to her last chill day with a bunch of her friends.


“Neither have we, and if you end up taking the job here then you won’t get many more, but trust us when they come they’re so much fun-“ harry started before being cut off by Louis.


“Especially if they are with US!” Louis yelled pulling all of his band mates/best friends into a big hug. Watching this made Emily smile, they really are super close its actually quite cute. Emily dint know any of the guys very well but there was one think she did know, and that’s that all these boys are EXTREMLY attractive and it will be hard for her to stay calm, while sitting in a room snuggled up with them for a whole day!


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